With prices rising, where would you like to start living together in a cost-effective way? Living for two x Telework edition 2023 LIFULL HOME’S PRESS announced the station ranking with cheap rent for ease of living

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With prices rising, where would you like to start living together in a cost-effective way? [Living for two x Telework edition] 2023 LIFULL HOME’S PRESS announced the station ranking with cheap rent for ease of living
~ I would like to consider the suburbs if telework is the focus The suburbs, such as Tachikawa Station, ranked first. Is the little-known spot a station within walking distance from Chiba Station? ~
LIFULL HOME’S, an information site that conveys the “truth and present of living” operated by LIFULL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Inoue, Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime: 2120), which is working to solve social issues through business. PRESS (Rifle Homes Press)” will announce “[Living for Two x Telework Edition] Station Ranking 2023 with Cheap Rent for Ease of Living” on January 18, 2023 (Wednesday).
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Article URL: https://www.homes.co.jp/cont/press/report/report_00274/ Where is good if telework is the center? I want to know about the stations that are “comfortable to live in and have low rent in Tokyo and 3 prefectures”
According to the “Telework implementation rate survey” (* 1) announced by the Tokyo Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, 17.9% of the employees who teleworked at companies in Tokyo in November 2022 are doing telework five days a week. increase. Although it has decreased from 24.6% in May 2021, when the state of emergency was declared, it is believed that working styles that do not come to the office have taken root to some extent. I think there are many people who have become telework-centered working styles. Among such people, more and more people are spending time around their homes on weekdays and holidays, and the environment around their homes has become more important than before, and the convenience of access to the city center has become less of a priority. There must be some married couples who have changed.
In response to changes in lifestyles, LIFULL HOME’S PRESS assumes that two people who are mainly teleworking are considering looking for a new home this spring. Cheap Station Ranking 2023” has been announced. *1: Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Labor and Industry telework implementation rate survey
https://www.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/tosei/hodohappyo/press/2022/12/14/02.html Overview of “[Living for Two x Telework] Station Ranking 2023 with Cheap Rent for Ease of Living”
Even people who telework on a daily basis will have the opportunity to go to Tokyo for work or meetings. In this ranking, assuming such a lifestyle of couples, the target stations are all stations in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, not all over the country.
In addition, we define “high availability of facilities (*2) around the station” as “comfortable to live in”, and based on the original data of LIFULL HOME’S, a real estate and housing information site, two people within a 15-minute walk from each station “Theoretical rent (reasonable rent that matches the comfort of living around the station)” is calculated from the average rent of household properties and the degree of facility availability around the station. We ranked the stations where the actual average rent is lower than the theoretical rent. Assuming a telework lifestyle, this represents “a station where you can rent a property for two people at a low rent despite the excellent living environment.”
*2: The facility availability around the station is the Walkability Index used in the LIFULL HOME’S Housing Index
(https://lifullhomes-index.jp/info/areas/tokyo-pref/00001-st/). Refers to overall score.
The Walkability Index is the number of facilities (supermarkets, convenience stores, parks, restaurants, cafes, cultural facilities, child-rearing/educational facilities, medical facilities, etc.) that can be accessed within a 15-minute walk from the station, and the number of surrounding locations for each category. In addition, the degree of fulfillment is scored out of 100. The University of Tokyo and Nikken Sekkei Research Institute Co., Ltd. are jointly researching and developing this data, which is the first in Japan to index the location environment of real estate from the viewpoint of ease of living.
Stations where two people live and where the rent is cheap despite the ease of living 1st Tachikawa Station, 2nd Yoshikawa Koen Station, 3rd Sakaemachi Station
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1st in the ranking is Tachikawa Station (JR Chuo Line, Ome Line, Nambu Line, Tachikawa City, Tokyo), 2nd is Yoshikawa Koen Station (Chiba Urban Monorail Line 1, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture), 3 Sakaemachi Station (Chiba Urban Monorail Line 1, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) ranked first, and Tachikawa, who was eighth in the single living x telework section, ranked first, and the second and third places are close to the center of Chiba City. Two stations of the Chiba City Monorail have entered.
Tachikawa Station is attractive for its “station area fulfillment” comparable to Shibuya Station and Otemachi Station
Tachikawa Station is a key transportation hub in the Tama area, about 25km west of Shinjuku Station. The “Station Surroundings Adequacy”, which scores the availability of facilities within a 15-minute walk from the station, scored 92 out of 100 points. It is a point (*3). This figure is comparable to terminal stations in the city center such as Shibuya Station (92 points) and Otemachi Station (92 points), and you can see the liveliness around the station. In addition, the theoretical rent calculated from the degree of facility availability around the station was 178,000 yen, and the difference (-66,000 yen) from the actual average rent of 112,000 yen was the largest among the target stations. This means that you can rent at a rent market price that is 66,000 yen lower than the rent that is reasonable from the viewpoint of the living environment.
Along the Chuo Line, Kokubunji Station (station area quality 85, rent market price 114,000 yen) and Mitaka Station (station area quality 88, rent market price 141,000 yen) are closer to the city center than Tachikawa Station. There are many stations with low scores but high rent prices, so if you don’t place too much importance on access to the city center, Tachikawa Station seems to be a station with higher cost performance.
Looking at the degree of fulfillment of the station surroundings of Tachikawa Station by item, commercial and food-related scores such as “supermarkets”, “convenience stores”, “drug stores”, “restaurants”, and “lunch boxes and side dishes” are among the top 10 stations, indicating that daily shopping and You can see that there are so many food options. In addition, on the north side of the station, there is Showa Kinen Park, which has a total area of ​​180ha, which was created on the site of the Tachikawa Airfield of the US military. I hope you can find a way to spend your holidays.
*3: LIFULL HOME’S Sumai Index “House and ease of living in Tachikawa Station” https://lifullhomes-index.jp/info/areas/tokyo-pref/00243-st/ -Tachikawa station rental property for two people-
https://www.homes.co.jp/chintai/theme/15101/tokyo/tachikawa_00243-st/list/ Yoshikawa-koen Station and Sakaemachi Station are both within walking distance to Chiba Station, and the rent is cheaper than Chiba Station. Yoshikawa Koen Station and Sakaemachi Station on the Chiba City Monorail ranked second and third. The difference between the theoretical rent calculated from livability (*4) and the actual average rent was 66,000 yen and 64,000 yen, respectively. Both are close to the center of Chiba City, and you can reach Chiba Station in about 7 to 10 minutes on foot. When commuting to an office in Tokyo, it is assumed that you will walk to Chiba Station and use the JR Sobu Line from there, but if you live a lifestyle centered on remote work, it will not be a daily occurrence, so it will not feel like a burden. Isn’t it? These two stations enjoy the convenience of the area around Chiba Station, but the rent can be rented at a lower level than Chiba Station by 10,000 to 20,000 yen, so it may be said that it is a little-known spot for two people who mainly work remotely.
*4: LIFULL HOME’S Housing Index “Yoshikawa-koen Station Housing and Ease of Living”
https://lifullhomes-index.jp/info/areas/chiba-pref/09264-st/ -Rental property for two people at Yoshikawa-koen Station-
https://www.homes.co.jp/chintai/theme/15101/chiba/yoshikawakoen_09264-st/list/ LIFULL HOME’S Sumai Index “House and ease of living at Sakaemachi Station” https://lifullhomes-index.jp/info/areas/chiba-pref/09263-st/ -Rental property for two people at Sakaemachi Station-
https://www.homes.co.jp/chintai/theme/15101/chiba/sakaecho_09263-st/list/ Suburban base stations and nearby stations ranked in the top 10 [Image 3

