Winners Co., Ltd. Small and cute but talented! Recort Electric Pot Copot is now on sale.

Winners Co., Ltd.
Small and cute, but powerful! Recort [Electric Pot Copot] is now on sale.
Developed by Winners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shinji Okano), “récolte” (hereafter referred to as “recolt”)
[Electric Pot Copot] will be on sale from January 27, 2023.
It looks like a cologne and a cute casting. Powerful heat with a built-in heater. It is an electric pan that can be washed completely and is easy to use for everyday cooking.
[Image 1

It’s small and compact, but it has 5 roles in one!
[Image 2

[Electric pot copot] with 5 functions in 1 unit that can be used not only for “simmering”, “cooking”, “steaming”, and “frying”, but also for “frying” because the fluorine resin coating prevents sticking and the pan has a sense of stability. The pan has a high edge, is deep, and does not wobble easily, making it easy to cook on the table. When it’s done, you can enjoy it piping hot.
The power consumption is modest though the heat is powerful! [Image 3

I want heat, but I want to reduce power consumption as much as possible. [Copot] is compact with a diameter of 20 cm, but has a maximum temperature of 240°C! However, 500W of low power consumption! The secret is that the pot itself has a built-in heat source (heater), so heat is transmitted directly to the pot. Efficient heating and low power consumption. Because I want you to use it every day, I solved the points of concern.

Although it is directly attached to the heater, it can be washed completely! [Image 4

You want to clean the pot after eating. Of course, [Copot] can also be washed. If you remove the controller (power cord), you can wash it with water even though it has a built-in heater! You don’t have to worry about the controller’s outlet getting wet, and you can clean it just like a regular pot.
[Image 5d24163-106-4cfc37e6a9d82729c908-5.jpg&s3=24163-106-8e4b393ae66b73c261c6f8fc0caf47b5-1499x1000.jpg
After removing the controller, everything else can be washed completely. [Image 6d24163-106-07cef86083b4de20b6d0-3.jpg&s3=24163-106-0a130c4709fa451c07b28698831d2f16-1500x1000.jpg
You can wash it in the sink without worrying about the outlet. [Image 7d24163-106-60c909bf62f42a8dcf15-7.jpg&s3=24163-106-32a768d81fc45e738bc8c500f542b15d-1000x761.jpg
[Image 8d24163-106-aa8e63c48d490da89bfb-8.jpg&s3=24163-106-643550cb5e224127ff65ee571c5b7a12-1000x789.jpg
[Image 9d24163-106-9d2c59de39fa27715021-6.jpg&s3=24163-106-692dac0c17c77ee2890e3f3d0a5a68ba-1000x789.jpg
Product Name: Electric Pot Copot
Scheduled release date: Released from January 27, 2023
Suggested retail price: 7,150 yen (tax included) (6,500 yen excluding tax) Colors: Black, Yellow, Greige
Set contents: Main unit, lid, net for steamed dishes, controller, special recipe book, instruction manual
Product dimensions: about 26.5 (W) x 20.5 (D) x 19.0 (H) cm
Product weight: about 1.2kg
Capacity: liquid: about 1,000ml, oil: about 450ml
Power supply: AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 500W
Item number: REP-1

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