Web Mori Co., Ltd. 1/11-1/22 Commemorating the Korean notation of the story! Korean popular souvenir “Honey butter almond” hits! │ Instagram & Twitter campaign

Web Mori Co., Ltd.
[1/11-1/22] Commemorating the Korean version of the story! Korean popular souvenir “Honey butter almond” hits! │ Instagram & Twitter campaign
Easy application with follow & RT / like! We are looking forward to your application ♪

The media “tory” (Headquarters: Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, Representative: Makoto Omori), which disseminates gourmet and event information for women in Tottori, started a campaign on January 11th on official Twitter and Instagram.
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・Twitter campaign
・Instagram campaign
[Image 4

● A total of 6 people will win honey butter almonds by lottery with follow & RT / likes!
We will promote the notation in Korean as an inbound correspondence on the official SNS of Tottori’s information media for women “tory”. Korean will be written along with the text of the post, and we will deliver information on gourmet, sightseeing, and events centered on Tottori to as many people as possible.
We are currently adjusting the notation for other languages. In commemoration of the Korean notation, we have started a campaign to present the No. 1 popular Korean souvenir “Honey Butter Almond”. The application period is from January 11, 2023 to January 22, 2023. Please follow the official SNS account and apply for the campaign post with RT and like.
Introduction of winning prizes
The winning product this time is the most popular souvenir in Korea, “Honey Butter Almonds”.
[Image 2

Almonds are coated with honey and butter for a sweet and addictive taste. It is a Korean product that can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect. [Image 3

This time
・Honey butter almond
・Wasabi flavor
・[New product] Grilled onion flavor
・Cherry Gelby Flavor
We will present one of the above to 3 people by lottery.
We will wait for the application of everybody.
Instagram campaign application method
[Image 4d91112-46-2ec5f4f36c87b3d6df04-0.png&s3=91112-46-b9b09b1c6c85063b34c204726b781c6d-800x800.png
[Image 5d91112-46-0f277827eae61b3347ef-3.png&s3=91112-46-f684c6d62c14b468f1998a6ebc663ad4-1080x1080.png
● How to apply
1. Follow tory official Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tory_spot/) 2. Like the campaign post


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