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[What are the current status and issues of human capital disclosure, education and training? 】 Approximately 6 0% of large companies have already started preparations for disclosing human capital, while the most common educational issue is “lack of tr

Hajimari Co., Ltd.
[What are the current status and issues of human capital disclosure, education and training? ] Approximately 60% of large companies have already started preparations for disclosing human capital, while the most common educational issue is “lack of training ability and leadership awareness”

Hajimari Co., Ltd. (location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naoto Kimura), a company that creates independence for all people, has asked 108 personnel of large companies (with more than 1,000 employees) to disclose information on human capital. As we carried out fact-finding investigation, we will tell about result.

[Image 1d31819-133-c166a846ee4f258c1f41-11.png&s3=31819-133-12afc96c9b5ecba69c30641349248f09-1920x1080.png

Survey summary
[Image 2d31819-133-7fdb9c64387cb70010b0-0.jpg&s3=31819-133-c72368ae09bc909d1a5ec7284298b927-1920x1080.jpg
Survey outline
Survey outline: Fact-finding survey on information disclosure of human capital Survey method: Internet survey planned by IDEATECH’s research PR “Resapie (R) ︎” Survey period: January 20, 2023 to January 21, 2023
Valid responses: Large companies (1000 or more employees) HR 108 people *Composition ratios are rounded off to the second decimal place, so the total does not necessarily add up to 100.
Regarding the disclosure of human capital, more than 30% “already disclosed” and about 60% “preparing to disclose”
When asked, “Q1. Please tell us about the status of disclosure of human capital at the company you work for.” (n=108). 41.7% answered that they are ready.
[Image 3d31819-133-eb8cb65e6c631f016b44-8.jpg&s3=31819-133-4600fa8233c616f0bf156ee75cdd8d03-1200x800.jpg
In addition, those who answered “Ready to disclose” or “Preparing for disclosure” were asked “Q2. Please tell us about your company’s preparations for disclosure of human capital. ( Multiple answers)” (n=61), the following answers were obtained.
[Image 4d31819-133-dacd8262c451f9944c4c-7.jpg&s3=31819-133-b93a1686c518017a97249a88b65b1bc2-1200x800.jpg
In addition, we were able to obtain 30 responses such as “securing experienced human resources” and “appealing education and practice that makes the most of individuality.”
About 80% of large companies feel the need to disclose human capital When asked, “Q4. Do you feel the need to disclose human capital?” Answered. [Image 5d31819-133-26ab410d5988d2021e75-4.jpg&s3=31819-133-142e0a661a5a0e9f6a69c0edf1ae8adb-1200x800.jpg

94.1% of companies that have already disclosed their human capital are preparing to “utilize and improve” their human capital. Approximately 70% of the items to be prepared are “survey of engagement, etc.” and “enhancement of development/training system.”
For those who answered “already disclosed” in Q1, “Q5. Are you preparing for the utilization and improvement of human capital after disclosure? ”(n=34), 94.1% answered “yes” and 5.9% answered “no”. [Image 6d31819-133-56239cc22c1d9f16d6f8-2.jpg&s3=31819-133-9b854d40ddd76e11d7f20e352df4f3fc-1200x800.jpg
Also, for those who answered “yes”, when asked “Q6. It was an answer like this. [Image 7d31819-133-b9c66e652268ff3bb367-6.jpg&s3=31819-133-7c271b9ce27e0cbefb8d3c1be5bd2efa-1200x800.jpg

60% of respondents who have not started preparing for disclosure have an intention to promote disclosure of human capital
When asked “Q7. Do you intend to proceed with the disclosure of human capital in the future?” 60.0% answered “no” and 40.0% answered “No”. [Image 8d31819-133-d4c0e932f59e09cd94a1-3.jpg&s3=31819-133-ca2f633a0ab06c3dca169a039634d62b-1200x800.jpg

More than 60% of large companies conduct “employee training at least once a month” led by the human resources department
When asked, “Q8.Does your company conduct regular employee training under the leadership of the human resources department?” 60.2% of the total answered “once a month”, indicating that the majority of companies conduct employee training at least once a month.
[Image 9d31819-133-99f89e4fa48300525b05-5.jpg&s3=31819-133-133c72acee2088bb40e14829f2426eea-1200x800.jpg

Voices of issues in regular education and training regarding “lack of supervisor’s development ability and awareness of guidance” and “effectiveness of human resource development”
When asked, “Q9. Please tell us about your specific challenges in regular education and training. (multiple answers)” (n=108) 38.0% responded, 29.6% said, “I can’t see the effect of human resource development,” and 25.0% said, “There is no internal flow for human resource development.”
[Image 10d31819-133-f2939dbaf1f53bb370c1-9.jpg&s3=31819-133-f6089f9b32ba9ca33d0b52c001feac6b-1200x800.jpg

From this survey, it was found that about 60% answered that they were “preparing for disclosure” and more than 30% “already disclosed” regarding the disclosure of human capital.
As for preparation items for disclosure, about 60% said, It seems that there are many personnel who are planning to “enhancement of development/training system” for “utilization and improvement” of capital.
On the other hand, it was also revealed that employees were concerned about the “lack of supervisors’ training ability and awareness of guidance” and “the effectiveness of human resource development” in regular education and training.
Due to the mandatory disclosure of human capital, many human resources personnel at large companies have realized that the importance of “skills and training” will increase, and many companies are likely to consider how to do this internally. In addition, now that the diversity of human resources is called for, it is considered necessary to adapt training and learning to a wide range of human resources. The number of companies using training services has increased due to the corona crisis, but it is expected that the use of external training services will become more active in companies that focus on human resource development in the future due to the obligation to disclose human capital.
E-learning training service “HR University” for acquiring HR knowledge [Image 11d31819-133-7556132c7d9447b1d69e-1.png&s3=31819-133-1b8ea80aa06f92f5caf47c58989d4cd8-219x46.png
HR University is an online training service that specializes in systematically and comprehensively learning HR knowledge that is useful for human resource development and organization building. We provide video content that covers the knowledge necessary for human resources and management, and you can learn for a wide range of employees, from prospective employees to executive class, as well as training personnel managers.
As the shortage of human resources becomes more serious, more and more companies are in need of “personnel skills.”
We provide a mechanism to grow people, teams, organizations, and working people all over Japan beyond the framework of occupation, age, and experience.
About Hajimari
[Image 12d31819-133-5667068ee6a006267353-10.png&s3=31819-133-0836143ac10568b33f5245f62efa71b0-307x261.png
Company name: Hajimari Co., Ltd.
Established: February 26, 2015
Representative Director: Naoto Kimura
Location: 〒150-0043
Shibuya DT Building 6th/7th/9th floor, 1-16-10 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku Business description:
Aiming to realize the vision of “Increase the number of independent human resources and increase the happiness of life”, we are currently developing 8 businesses centered on matching services between freelancers and companies.
● Hajimari Co., Ltd. corporate site
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