“Winserver”, which has provided hosting services for over 20 years, will start offering “cloud managed” services on January 11, 2023!

Assist Up Co., Ltd.
“Winserver”, which has provided hosting services for over 20 years, will start offering “cloud managed” services on January 11, 2023! Winserver will help you operate cloud services such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.
Assistup Co., Ltd. (Location: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture,
Representative Director: Katsuhiko Aoki), which provides hosting and housing services, will start offering cloud service operation agency service “Cloud Managed” from January 11, 2023.
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Cloud managed service started
As the use of cloud services spreads in recent years, the demand for cloud managed outsourcing of maintenance and operation is also increasing.
We have cultivated over 20 years of hosting business to solve problems related to cloud services, such as the increase in users who cannot secure the operation system and know-how in-house, and the need for human resources with advanced technology for operation management. We will start a “cloud managed” service by making use of the knowledge of infrastructure engineers.
Please leave the introduction of cloud services such as AWS, GCP, and Azure to us.
We will support you according to your requirements in various aspects such as billing agency, initial construction and operation.
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Cloud managed service image
1. Billing agent
We will make the payment on your behalf. It is possible to issue and pay bills in Japanese Yen, so it is recommended for those who are worried about not being able to make dollar-denominated payments or credit card payments.
2. Construction and operation of cloud environment
We provide system construction and estimates based on customer requirements, and support the construction, operation, and maintenance of cloud environments.
3. Free support
We accept inquiries by phone during business hours. In addition, inquiries by e-mail are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and specialized staff will support you from consultation before applying to how to use the service after starting.
Five services for construction and operation
We offer five types of construction and operation services.
1. Construction migration support
2. File server migration
3. Building a telework environment
4. Surveillance and operation agency
5. Cost reduction consulting service
We will configure the system based on the customer’s requirements, present an estimate, and support the construction, operation, and maintenance of the cloud environment.
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Cloud managed construction and operation
About Winserver
“Winserver” is a Windows hosting service that has been provided in Japan for over 20 years by Assistup Co., Ltd., which has Microsoft’s cloud competency.
We offer four types of hosting services: VPS, virtual desktop, shared server, and dedicated server, and you can choose the OS that suits your environment, from the latest Windows Server 2022 to 2012. By selecting only the truly necessary options from a wide range of options, it is possible to reduce not only initial costs but also running costs.
We have received many comments from customers such as, “Windows is easy to use,” “Telephone support is solid, so you can use it with peace of mind,” and “There are no failures and it is highly reliable.” We provide services.
Company Profile
Company name: Assist Up Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Katsuhiko Aoki
Location: Midosuji Daiwa Building 8F, 3-6-8 Kyutarocho, Chuo-ku, Osaka Phone: 06-6121-7523 Fax: 06-6121-7525
URL: https://www.assistup.co.jp
Email: info@assistup.co.jp
Business description:
・Hosting and housing services
・Construction of server environment
・Server maintenance and operation agency
・Network security equipment sales
・Security consulting
・Various network construction
Details about this release:


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