WELLNUS Co., Ltd. WELLNUS launches the world’s first *1 personalized food optimization service “NEWTRISH” smartphone application

Wernas Co., Ltd.
Wellnus launches the world’s first*1 personalized food optimization service “NEWTRISH” smartphone application
A new approach to food that improves health and enhances ability through individual nutritional optimal food intake using “AI food” technology that uses a unique analysis algorithm

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Wellnas Co., Ltd. (Location: Suginami-ku, Tokyo / President: Masahiro Koyama, hereinafter referred to as Wellnas), which aims to realize a future healthy society with “food”, will provide individual nutrition optimal food on Saturday, January 14, 2023. (AI food) service “NEWTRISH” * 2 smartphone application was officially released, and from the App Store and Google Play (TM), the “Lite plan (free)” that shows the nutrients necessary to achieve the goal is required. “Basic plan (1,400 yen per month)” that allows you to know the name of ingredients and dishes in addition to important nutrients, and “Supremacy (β version) plan (monthly 44,800 yen)” *3 We are pleased to inform you that we will start offering three plans. In addition, all plans can be used free of charge for the first two weeks of using the application.
1. Background
In recent years, with the diversification of lifestyles and advances in digital technology, there has been an increase in the number of companies that provide services and products suited to individual circumstances in the beauty and wellness fields. In particular, the global market for “personalized nutrition” is expected to reach US$11.3 billion in 2022 and US$23.3 billion in 2027, with a CAGR of 15.5% This is a market that is expected to grow at a rapid pace*4. Welnas has been researching food and nutrients since its founding, and in order to improve health and ability through dietary intake, we offer personalized solutions such as sleep and beauty, as well as uniform nutritional intake standards. We came to the idea that it is essential to develop individual optimization technology and services for food that analyzes and proposes the nutrients suitable for each individual necessary for improving health and ability, rather than relying on them, to realize a healthy society. Against this
background, Wellnas uses AI to analyze the relationship between daily food data and body data to identify nutrients that affect body data, increase nutrients that lead to improvement, and increase nutrients that do not lead to improvement. By reducing the amount of food, we have developed “NEWTRISH” as a new service that provides individual nutrition optimal food (AI food) that optimizes nutrients to improve body data, and will start providing it this time.
2. About the smartphone app “NEWTRISH”
“NEWTRISH” is a smartphone app developed by Wellnas for the purpose of delivering individual nutrition optimal diet (AI diet) information to individuals. “NEWTRISH” records daily biometric data such as weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, etc. related to the goals set by the user (health, beauty, motor function, academic ability, etc.) and nutritional data contained in the meals ingested. “AI food” technology (Patent No. 7090232, international patent pending, inventor: Kozo Nakamura, Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University) using a unique analysis algorithm, relationship between biological data and nutrient data that changes daily This is the world’s first service that contributes to the realization of individual goals by clarifying sexuality, determining nutrients (involvement factors) that affect biometric data, and providing information on individualized optimal diets (AI diets) to improve biometric data.
The plans of “NEWTRISH” that have started to be offered this time are “Lite plan (free)” that shows the nutrients necessary to achieve the goal, and “Basic plan (1,400 yen per month)” that allows you to know the ingredients and dish names in addition to the necessary nutrients. )”, and the “Supremacy (β version) plan (44,800 yen per month)”, which proposes a menu with optimized nutrients to achieve the goal. The “Lite Plan” and “Basic Plan” allow the selection of three courses: weight, blood pressure, and body fat. goals can be set. For each plan, 14 days from the start is a data learning period, during which meals taken and user-selected physical indicators are recorded. (Data learning continues after 14 days). After that, we will provide AI meal information for each plan for a week. From the second week onwards, when the AI ​​diet information is proposed, the proposed AI diet information will be updated in as little as seven days, depending on daily body changes. In addition, all plans can be used free of charge for 2 weeks from the start of use.
In addition, it is possible to link with the meal management application “Asuken”, the health management application “OMRON connect”, and “Fitbit”, and various data can be automatically sent to “NEWTRISH” from the applications and devices that the user is already using. can be shared. The data recorded by these apps can be integrated and graphed on “NEWTRISH”. In addition, in accordance with the privacy policy of “NEWTRISH” and Wellnas, personal information of users will be handled safely with the consent of the individual at each stage of using the application and data linkage with other companies’ services.
The “Lite Plan” is a plan in which, after a 14-day data learning period, you are presented once a week with the nutrients you want to actively consume and the nutrients you should avoid in order to achieve your goals. In addition to the services provided by the “Lite Plan,” the “Basic Plan” also provides information about the foods you want to actively consume and the foods you should avoid in order to achieve your goals. In addition to presenting up to 5th place in FF (Fit Food) points, which are the original points that show “”, 5 recommended dishes in each of 5 categories: staple food, main dish, side dish, soup, and dessert are FF. It is a plan that is presented once a week along with points. In addition, in the “Supremacy (β version) plan”, in addition to the services of the “Basic plan”, it is a plan that provides a menu for each meal that reflects individually optimized nutrients and intake once a week for one week. (The official version of the “Supremacy Plan” is scheduled to be launched in the first half of 2024.)
