Wiz Co., Ltd. Small-scale sustainability subsidy Released a subsidy plan for a simple and easy-to-use mobile POS register “POSasy”

Wiz Co., Ltd.
[Small-scale sustainability subsidy] Released a subsidy plan for a simple and easy-to-use mobile POS cash register “POSasy”
Two-thirds (up to three-fourths) of the target expenses, up to 2 million yen can be received as a subsidy

At Wiz Co., Ltd., an IT general trading company, it is now possible to introduce a plan that allows you to introduce a mobile POS cash register “POSasy” for restaurants at a more affordable price with the “small-scale sustainability subsidy”.
“POSasy” is a cloud-based POS system that runs on an iPad. Anyone can use it easily, so even first-time POS registers can use it safely and easily. For stores who are worried about whether they can master the system because it is complicated to use, or who want to know detailed analysis data, we offer guidance on shortening training time and reducing indirect costs with POSasy.
* In addition to “POSasy”, it is essential to introduce customer attraction services such as “WiFi leaflet”.
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What is Small Business Sustainability Subsidy?
Small business sustainability subsidies are small businesses with 5 employees (up to 20 if the conditions are met) to respond to future system changes, based on a sustainable management plan. It is a system that supports efforts to develop new sales channels and improve operational efficiency.
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As an IT general trading company, we solve human and corporate issues with DX. Utilizing this subsidy, we are providing support through promotion of DX in market development and subsidy application support. If a subsidized company or sole proprietor introduces “POSasy”, it is possible to receive a subsidy of two-thirds (up to three-fourths) of the introduction cost, up to 2 million yen.
“POSasy” features
Feature 1. Easy to use with simple accounting operations
“POSasy” can be set and operated easily. Since it is a simple accounting screen, you do not have to worry about accounting operations. In addition, menu registration also supports input by touch, barcode reading, department code, and product code so that you can select the input method according to the store’s operation method. It also supports a reduced tax rate, and you can set the eat-in price and take-out price for each product, so you can avoid typing in the wrong price. In addition, since it supports printing multiple tax rates on receipts, you can easily deal with items subject to reduced tax rates.
Feature 2. Easy store management and sales analysis
Until now, it may have been difficult to manage sales on the go, and it would have been impossible to grasp the sales without being at the store. With “POSasy”, if you have an internet environment, you can check the sales status in real time even if you are not at the store. In addition, it is possible to grasp the situation at a glance because it is displayed in graphs and tables. It is now possible to analyze each product (time period, customer base, etc.) and grasp sales trends, which were difficult to grasp until now, so it can be useful for replacing products and creating new products.
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Feature 3. Can issue electronic receipts
Electronic receipts can be issued instead of paper receipts. Electronic receipts eliminate the need for receipt rolls, which can lead to cost savings. Also, recently, there has been an increase in demand for “contactless payment”, so I think that checking electronic receipts on the customer’s own smartphone will lead to increased customer satisfaction. .
Customer attraction service that can be applied as a set with “POSasy” Here are some of the services that you can apply for as a set. “WiFi Flyer”: A service that allows you to send push notifications to smartphones in a specific area
It is mandatory to apply as a set with customer attraction service. Along with market development, we also support efforts to improve operational efficiency.
Why not use the small business sustainability subsidy to develop new sales channels and improve operational efficiency? The application deadline is approaching, so please apply as soon as possible. If you would like to introduce or consult, please feel free to contact us from the URL below.
Company Profile
Company name: Wiz Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 12F South Shin-Otsuka Building, 2-25-15 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Shun Yamazaki
Business description: Individual partner DX business, corporate partner DX business, condominium DX business, Wiz cloud business, HR business, M&A business
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