WILLER Co., Ltd. “MaaS Meeting 2023” will be held on February 14th (Tuesday) and 15th (Wednesday) for 2 da ys! ~What is a sustainable mobility service that allows everyone to move freely?~

WILLER Co., Ltd.
“MaaS Meeting 2023” will be held for 2 days on February 14th (Tuesday) and 15th (Wednesday)! ~What is a sustainable mobility service that allows everyone to move freely?~

WILLER Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Shigetaka Murase) will hold the 4th “MaaS Meeting 2023” on February 14th (Tuesday) and 15th (Wednesday), 2023, real and online. We will hold a hybrid at [Image 1

 In order to realize sustainable mobility services, we believe that it is important that “all people can move freely”, “integrate with urban development” and “environmentally friendly”. New mobility services, such as automated driving and on-demand transportation, are expected to emerge from the evolution of technology.
Currently, various businesses are creating prototypes all over the country, and they are verifying what kind of new value they can provide by collecting many examples. The service will probably improve in the next few years, and we will move to the phase of social implementation.
Therefore, at this year’s MaaS Meeting, we hope to provide an opportunity to learn about various prototypes and think about solutions to social issues and regional benefits under the theme of “What is a sustainable mobility service that allows everyone to move freely?” I’m here. Also, movement is not limited to “humans”. There are both “people” and “things” in movement, and both are indispensable in people’s lives. I would like to think about when and how the mobility that will be responsible for the movement of each space that evolves with technology will be realized.
 The year 2023 is finally heading towards the post-corona era. We hope that this opportunity for the steady evolution of the world toward a new world where people’s lives have been redesigned will lead to the birth of various co-creations that transcend industry boundaries. We look forward to your participation.
■ Date and time
-Day1-Tuesday, February 14, 13:00-16:00
-Day 2-February 15 (Wednesday) 10:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00 (Booth exhibition from 12:00-17:00)
■ Cost
■ How to participate
Real (venue: Shibuya Stream Hall *1) or online (YouTube Live distribution *²) *1 Access: https://stream-hall.jp/business-access/
 The number of people who can participate at the venue is limited, and it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
 Depending on the spread of the infection, we may only be able to participate online.
*² Viewing URL: We will send it to the email address you registered at the time of application on Monday, February 13th.
-Day1- February 14 (Tue) 13:00-16:00
1. Opening Shigetaka Murase, representative of WILLER
2. Automated driving (presentation)
· Efforts on autonomous driving in Japan and Singapore Aiko Ike, R&D Dept. Manager, WILLER Co., Ltd.
 ・Creating a sustainable society using autonomous driving Willer representative Shigetaka Murase  and others
・ The world of autonomous driving realized by Mobileye Mr. Shotaro Kawahara, CEO of Mobileye Japan Co., Ltd.
3. What will future mobility services look like? (panel discussion) ・[Human/Land] Self-driving Mr. Shotaro Kawahara, CEO of Mobileye Japan Co., Ltd. ・[Human/Sky] Flying Car Mr. Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO of SkyDrive Co., Ltd. ・[Goods/Land] Autonomous Driving Logistics Mr. Masaki Shimomura, CEO of T2 Co., Ltd.
・[Mono/Sky] Drone Masafumi Hirono, President of KDDI Smart Drone Co., Ltd. -Day2- February 15 (Wednesday)
10:00-12:00 Smart Mobility Challenge Symposium
(Organizer: Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Kinki Transportation Bureau, Kinki Bureau of Telecommunications, Kinki Regional Development Bureau Theme: Autonomous Driving)
1. Greetings Mr. Hideaki Ibuki, Director General, Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
2. Introduction of advanced regions and case studies
Eiheiji Town General Policy Division Manager Toru Yamamura
Mr. Yasushi Kakimoto, Autonomous Driving Planning Section Manager, Urban MaaS Mobility Department, Transportation Business Headquarters, Osaka Municipal Kosoku Electric Tramway Co., Ltd.
3. About the direction of automatic driving in the country
Mr. Naohisa Hashimoto, Digital Architecture Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
4. Future vision and roles of local governments and businesses Mr. Kazuhiko Makimura Director of Metrology Research Institute 5. Panel discussion by the speakers in 2.3.4 above
6. Greetings Mr. Akihiko Kanai, Director General, Kinki District Transport Bureau
13:00-16:00 AI on-demand transportation symposium
1. Presentations from 9 companies that provide AI on-demand
transportation services
Mr. Hiromi Kato, General Manager, Business Promotion Department, Aisin Co., Ltd. Mr. Kentaro Mimura, General Manager, Business Strategy Office, Junpuji Co., Ltd. Mr. Takehiro Fujioka, Executive Vice President, Next Mobility Co., Ltd. Mr. Norio Hiraga, Manager, Fujitsu Japan Ltd.
Mirai Share Co., Ltd. Representative Director Wataru Matsudate / Director Ryo Kanamori
Mobileye Japan Co., Ltd. MaaS Business Strategy Department Director and Autonomous Driving Mobility Department Manager Hiroshi Shimoyama Toshiaki Matsuura, Executive Vice President, Community Mobility Co., Ltd. Mr. Masashi Suehiro, Representative Director, SWAT Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. Mr. Shinobu Kato, Representative of Via Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. 2. Panel discussion
Mr. Tatsuki Yoshida, Associate Professor of Fukushima University and the above 9 companies
*We are planning to have a booth exhibition from 12:00 to 17:00. Exhibitors: Aisin Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Japan Ltd., Mirai Share Co., Ltd., Community Mobility Ltd., SWAT Mobility Japan Ltd.
, Via Mobility Japan Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d27749-156-7bfcd0218eb2884d576a-1.png&s3=27749-156-a4dec4b0e27f829df813ad2f420b4564-123x123.png
Please check the special site (https://www.willer.co.jp/maas-meeting/). * Please check the latest information from the special site. ■ Inquiries
MaaS Meeting Secretariat: maasmeeting@willer.co.jp

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