web3 Tokyo “Latest investment trends and social implementation in the web3 industry” will be held consecutively from January 2023, and the second will be held on February 16 with the theme of mobility

[web3 Tokyo] “Latest investment trends and social implementation in the web3 industry” will be held consecutively from January 2023, and the second will be held on February 16 with the theme of mobility Commentary on the social implementation of blockchain and NFT by the business development manager of the top class NFT community in Japan
Aniwo Ltd. (Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel, CEO: Terada Kanehi, hereinafter Aniwo), which provides innovation platform and advisory services based in Israel and Japan, operates a top-class NFT community in Japan and provides NFT to domestic companies. With the cooperation of “WAFUKU GEN”, which promotes the introduction, and “NFTGo”, which provides the NFT platform to over 500 customers around the world, a total of 6 seminars “web3 Tokyo” will be held from January 2023. . This second event will be held on February 16 (Thursday) with the theme of “Mobility”, and we will introduce specific examples based on global investment information.
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About “web3 Tokyo”
Since last year, blockchain and NFTs have been discussed more and more in many situations, but there are many cases where the focus is on the speculative aspect related to virtual currency and blockchain technology, and the specific commercialization aspect. It may be more natural to think that we are still in a phase close to the dawn. On the other hand, there are precedent cases outside of Japan that are rarely seen in Japan.
Aniwo is a seminar and networking event specializing in web3, “web3 Tokyo” will be held from January 2023. “web3 Tokyo” is a series of seminars that introduce the latest information and examples of social implementation of the web3 industry in six business areas, and the first event was held on January 19 with the theme of the “travel and tourism” industry. I was.
■ Utilization of web3 from the viewpoint of business development and new business of Japanese companies
The second “web3 Tokyo” will focus on the theme of “mobility” and will introduce examples of commercialization based on the global investment situation. The event will be held in a free-drink format, including alcoholic beverages, and after the seminar participants will be able to network with each other.
As a guest, Mr. Fuji, who has been involved in new business
development for domestic companies for a long time and is currently the business development manager of the NFT community “WAFUKU GEN”, will introduce notable cases from the perspective of business launch. .
Even companies that have little relevance to their own theme at the moment are welcome to participate as an opportunity to grasp industry trends in anticipation of future business opportunities.
■ Overview of the second seminar
Theme: Utilization of web3 from the viewpoint of business development and new business of Japanese companies -Mobility-
Date: February 16, 2023 (Thursday) 17:30-18:30
Networking will be held after the seminar
Location: WeWork Shiroyama Trust Tower 21st floor (4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Application: https://web3tokyo1.peatix.com/
Applications are being accepted until the 6th event
Participation fee: Free
Capacity: 20 people
*If all seats are full at the time you wish to participate, please contact us from the following. We will do our best to accommodate you. [Contact] https://www.aniwo.co/contact
■ About the speakers
WAFUKU GEN / CDO-Chief Development Officer-/ Shinobu Fujisan ・Experienced business development for 13 years at an IT venture selected as a NEXT unicorn
・ Support for new business development of domestic companies / Launch of own SaaS service / Execution of various alliances
・ Currently engaged in NFT community management / NFT introduction support for domestic companies in the world of web3
・Supporting sports teams using the experience of a former Japanese national team player
About the overall schedule and each business area
Held on the third Thursday of every month from 17:30 to 18:30, networking will be held after the seminar.
A total of 6 meetings will be held, and it is assumed that each meeting will specify the business domain and deliver the latest information.
Please note that the set theme may change due to recent social trends. 1st: 1/19 [Travel/Sightseeing Related] Finished
2nd: 2/16 [mobility related]
3rd: 3/16 [Smart City/Construction Related]
4th: 4/20 [Retail and high brand related]
5th: 5/18 [Medical/healthcare related]
6th: 6/15 [Education]
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Launched in August 2022, it is an NFT community that ranks among the top 10 in Japan by market capitalization.
In addition to community management, we are also promoting various collaborations not only in the web world but also in the real world, such as consulting for companies and collaboration with local governments.
▼WAFUKU GEN official website
What is NFTGo
[Image 3d12729-95-0ea2928c14dca53c90d4-2.jpg&s3=12729-95-bf6fc289a8b27b897ec1e388578102aa-968x299.jpg
A cutting-edge all-in-one NFT platform that analyzes NFT market data and realizes valuable transactions.
Equipped with a high-performance data engine, we have built a strong foundation for a seamless NFT experience through the best trade aggregators.
In addition to real-time NFT market analysis, we provide useful tools and information in the web3 world, such as industry trend reports, and are used by over 500 customers, over 1000 communities, and over 1 million users worldwide.
▼NFTGo official website
About Aniwo
[Image 4d12729-95-4807eace7982c28d6ada-3.png&s3=12729-95-85fe25b74b232af4532cfad64239ccd8-159x62.png
Company name: Aniwo Ltd. (Israel) / Aniwo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Theory: October 2014 / July 2015
Representative: Representative Director Terada Hishi
URL: https://www.aniwo.co
Address: 144 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Israel)
Shiroyama Trust Tower, 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Japan) Established in 2014 as the first VC-backed Japanese startup in Israel with the corporate mission of Innovation for your smile. Open innovation advisory & DX promotion services for Japanese companies, operation of online platform Axelnode that realizes next-generation recruitment, and incubation & gateway business for Israeli technology and services.
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