Welcia Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Welcia’s private brand “Body Welcia / Life Welcia”, “Coix Lotion with Fermented Extract” and “Rice Lotion for Aging Care with Fermented Extract” will be released on January 22nd!!

Welcia Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Welcia’s private brand “Body Welcia / Living Welcia”, “Coix Lotion with Fermented Extract” and “Rice Lotion with Fermented Extract for Aging Care” will be released on January 22nd!!
~ A lotion that considers your skin and the global environment to the limit ~
Welcia Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tadahisa Matsumoto, hereinafter referred to as Welcia) has launched a private brand (hereinafter referred to as PB) “Karada Welcia / Living Welcia” with “Coix seed lotion that allows you to use fermented extracts.” New release of “rice lotion with fermented extract for aging care”. A moisturizing lotion with a natural formula that feels moist and non-sticky. It will be on sale at Welcia Pharmacy nationwide from January 22, 2023.
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Pursuing quality that can be firmly differentiated in the
“large-capacity natural lotion that emphasizes cost performance”. The natural origin index is calculated according to the ISO16128 standard and transparency is disclosed, and the main ingredient is carefully selected domestic and organic raw materials, and contains the noteworthy fermented extract. In addition, we have developed with consideration for the skin, such as 7 free prescriptions and quality made in Japan.
In addition, in consideration of the global environment, sustainable raw materials (by-products and food loss & waste raw materials that are thrown away) are used as sub-ingredients, and 100% recycled PET containers are used for the main body. A lotion that cares about the skin and the global environment.
* “Rice lotion with fermented extract for aging care” has the same main and sub-ingredients.
-Product features-
1. Main ingredients: domestically produced x organic raw materials x featured fermented extract
2. Sub-ingredients: Adopt sustainable raw materials
 Partial use of discarded by-products and food loss and waste ingredients 3. Nature-derived index of 99% or more (including water) *Calculated based on ISO16128 standards
 Differentiation point: We disclosed the specifications and made them transparent
4.7 free prescriptions / made in Japan
・Free prescription for your skin
(paraben, ethanol, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, silicone, fragrance, coloring)
・Made in Japan with a focus on quality
5. Usability
Easy to use for both men and women, moist without being sticky, with a moderately thick texture
6. Use environmentally friendly materials
 Uses 100% recycled PET containers
 Uses biomass ink
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-Product Details-
Scheduled release date: Sunday, January 22, 2023
Product name: Hatomugi lotion with fermented extract
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・A lotion containing the fermented Hatomugi fermented liquid extract*1, which is extracted by fermenting the seeds of Hatomugi grown in Shimane Prefecture.
・ Effective use of domestic organic grapefruit fruit extract*2 that is thinned out during the production process of agricultural crops. ・Fermented pearl barley extract*1 and grapefruit fruit extract*2 combine to prevent rough skin and improve skin texture with a refreshing feel.
*1 Saccharomyces/coix seed fermented liquid (moisturizing ingredient) *2 Moisturizing ingredient
Capacity: 500ml
Selling price: Selling price 657 yen (tax included)
Container: 100% recycled PET bottles
Product name: Rice lotion with fermented extract for aging care [Image 4

