What kind of sweets will you present this year? Valentine (heart) of 2023 Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin

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What kind of sweets will you present this year? Valentine (heart) of 2023 Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin
■ Dates: January 25 (Wednesday), 2023 → February 14 (Tuesday) ■ Location: Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Main Building 8F, B2F

Which sweets should I choose for this year? Here are some sweets recommended by buyers as a reward for your loved ones!
“Valentine’s Day” is a day to express your feelings to your loved ones. Recently, it seems that more and more people are handing out various “sweets” in addition to chocolate. Valentine’s Day, which is now a festival of such sweets, has evolved to the next stage through honmei chocolate, giri chocolate, and friend chocolate. Of course, you want to give your partner something they like, and you want to eat delicious sweets as a reward for yourself. I think it’s becoming fun to introduce each other. This time, we will introduce the sweets that buyers are currently recommending from among such many Valentine’s sweets.
About 80 brands are available! ! “Kyushu chocolate new discovery” (main building 8th floor event space)
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[Patisserie Georges Marceau] Kyushu bonbon chocolate (6 pieces) 2,160 yen including tax
The sweets shop “Patisserie Georges Marceau” is named after the French restaurant “Georges Marceau” that spreads the cuisine of Kyushu. This time, we have prepared 6 kinds of bonbon chocolates using Kyushu ingredients such as blueberries from Yatsushiro, mandarin oranges from Karatsu, hojicha from Ureshino, and brandy from Ajimu.
[Image 2

[Strawberry Day] Strawberry chocolate assortment (5 pieces)
Tax-included 1,134 yen
A new brand that pursues the deliciousness of “strawberry x
chocolate”. The strawberry chocolate assortment uses cream, chocolate, and freeze-dried strawberries that match each strawberry variety. Please enjoy while eating and comparing.
[Image 3

[Chocolatory Assofore] ASOGOGAKU (5 pieces) 1,800 yen including tax The image of each of the five peaks of Aso has been made into a beautiful bonbon chocolate. It expresses the characteristics of each mountain, such as almonds, black tea, and raspberries.
[Image 4

[Morinoiro] (Top) Chocolat de Balm 2023 3,456 yen including tax (Bottom) Hakata no Mori Premium raw balm ~ truffle ~ 2,700 yen including tax
A fragrant truffle, a gentle and slightly bitter blond chocolate, and Hakata no Mori Premium fresh balm with the scent of fermented butter meet to create an exquisite baumkuchen.
[Image 5

[BLOCK BLOCK TOKYO] Chocolat & Basic Basque Cheesecake MIX Set (4 pieces, 2 each of chocolate and basic) 2,160 yen including tax Using plenty of rich Danish cream cheese, baked fragrantly at a high temperature for a short time, you can enjoy both the baked feeling on the outside and the rare feeling on the inside. A set of 2 types of chocolate with a rich texture.
Limited-time sweets are also available at the confectionery section! (Main building/East building 2nd basement floor)
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[Flower, Sake and Chocolate] (Upper right) Popping bubbles and flower waltz (9 pieces) 1,620 yen including tax, (Lower left) Flowery can (23 pieces, 2 layers) 3,024 yen including tax
Chocolate that snuggles up to casual everyday scenes that I want to recommend to people who want to enrich their own time. We have prepared a special box filled with everything that will make you feel comfortable with a slightly sweet feeling.
Sales location: Main building B2 floor north side connecting passage [Image 7

[Yamano Cheese] Raw chocolate and cheese (8 pieces) 2,160 yen including tax A cheese sweets brand that combines Hokkaido ingredients and cheese, born in November 2022.
Baked cheesecake using Gouda cheese and raw chocolate are combined to create a new texture chocolate.
* Limited time sale: February 1st (Wednesday) to 28th (Tuesday) Main building B2 floor central event stage
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[Garnier] Garnier I (10 pieces) 1,728 yen including tax
Package of Edgar Degas “Etoile” loved all over the world. A set of 10 types of chocolate with popular ganache.
Sales location: East Building B2F event space
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[Nenrinya] Mount Balm Brownie (1 piece) 1,080 yen including tax Rich “100-year cocoa” is kneaded into the chocolate dough. The chocolate dough is carefully baked layer by layer, and the richness and aroma of cacao are luxuriously contained. The mellow taste of chocolate that melts in your mouth is like a baumkuchen brownie. Please enjoy the taste only in winter.
Sales location: Event space in front of the Nanakuma Line entrance on the second basement floor of the main building

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