What about Valentine’s Day this year? “TENGA Choco for Valentine 2023”! !

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What about Valentine’s Day this year? “TENGA Choco for Valentine 2023”! ! A little bit of love. Sweet and pop tenga chocolate.

From January 11, 2023, TENGA Co., Ltd. will release “TENGA Chocolate”, which is familiar with “Giri TENGA”.
This is now available at Village Vanguard Online.
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Valentine’s Day is here again this year!
Let’s say thank you with TENGA chocolate to that person who took care of us this year!
During Valentine’s Day, “giri TENGA,” which gives TENGA as a present, has become a hot topic because it is “reasonably priced and just right as a gift with a joke.”
Therefore, in 2018, the TENGA SWEET LOVE CUP, which is a TENGA cup filled with real chocolate, was released.
It became a hot topic on social media, and “TENGA Chocolate” has been released every year since then.
Even at the Village Vanguard online store, it is a popular item that is sold out every year.
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The 2021 flavor, which was very popular this year, is even more delicious and is making a comeback!
All of them are chocolates that are particular about the taste and have a pleasant texture.
There are 3 flavors.
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Puffed lemon flavor with a refreshing flavor.
[Image 4

Sweet and sour strawberry flavor with crunchy granules.
[Image 5

High cocoa flavor with bitter puffs.
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The chocolate is also in the shape of TENGA, and it is a product that is particular about not only the taste but also the appearance. This will be sold as a set of 3 types at the Village Vanguard Online Store. Why don’t you give “TENGA chocolate” to your male friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day?
*It is not 18+ because it is food.
▼Sales page
▼ Product information
・[TENGA] Tenga Chocolate 2023 (3 types set)
Price: 1,620 yen (tax included)
Size: (per bottle) 69 x 69 x 155mm
Weight: (per bottle) about 100g


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