・A lotion containing “fermented rice extract*4” extracted from fermented rice grown in Iwate Prefecture.
· Effective use of fermented rice extract *4 made from unused resources. ・With a refreshing feeling, it plumps up skin that tends to dry out. *3 Care according to age
*4 (Aspergillus/Saccharomyces)/fermented rice extract liquid (moisturizing ingredient)
Capacity: 500ml
Selling price: Selling price 657 yen (tax included)
Container: 100% recycled PET bottles
In the future, we will continue to develop products while cherishing the three concepts of “Karada Welcia” beauty concept “clean beauty” (1. Safe and secure ingredients, 2. Consideration for the global environment, and 3. Cruelty-free).
New products in the future: “basic products” (Ao no Karada Welcia) that are affordable to everyone, and value-added “premium products” (Kuro no Karada Welcia) that are particular about ingredients and manufacturing methods. Please stay tuned.
◆HP https://www.welcia-yakkyoku.co.jp/karadatokurashi/
4 categories of “Body Welcia / Life Welcia”
Each product of “Body Welcia/Kurashi Welcia” is classified into the following four categories.
beauty care
The concept is “clean beauty,” and we develop products with three things in mind: safe and secure ingredients, consideration for the global environment, and cruelty-free. Developed in two lines, a basic line and a premium line. There are two lines of “basic products” (Ao no Karada Welcia), which are affordable for everyone, and “premium products” (Kuro no Karada Welcia), which are value-added products that are particular about ingredients and manufacturing methods. A lineup that meets the needs of any person.
The concept is “deliciousness” that comes from our commitment to ingredients and manufacturing methods. In addition to registered dietitian, Kenichi Sakayori, who is known to those in the know as “the man with the tongue of God” in the industry, was also welcomed to the development team. We aim to develop products that lead to mental and physical health, and to create “delicious products = Welcia for the body.”
daily necessities
The concept is “Raku Support”. From the customer’s perspective, we have developed products that help reduce the burden of daily household chores and make it even a little easier. By adding ingenuity to what we have now, we have reborn it as a more useful and even more attractive product.
The concept is “health food that uses ingredients that are gentle on the body. Supervised by a registered dietitian, it is a product that can be continued every day without unreasonable price, after sticking to prescriptions such as blending unique ingredients so that you can feel the certainty. That is what we are aiming for in the “Karada Welcia” supplement series.
About design & product name
Creative director Koichiro Toda (CC INC.), who is active in numerous advertising and branding consulting, supervised the entire brand. The product name is handled by copywriter Kinya Okamoto (Okakin). Creative Director/Art Director Koichiro Toda
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Born in 1970. Established CC INC. in January 2017 after working at Dentsu Inc. Advocating Creative & Consulting and based on design, we design total communication from proposals focused on solving corporate problems to final output such as CI / VI, advertising and product development. He has received numerous awards in Japan and overseas, including the Tokyo ADC Award, Asahi Advertising Award, Mainichi Design Advertising Award, OneShow Design, and D&AD. His recent major projects include ITOCHU total branding and TAXI GO, and advertising for HONDA, Suntory Kinmugi, SEIKO companies, and many others. Website: http://cc-inc.jp/
Copywriter Kinya Okamoto
[Image 6

Established Okakin in 2010 after working at Shunichi Iwasaki Office His book is “Statement Declaration. “”Telling words” and “Buying words””, “Adult tobacco training course”.
Received numerous awards such as TCC Award, ADC Award, ACC Award, various newspaper advertisement awards, etc. Published “Adult Tobacco Training Course” 1, 2, 3
Thoughts on the new PB
At the Welcia Holdings Group, we believe that there are good things. There is a good person I think it’s a good store. ], Welcia’s PB “Body Welcia, Life Welcia” is newly developed.
A PB project launched in November 2020 with the aim of “giving new value and surprises to customers”. In the two years since then, we have been aiming to create products that go beyond our customers’ “obviousness” and have “high added value” and “unique products that are not found anywhere else.”
The new PB “Karada Welcia/Kurashi Welcia” is developed in four categories: healthcare, beauty care, food, and daily necessities. At first glance, each product is carefully named so that you can understand what it is. I am clarifying what I want to convey. Welcia will continue to focus on contributing to environmental and social issues, such as using the SDGs as criteria for product development, while focusing on product development that makes use of customer feedback through “Body Voices and Lifestyle Voices” on the official website. We will continue to aim to strengthen the brand. Welcia Pharmacy Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Head office location: 2-2-15 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Representative: President Tadahisa Matsumoto
Capital: 100 million yen
Number of stores: 2,716 stores (as of November 30, 2022)
Business description: Development of dispensing pharmacy drugstore chain HP: https://www.welcia-yakkyoku.co.jp/
Body Welcia, Living Welcia Sales start date: June 2021
Details about this release:


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