“White” corn potage is newly released for Nagara handy soup that can be easily drunk like a jelly drink

Taste and Logic Inc.
“White” corn potage is newly released for Nagara handy soup that can be easily drunk like a jelly drink
About 90% of the monitors answered that it was “very delicious”, and the authentic handy soup enriches the diet of modern people.
Taste and Logic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nerima-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenji Haraga) has launched a new product in the “Nagara Handy Soup” series that allows you to enjoy authentic soup straight from the pouch with a mouthpiece. Corn Potage” is now on sale.
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The “Nagara Handy Soup” series is a new product packed with genuine soup in a pouch with a spout.
Based on the slogan, “Even if you’re busy, don’t give up on
deliciousness,” the soup is designed so that you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, just like a jelly drink. We deliver the deliciousness of ingredients carefully supervised by first-class chefs and the natural and abundant nutrients derived from vegetables to the palm of your hand.
Since general sales began in July 2022, it has won high acclaim for its authentic taste and ease of cooking and containers.

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A new addition to the lineup of the “Nagara Handy Soup” series is “Pure White Corn Potage”. A potage soup made with plenty of white corn “Pure White” from Hokkaido.
With a simple recipe that makes the most of the goodness of the ingredients, the gentle sweetness of the corn, plenty of milk, and special bouillon create a rich potage.
[Product Features]
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Luxurious use of Hokkaido pure white
The corn used is pure white. Pure white corn from Hokkaido with a sugar content of 17 degrees or more.
The pure white corn grown in the extreme temperature difference of the northern lands is sweet and has little off-taste that corn tends to have, so it can be eaten raw without heating.
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Special recipes supervised by top chefs
Recipes are supervised by top chefs. Mr. Nobutada Okajima, who has more than 15 years of experience in the food industry such as foreign luxury hotels and major boulangerie, is in charge. In order to take advantage of the goodness of the ingredients, we have narrowed it down to the minimum ingredients and finished it with a simple recipe. [Image 5

Ingredients are only ingredients. No preservatives, colorings or chemical seasonings
Nagara Handy Soup is made without preservatives, colorings, or chemical seasonings, and is simply made with only the deliciousness of the ingredients, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.
Pay attention to your body and reward yourself. It’s a soup that can fulfill both.
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Potage soup that is delicious even when warmed
Place it in a bowl, heat it in the microwave, and top it with croutons or corn to make a delicious soup.
If you serve it at a home party, you can easily add a stylish and luxurious dish.
Also, the pouch used in Nagara can be put in the microwave as it is, so you can heat the handy soup without transferring it to a bowl. [Monitor evaluation]
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In a survey conducted before the launch, about 90% of the monitors answered that the taste was “very delicious,” and the taste has been highly evaluated.

[Recommended use scene]
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As usual lunch companion, busy morning breakfast, overtime snack time. You can add deliciousness and nutrition to various scenes.
[Series lineup]
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There are 3 types of Nagara Handy Soup series lineup. In addition to the “Pure White Corn Potage”, the “Fruit Tomato Gazpacho” uses fruit tomato forest frutica, paprika and cumin spas to create a full-fledged taste, and Fukaura snow carrots grown in the snow. We are preparing “Snow Carrot and Sweet Summer Smooth Lape”, which is a smooth soup of French home-cooked carrot rapee.
【Product Summary】
●Product Name: Nagara Handy Soup Pure White Corn Potage
●Contents: 160g
●Price: 5 piece set 2,800 yen (tax included)
    ※Combination of 5 items can be freely selected within the series 【Company Profile】
Company name: Taste and Logic Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-7-9-103 Sekimachiminami, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takeshi Haraga
Established: July 2021
URL: https://taste-logic.com/
Business description: Manufacture and sale of processed foods Nagara Handy Soup Official Website

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