The image shows the results of this ranking on a map. Overall, suburban hub stations near Route 16, which circularly connects the outer edge of the Tokyo metropolitan area, and nearby stations ranked high. In the suburbs, there is a concentration of facilities not only around the station but also in areas far from the station such as roadside shops and outlet malls. may be considered.
▽Details of the ranking are explained in detail in the “LIFULL HOME’S PRESS” article.
Article URL: https://www.homes.co.jp/cont/press/report/report_00274/ Planning: LIFULL HOME’S PRESS Editorial Department Yudai Shibuya [Image 4

I think there are opportunities to review household finances due to the impact of rising prices. Housing costs are one of the largest items in the household budget. The rent market in the Tokyo
metropolitan area generally becomes cheaper in a concentric circle from the city center, so even if the convenience and location are the same, the rent market tends to decrease as you go to the suburbs. If you live with two people and live mainly from telework, rent may be kept low, and although it is in the suburbs, a station with plenty of facilities around it may be the area you are looking for. In this survey, we ranked cities that are convenient and affordable to live in within the Tokyo metropolitan area and three prefectures. In addition, the LIFULL HOME’S housing index, which was used as a reference for ranking calculations, also publishes scores for each item such as “parks”, “restaurants”, and “learning”. Please take a look at it as a reference to enrich your two-person life.
So far, similar rankings [living together x commuting in the city], [living alone x teleworking] and [living alone x commuting in the city / school] have been announced, so please read them as well.
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Ranking survey overview
・Target stations: Out of all stations located in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, 200 or more listed properties
・ Target property: Within 40 years old, within 15 minutes on foot from the station, 1LDK / 2K / 2DK / 2LDK / 3K / 3DK / 3LDK, rental apartments of 30 square meters or more to less than 80 square meters ・ Target period: (rent / listed property) October 2021 to September 2022, (station area availability) as of October 2022
・Calculation method: “Theoretical rent (appropriate rent that matches the comfort of living around the station)” is calculated from the average rent of the target property for each station and the degree of facility availability around the station, and the actual average rent is compared with the theoretical rent. Ranking the cheapest stations ・ Aggregate analysis: LIFULL HOME’S Business Division Research Group About LIFULL HOME’S PRESS (URL: https://www.homes.co.jp/cont/press/) [Image 5d33058-290-0b1d12a297b4adebdc6b-4.jpg&s3=33058-290-15d0b0a0dcfcb1d0da92fd9e266dc37a-200x200.jpg
Food, clothing and shelter are irreplaceable things for people. Choosing where to live is one of the biggest decisions in life. So that each and every one of us can have fun while choosing a place to live with confidence. LIFULL HOME’S PRESS aims to create a rich and happy relationship between people and their homes through the “real” and “current” information surrounding their homes.

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