Winter immoral gourmet = “Gout hot pot” with plenty of monkfish liver, soft roe and oysters is now available ! Japanese sake and rice store Kurabaru Umeda store

Globridge Co., Ltd.
Winter immoral gourmet = “Gout hot pot” with plenty of monkfish liver, soft roe and oysters is now available! [Japanese sake and rice store Kurabaru Umeda store]
~ A “pudding body” festival in a pot! Immoral gourmet with plenty of flavor ~
Globridge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Makoto Otsuka) “Sake / Komeya Kurabaru” Umeda store will start serving Ankimo, Shirako, We will start offering gout hot pot with plenty of oysters.
Deliciousness that beats guilt! Gout hot pot with plenty of monkfish liver, soft roe, and oysters
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At the sake and rice store Kurabaru Umeda store, we will offer a hot pot rich in “purines” = “umami ingredients” that uses plenty of monkfish liver, milt, and oysters as a limited menu this winter, called “Gout Nabe”.
What is the topic of “immorality gourmet”?
Immorality gourmet refers to food that is too delicious to eat, such as mixing high-calorie ingredients or using a lot of garlic. In recent years, it has become a hot topic on social media, and there are many reasons why people enjoy immoral gourmet food, such as “because it relieves stress” and “because it looks attractive.”
Kurabaru’s gout hot pot is truly “winter immoral gourmet”, with one hot pot greatly exceeding the recommended daily intake of purines. The base soup is a blend of several types of miso to give it a rich flavor, and the umami ingredients of monkfish liver, soft roe, and oysters combine to create a rich and creamy taste. It goes well with dry Japanese sake.
Plenty of vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and green onions are also used, and the added sweetness makes it even more delicious. To finish off, enjoy the taste of the ingredients to the fullest with the rice porridge packed with umami.
How about warming yourself from the core of your body this winter with a gout hot pot that is more delicious than immoral?
Kurabar’s Gout Hot Pot 1,980 yen per person (2,178 yen with tax) January 30, 2023 (Monday) Start of provision
*Please make a reservation by the day before.
* We may not be able to accept your reservation depending on the stocking situation.
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There is also a great course where you can enjoy gout hotpot! We want many people to enjoy our proud gout hot pot, so we have prepared a great course. You can enjoy specialties such as beef tongue sashimi and bluefin tuna along with a carefully selected sake lineup. This winter-only extravagant course is recommended for gatherings with friends and colleagues, as well as welcome and farewell parties. ◇Kurabar Winter Gout Hot Pot Course 7,700 yen (tax included) A total of 7 dishes, including gout hotpot, and all-you-can-drink 40 kinds of premium sake such as Dassai.
[Appetizer] Special Ankake Chawanmushi
[Sake appetizers] Assortment of 3 appetizers that go well with Japanese sake [Carefully Selected Beef Tongue] Stewed Beef Tongue Low Temperature Cooked [Raw bluefin tuna] Three types of bluefin tuna sashimi
[Fried food] Today’s fried food
[Winter only hot pot] Gout hot pot
[Finish] Rice porridge to finish
January 30, 2023 (Monday) Start of provision
*Please make a reservation by the day before.
* We may not be able to accept your reservation depending on the stocking situation.
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Japanese sake and rice store Kurabaru Umeda
■Business hours: 11:30-15:00/17:00-23:00
Location: Umeshin Pont Nouveau Building 7F, 2-5-30 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
■ Phone number: 050-5570-5546
■ Tabelog: ■ Official Instagram: [Image 5

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A series of repeaters! All-you-can-drink of 40 types of sake Umeda’s hideaway sake bar “Sake and Komeya Kura Bar” Umeda store offers “all-you-can-drink sake”, which has been very well received. All-you-can-drink draft beer for 2 hours, including 40 types of Japanese sake such as Kon, Dassai, Fufudake, and Kaze no Mori. From the lineup of sake that brings out the best flavors of seasonal dishes, our knowledgeable staff will recommend the best match for each ingredient and dish. Please use it. In addition to hot brands and rare items, we are always changing seasonal items, so please enjoy new encounters every time you visit our store.
◇ 2-hour all-you-can-drink luxury sake: 3,480 JPY (incl. tax) per person [Image 7

Sake warmers are installed in all seats!
In addition, we have a sake warmer [Kansuke] on every table, so each customer can enjoy sake at their preferred temperature. Sake is a drink that surprisingly changes its taste depending on the
temperature. Find a cup that suits your taste while enjoying the change in temperature with the sake warmer.
It is recommended that you first taste it cold before heating it, and then warm it up to feel the change in aroma. A list is also available for each table, so you can freely enjoy the taste of sake that changes depending on the temperature range, from cold to hot.
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Example of sake lineup
[Osaka Prefecture] Kureharu and Akika [Nara Prefecture] Kaze no Mori, Mimurosugi [Wakayama Prefecture] Kito [Hyogo Prefecture] Banshu Ikkon, Okuharima, Rairaku [Kyoto Prefecture] Sozora, Sawaya Matsumoto, Utakata [Shiga Prefecture] ] Shichibonyari [Mie Prefecture] Jikon [Aichi Prefecture] Gikyo [Fukui Prefecture] Kokuryu, Kuzuryu, Bon [Shizuoka Prefecture] Kikusu [Fukushima Prefecture] Sharaku [Saitama Prefecture] Shinki [Gunma Prefecture] Gunma Izumi [Niigata Prefecture] Prefectures: Hakkaisan, Kubota Manju, Koshino Kanbai, Luggage Sake [Akita Prefecture] Yamamoto Pure Black, Shirabaki, Kariho, Ippaku Suisei [Miyagi Prefecture] Atago no Matsu, Hakurakusei, Kenkonichi [Yamagata Prefecture] Kudoki Jozu [Aomori Prefecture] Prefecture: Mutsu Hassen, Masamune Hato [Hiroshima Prefecture] Treasure Sword [Okayama Prefecture] Tagaji [Shimane Prefecture] Cho Wang Roku, Wang Roku Izumo Kojiya [ Prefecture] Dassai, Dassai SP, Toyo Bijin Taka [Kagawa Prefecture] Sanuki Claudy [Kochi Prefecture] Suigei [Fukuoka Prefecture] Warbler Wakanami in the Garden
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Japanese sake and rice store Kurabaru Umeda
Our shop is located a 3-minute walk from Higashi-Umeda Station and a 6-minute walk from Umeda Station, and has excellent access from terminal stations such as Osaka Station. We have private rooms recommended for dates and table seats where you can casually enjoy with your friends, so you can use it for any occasion. Please feel free to use it on weekdays when you want to drink and go home today, or on weekends when you want to eat something delicious after shopping.
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