“Wedding Park D-Creative School” project | Easy with a smartphone! Released a new lecture on the theme of “YouTube video production”

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“Wedding Park D-Creative School” project | Easy with a smartphone! Released a new lecture on the theme of “YouTube video production” https://dcreative-school.weddingpark.co.jp

Wedding Park D-Creative School (abbreviation: D-Creative School), a project to provide a learning environment centered on digital skills to the wedding industry, is implemented by Wedding Park Co., Ltd. )” has released a new lecture on the theme of “YouTube video production” in the official note.
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New lecture: Video production starting with a smartphone “Making YouTube videos” Release background:
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “Survey report on usage time and information behavior of information communication media in 2021 * 1”, the usage rate of YouTube is 97.7% for those in their 20s and 96.8% for those in their 30s. It is known that the usage rate is as high as 87.9% even in all age groups. Similar to the “Instagram reel” that was the theme of the lecture released in December 2022, in response to the increasing demand for short videos * 2, this time we will introduce regular “YouTube videos” and vertical videos of up to 60 seconds. We have released a lecture where you can learn how to make a video “YouTube Short”.
Lecture title: Video production starting with a smartphone “Making YouTube videos”
Lecture URL: https://dcreative-school.weddingpark.co.jp/n/n63139d83880d Lecture outline:
Lecture 1: Introduction video of digest movie
Lecture 2: Arrangement for YouTube Shorts
Instructor: pitaco
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After working as AD for TV programs, he is currently in charge of event planning and management at Vook, which develops services for video creators. Commentary on editing apps and Vlogs on the YouTube channel “pitaco teacher”.
Mainly on weekends, he conducts video workshops for Kodansha with Online, universities, and local communities to spread the appeal of videos to a wide range of people.
-Accomplishments as a lecturer at Wedding Park D-Creative School- ・ Video editing that starts with a smartphone “Ceremony hall introduction reel” “Staff introduction video”
·Beginners! Creating an “Instagram reel” that matches music
How to purchase lecture videos
You can watch the lecture video by purchasing the lecture article on the official note. The selling price varies depending on the lecture, so please see the official note for details.
In addition, from May 2022, we will start offering a corporate plan “Wedding Park D-Creative School “for Business”” that allows you to take all lectures as much as you want during the contract period. [Image 3

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【「Wedding Park D-Creative School」プロジェクト】法人向けの全講義受け放題プランを開始「Wedding Park D-Creative School “for Business”」

Click here for inquiries: https://www.weddingpark.co.jp/contact *1: Information and Communications Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
FY2021 survey report on information communication media usage time and information behavior
*2: Reference | Released in December 2022 “New lecture on Instagram reels” https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000313.000019494.html
Wedding Park Co., Ltd. will continue to make every effort to fully support the wedding industry with the power of digital technology, based on the management philosophy of “Let’s make marriage happier.” What is the “Wedding Park D-Creative School” project?
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“Wedding Park D-Creative School” is an online learning project for those working in the wedding industry, implemented by Wedding Park Co., Ltd. From September 2021, using the official note as a platform, we will provide various “learning” contents centered on digital and creative skills for those who work in the wedding industry and those who aim to enter the wedding industry, and from May 2022. We have also started offering a corporate plan “Wedding Park D-Creative School “for Business””.
With a lineup of lectures centered on skills that lead to practical work, we will create an environment where you can enjoy and feel free to learn, and we will support you to improve your skills so that you can be more active in the wedding industry. (Official note:
[Overview of Wedding Park Co., Ltd.]
Company Name Wedding Park Co., Ltd. https://www.weddingpark.co.jp Location Shin-Aoyama Tokyu Building 6F, 3-11-13 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established September 1999
Capital 231.98 million yen
Representative Seigo Hijiki, President and Representative Director Business description Wedding information service business
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Wedding Park Co., Ltd.
Management Headquarters PR/Advertisement Tobita/Suzuki/Miyazaki Email: pr_wp@weddingpark.co.jp
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