In addition, prior to the launch of this app, we conducted a demonstration experiment on the intake of the optimal individual nutritional diet for about 100 men and women in their 20s to 50s. We have confirmed that we were able to achieve weight loss without changing the frequency of meals*5.
*1: Research by Wellnas Co., Ltd. (as of January 13, 2023)
*2: “Individual Nutrition Optimal Food,” “AI Food,” and “NEWTRISH” are each trademark pending.
*3: Supremacy (β version) will be sold by lottery.
*4: MarketsandMarkets / Personalized Nutrition Market by Product Type (Active Measurement and Standard Measurement), Application, End Use (Direct-to-Consumer, Wellness & Fitness Centers, Hospitals & Clinics, and Institutions), Form and Region – Global Forecast to 2027 *5: Results of participants who ingested 3 AI meals daily
■ Service plans and courses
[Image 2d62426-21-ae1d8924db45280f5233-3.png&s3=62426-21-3070bb13c653d9d513dc549f7ecd4c6f-1500x900.png
[Image 3d62426-21-13aa94c1666d2d044e67-6.png&s3=62426-21-adfa4d6381fa7990b7c2b288147ce8fc-3900x556.png
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■ Application overview
Genre: Healthcare
Target OS: iOS 12.0 or later / Android 5.0 or later
Price: Free download (paid monthly plan available)
App Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1614060331
Google Play (TM):
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.wellnas.app *App Store is a registered trademark or trademark of Apple Inc. *Google Play(TM) is a registered trademark or trademark of Google LLC. ■ Linked application overview
・Data that can be linked from “OMRON connect”
Body weight (kg), body fat percentage (%), subcutaneous fat percentage (whole body, %), subcutaneous fat percentage (both arms, %), subcutaneous fat percentage (trunk, %), subcutaneous fat percentage (both legs, %), Skeletal muscle percentage (whole body, %), skeletal muscle percentage (both arms, %), skeletal muscle percentage (trunk, %), skeletal muscle percentage (both legs, %), BMI, basal metabolism (kcal), visceral fat level, Body age (years old), blood pressure (mmHg), body temperature (°C)
* The data that can be measured depends on the model and model number you are using.
・ Data that can be linked from “Asuken”
Energy intake, protein, lipid, carbohydrate, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, saturated fatty acid, alcohol
・ Data that can be linked from “Fitbit”
Number of steps (steps), sleep time (minutes), resting heart rate (bpm), water intake (mL)
■ NEWTRISH latest information
NEWTRISH Official Website: https://www.wellnas.biz/newtrish_app/ NEWTRISH Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEWTRISH_app
NEWTRISH Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newtrish_app/  From now on, we will continue to improve the UI and UX of the NEWTRISH app, and expand the plans and courses offered to further support the achievement of individual goals with the optimal individual nutrition diet (AI diet). Wellnas is not based on standard standards, but with a new approach to food. We will promote the creation of a new food future with the world’s first health and food tech service optimized for self-actualization, which will help contribute to society such as extending the healthy life expectancy of people.
■ About Wellnas Co., Ltd.
A health food tech venture from Shinshu University that delivers effective health through food. Through joint research with Associate Professor Kozo Nakamura, Faculty of Agriculture, Shinshu University, we discovered a naturally-derived functional ingredient called choline ester that improves blood pressure, mood, and sleep based on the regulation of autonomic nervous activity from vegetable eggplant. Effectiveness has been demonstrated in tests (international patent pending). Based on this result, in 2020, we developed and started selling the world’s first supplement containing eggplant-derived choline ester as an ingredient. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Participated in the “Eggplant High Functionality
Consortium”, a public-private joint team with eggplant producers, food manufacturing companies, and other universities and research institutes in the innovative technology development and emergency deployment business (2017-2019) After that, the “Functional Vegetable Eggplant Consortium” was established (2020) to improve the recognition of functional vegetable eggplant. As a representative company, we are working to popularize functional eggplants. In addition to the eggplant business, we started the “AI food” business (2019) that individually optimizes food functions for each individual. By utilizing our proprietary technology to propose “optimal
individualized nutrition (AI food),” we provide “food” that is closely related to each individual’s physical constitution and lifestyle and helps achieve self-fulfillment goals, including health. , we aim to contribute to the well-being society of the future. From 2020, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Food Tech
Public-Private Council: Health Food Tech WT Representative. Many awards in business contests, such as Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and Tech Planter 1st Food Tech Grand Prix Grand Prix.
Company name: Wellnas Co., Ltd.
Established: 2017
Capital: 27 million yen
Representative: Representative Director Masahiro Koyama (Doctor of Agriculture) Location: 1-28-5 Koenjiminami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Sales office: 807-4 Naka Higashimachi, Shimosuwa-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano Prefecture
Corporate site: https://wellnas.biz

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