Would you like to try it too? Marumie BODY (Heart)

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Would you like to try it too? Marumie BODY (Heart)
“KAITAI FANTASY Sanrio Characters Fancy Purple” released in late January
Megahouse Co., Ltd. (Bandai Namco Group, President: Akihiro Sato / Taito-ku, Tokyo) will release a collection figure “KAITAI FANTASY Sanrio Characters Fancy Purple” that imaged the inside of the character from late January 2023.
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[Image 2


“KAITAI FANTASY” is a figure that combines parts that mimic the skeleton and internal organs inside, and despite the new perspective of “three-dimensionalizing the inside of the character”, it does not spoil the work and the character’s world view. A design collection. “KAITAI FANTASY Sanrio Characters Fancy Purple” is a lineup of four types: “Kuromi”, “My Melody”, “Cinnamoroll”, and “Pompompurin”. The important (heart) (heart) (heart) has become a sparkling cute part with aurora paint. Each character consists of about 10 parts, including this important (heart) (heart) (heart), and it is a collection figure product with a new sensation that gradually reveals the inside of the character when you remove it from the side body parts.
[Image 3

Kuromi-Skeleton? –
[Image 4

My Melody -Skeleton? –

[Image 5

Cinnamoroll – Skeleton? –
[Image 6

Pompompurin – Skeleton? –

■ Lineup
[Image 7

[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

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■ Product overview
Product Name: KAITAI FANTASY Sanrio Characters Fancy Purple
Lineup: Kuromi -Skeleton?-, My Melody -Skeleton?-,
Cinnamoroll -Skeleton?-, Pompompurin -Skeleton?-,
4 types in total
Product size: Height approx 80mm
Release date: Late January 2023
Price: 990 yen each (including 10% tax) / 900 yen (excluding tax) *One of the four types is included.
Product page: https://megahouse.co.jp/megatoy/products/item/3880/ (C)2023 SANRIO APPR.NO.L637145
*The contents of this press release are subject to change without notice. *The image may differ from the actual product.

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