Works Japan Co., Ltd. Announced the results of the survey of “Sankei Shimbun x Works Japan 24 graduates’ r anking of popular companies for employment”

Works Japan Co., Ltd.
Announcing the survey results of “Sankei Shimbun x Works Japan Ranking of popular companies for employment selected by 24 graduates”
The corona generation is finally job hunting! Solid company selection is the mainstream
The Sankei Shimbun and HR consulting firm Works Japan conducted a survey of university and graduate school students who are scheduled to graduate or complete their studies in March 2024 (valid responses: 21,840 votes). General trading companies, life/non-life insurance, and banking/securities ranked high in humanities, while IT/software and manufacturers ranked high in science. With the spread of COVID-19 restricting student life and many students feeling uneasy about job hunting, companies that offer early internships and enriched programs have gained support.
[Survey summary]
1. Solid company selection centered on major companies is the mainstream 2. General trading companies, life/non-life insurance, and
banking/securities rank high in the humanities field
3. “IT/software” and “manufacturers” ranked high in general science 4. Information dissemination and communication that are close to students are important
[Survey overview]
2024 University Graduate Employment Popular Company Ranking
●Survey target: Third-year university students and first-year graduate students expected to graduate in March 2024
-Survey period: May 9 to November 30, 2022
●Survey method: Questionnaire announcements were made on the job search website “Campus Career” and various events sponsored by Works Japan, and responses were collected using a questionnaire form on the web. The ranking of companies in which applicants wish to work is based on a selection method from 1st choice to 5th choice, with 5 points for the 1st choice, 4 points for the 2nd choice, 3 points for the 3rd choice, and 2 points for the 4th choice. Points, 1 point is allocated to the 5th choice and totaled.
●Valid responses: 21,840 votes
* At the start of the survey
[Companies that aim to visualize their career image gather the support of students who are suffering from the corona crisis]
In April 2020, a 24-year-old student who entered a university in a time of remarkable social change. Many students are concerned about their own lack of experience in job hunting, as it is difficult for them to feel a real sense of growth due to online-centered classes and the cancellation of school events. In addition, as more people go online, some people say that it is difficult to draw their own career image, and companies are now in a generation where trial and error is required.
[Ranking results of popular companies for employment / general humanities] [Image 1

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General trading companies, life/non-life insurance, and
banking/securities rank high in the humanities field
Itochu Corporation ranked first in the humanities comprehensive ranking. The concept of the internship is to allow students to experience their own growth, and through a simulated work experience, we will provide a program that allows you to experience growth and the real pleasure of business that is unique to ITOCHU Corporation. Among general trading companies, Sumitomo Corporation ranked 4th, Mitsubishi Corporation ranked 5th, and Mitsui & Co. ranked 8th. Sumitomo Corporation actively holds face-to-face events to provide opportunities for employees to interact with each other. Mitsubishi Corporation also has a
communication program with employees called “MC Academia,” and it can be said that the device that makes it easier for students to envision their career has led to support.

Continuing from last year, life/non-life insurance and
banking/securities are also popular.
Second place was Sompo Japan, which brought forward the timing of the internship. It is structured so that students can deepen their understanding of the industry and how companies should be, so even students who were not originally interested in the industry can easily participate. Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance ranked third. We respond to the needs of diverse work styles through departmental and local employment programs. Mizuho Financial Group, which has moved to a common personnel system among group companies, is ranked 7th, and MUFG Bank, Ltd. is ranked 10th.

In addition, comprehensive consulting firm Accenture ranked 6th, and Hakuhodo/Hakuhodo DY Media Partners ranked 9th. .
[Ranking results of popular companies for employment/general science] [Image 2

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“IT/software” and “manufacturers” ranked high in general science In general science, companies that are active in holding various internships and accelerating DX have won.
The 1st and 2nd place swapped from last year’s ranking, and NTT DATA came out on top. We hold a two-axis internship, an ideathon in a team and an assignment to a project on site, so that you can experience the front line of IT. In addition, through YouTube and the WEB magazine “Up To Data”, we are also focusing on disseminating information such as corporate initiatives and careers on a daily basis, approaching the Internet generation.
The 2nd place Sony Group and the 6th place Fujitsu will hold a variety of internships. The Sony Group offers long-term paid internships, a two-week workplace-based program, and a one-day field trip, while Fujitsu hosts a Field Learning program consisting of 24 different fields and themes. connected.
In addition to the three companies mentioned above, companies that are active in the new trend of DX stand out, with Fujifilm ranked 5th, Hitachi Ltd. ranked 9th, and Murata Manufacturing Ltd. ranked 10th. Nomura Research Institute (NRI) ranked 3rd and Accenture ranked 8th, probably because the consultants who support such companies can accumulate diverse skills regardless of industry. Also, 4th place is Toyota Motor and 7th place is Panasonic.
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Solid company selection centered on major companies is mainstream  In the job search conducted in five categories (general arts, general science, by science major, by university, and by industry), solid companies, mainly large companies, were popular. In the liberal arts, starting with “general trading company”, “life/non-life insurance”, “banking/securities”. In general science, and also in science majors, “IT/software” and “manufacturers” attracted support from many students.
It can be said that this is the result of the company’s unique efforts, which are closely related to the anxiety of the early job hunting and the corona disaster.
▼What is Campus Career?
Campus Career is a job-hunting website for main screening and internship screening. We will deliver “selection strategies” for free, such as ES of senior job hunters who have obtained job offers, content of interviews and GDs, hiring trends of popular companies, and information on preferential treatment for final selection by participating in internships. In addition, you can use various functions such as industry research, company search, and notification of selection schedule.
As a Campus Career member-only benefit, you can also participate in member-only online and face-to-face job hunting events where recruiters and OB/OGs will be on stage, mainly from major listed companies.
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