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[Research Report on Liberal Arts ・ Visit to “University’s Interesting Laboratory”!
Select a theme from space, big data, cell differentiation, and global education. Wow high school students learn about the world of interesting university research!

Second-year schooling for wow high school students!
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Educational Corporation Wow Mirai Gakuen Wao High School
(headquartered in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Principal Ushio Yamamoto) (hereafter referred to as Wao High School) opened in April 2021, cultivating the ability to survive in turbulent times through practical learning and education. We offer futuristic learning as a completely online school where you can study at your favorite time and place. At Wow High School, we conduct schooling at the Okayama main school twice a year as a “training camp type”. Instead of face-to-face online classes, we have incorporated special activities in which students learn with their own interest based on the spirit of “education”. In the second-year schooling held in December last year, we conducted a study tour at Okayama University of Science, which is known for unique learning such as dinosaurology.
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At Wao High School, there is an original subject called “Cultural Inquiry” as a compulsory subject. , aims to acquire reliable thinking skills that can be used in the world. In this study tour, we visited Okayama University of Science and asked professors who are actually conducting research about the enjoyment of each academic field, the value of their research, and how it affects the world. In order to broaden my knowledge in a certain field, I conducted research activities and clarified my future goals.

During the study tour at Okayama University of Science, Wow High School students choose their own mock class on the research they want to learn.
[Faculty of Science/Department of Physics] Teacher Makoto Watanabe “Space-related lectures and research introductions + laboratory tours related to physical properties”
[Faculty of Information Science and Technology] Teacher in charge: Professor Masaharu Hirota
(Data Science) “Big Data and Visualization”
[Faculty of Life Sciences] Teacher Yosuke Nagata
(Science) “Let’s learn cell differentiation using cultured cells — can we build muscle in vitro?”
[Faculty of Education / Department of Secondary Education] Teachers in charge Yuichiro Nishino, Professor Datta Shami (Department Head) (International understanding) “New form of teachers adapted to global society” On the second day of the tour, explore learning based on what you learned in university research
On the second day of the tour, we conducted inquiry based on what we learned at Okayama University of Science. Learning the importance of finding questions and issues, the Faculty of Education team explored the “form of class.” The information science and engineering department team used software that is also used at Okayama University of Science to conduct text mining of Amazon product review data, and the life science department team used CRISPR-Cas9 for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Could genome editing using
(Crisper-Kathnine) be an effective treatment? I researched about All the students seemed to be working on their own with interest and curiosity, and it seems that it was a meaningful two days that will lead to future learning.
Wow high school student’s “interesting university research” experience “Space-related lectures and research introductions + laboratory tours related to physical properties”
(Data Science) “Big Data and Visualization”
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In Professor Hirota’s laboratory in the Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, I learned about the theme of “big data and
visualization.” He taught me about research on identifying roads that are at high risk in the event of a disaster from geographical conditions, and research on identifying places without free Wi-Fi from the location information of Twitter and photos of foreigners visiting Japan for a short period of time. Professor Watanabe of the Faculty of Science taught me about “active galactic nuclei” and “adaptive optics,” which are used not only in space observation but also in the medical field.
Okayama University of Science also has a “Dinosaur Museum”, which is rare in Japan. While being guided by the teachers, we touched the actual bones and saw the bones of a large dinosaur whose legs alone are more than 2m long. There were many things they saw for the first time, and the students were excited, saying, “It was fun to see so many things I had never seen before,” and “I was surprised to learn that one research is connected to various fields.”
(International Understanding) “New Form of Teachers Adapted to Global Society” [Image 5

In the Faculty of Education, we visited Professor Datta, the head of the department, and Professor Nishino, who specializes in English literature. When Datta-sensei introduced himself, the students suddenly said, “Ask freely about the keywords written in the PowerPoint!” I realized the importance of asking questions from mysterious keywords, finding questions on my own, and exploring. In the second half, we experienced an actual class by Mr. Nishino. Why was the word used throughout the literature of Fulk Greville? why is it no longer used? I learned the fun of learning English words from the history of English.

Intensive training camp type, schooling program at Wow High School Wow High School’s schooling program is designed to achieve four things: 1. Be able to interact with teachers and classmates outside of class time. 2. To be an opportunity to acquire independent lifestyle habits. 3. Being able to touch various cultures of different lands.
4. Being able to focus on learning because the environment is different from usual.
*The program table is an excerpt of the main classes. You can also choose classes for the interview and self-study time.
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Wow High School 2023 New Admission “General Entrance Examination” Now Accepting Applications!
Click here for details on Wow High School’s “general entrance examination”
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Wow High School Virtual Campus

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Because it is online, communication between students and between students and teachers is more important than in real life. On the virtual campus that reproduces the atmosphere of our school in Okayama Prefecture, we hold daily homerooms, joint learning such as morning activities, and on-campus events. Whenever you have trouble with your studies, need advice, or want to start something new, your Wao High School friends are waiting for you here.
For events hosted by Wow High School, including Open School, you can visit this virtual campus online and enjoy a learning experience just like a real class.
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Wow High School is a Reiwa online high school that fosters the ability to learn and grow on your own through philosophy.
An online high school created by a 45-year-old cram school for those who want freedom and independence because it’s boring to be the same as everyone else. Deepening cultural exploration and practical learning in small interactive classrooms… Mirai Gakuen enjoys learning with surprises and excitement.
●Wow High School Mission
Be an intelligent wild man.
who have the power to survive the next generation with their own strength and freedom,
Cultivate super global elites.
●Wow Koukou no Vision
Realize a society where people who value freedom and growth can learn to be independent, and where unique “nails that stick out” can make great strides.
● Value of Wow High School
For 45 years, the philosophy and experience of a cram school that pursues “learning is fun”.
An online discussion class with a small number of people, emphasizing “connection”.
Liberal arts and practical learning classes with surprising and moving “Wow!” Friends in the class who are “different” and “have things they want to do”. ● What is learning at Wow High School?
Practice a new discussion-based class that allows students to learn and grow on their own.
You can develop the ability to live in the real world through cultural exploration of philosophy, science, and economics.
We specialize in comprehensive selection entrance examinations and support you to enter the university of your choice.
All classes are online! You can learn from anywhere in the country. [Inquiries about Wow High School]
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