What is the impact of “Mezamashi TV” that surprised Omoshiro-so 2023 winning comedian Champions? ?

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What is the impact of “Mezamashi TV” that surprised Omoshiro-so 2023 winning comedian Champions? ?
January 13th (Friday) “Omoshiroso arbitrarily victory commemorative special number-Chanpions’ comedy king is me !!-” Broadcast report released

In the broadcast on January 13th, “Omoshiroso Katani ni Victory Commemorative Special Program-Chanpions’ Comedy King is me!” People talked about their changes by winning Omoshiroso 2023.

– Osaki “I’m surprised. You go outside and get stabbed in the face.” After receiving an email from a listener congratulating them on winning Omoshiro-sou, Osaki and Dai-chan talked about the changes that happened to them when they won Omoshiro-sou.
The funniest Osaki in Japan “Thank you.
Daisuke Horinouchi “I’m happy. It really didn’t happen.
Osaki: No, no, you’re surprised.
Dai-chan: “Hey!”
Osaki: “It’s different to get stabbed in the face, it’s different to be dented, and it’s different to be arrogant, isn’t it? But it’s my first time doing something like this, so I always look weird.” Dai-chan: “Yeah.
Osaki “It was a half-baked response. I saw it~ Thank you~! A reaction like that would be fine!
Dae-chan “Even if you say things like work increased?”
Osaki: Oh, yes. Thank you. Thank you.
Dai-chan: Mezamashi TV will also (appear)
Osaki: That’s right.
Dai-chan: “When we were performing at theaters in Asakusa, we often met people walking down the street, and some of them said they had seen Mezamashi TV.”
Osaki: Yes. When I went to Asakusa today, there were a lot of people who said they watched Mezamashi TV.
Dai-chan: “It was pitch black (laughs).”
Osaki “I was surprised!
Dai-chan: But I never thought we would be able to go out in the morning. When asked about our careers, I think those who have watched Mezamashi TV will understand, but photos of my university days soccer and Mr. Osaki’s Didn’t it come out when you compared him to a photo of him playing baseball in high school? (Osaki) is a completely different person.
Osaki “I thought I was really handsome like this”
Dai-chan: By yourself? But you had a cute face (laughs).
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