WOWOW Co., Ltd. The cup match “Spanish Soccer Supercopa” for the first domestic title in 2023, exclusive l ive broadcast & live distribution on 1/12 (Thursday) at WOWOW!

WOWOW Co., Ltd.
“Spanish Soccer Supercopa”, the cup match for the first domestic title in 2023, will be broadcast exclusively live and live on WOWOW from 1/12 (Thursday)!
A tournament match between the winners and runners-up of the previous season’s Copa del Rey and the top two La Liga clubs. Exclusive live broadcast & live distribution of the semi-finals and finals!

(From left to right) Cavani, Modric, Benzema, Lewandowski, Dembele and Pezzella Getty Images
The Supercopa is a historic tournament that has been held since 1982, and the tournament format has been renewed from the 2019-2020 season. Midway through the season, in January, the top two teams from last season’s league and the two finalists from last season’s Copa del Rey Copa del Rey will compete in a one-off tournament in Saudi Arabia. The participating teams this time are Real Madrid, who won the La Liga last season, Barcelona, ​​who finished second in the same league, Betis, who won the Copa del Rey last season, and Valencia, who won the second place last season. The La Liga winner and the runner-up of the Copa del Rey, and the winner of the Copa del Rey and the second-placed La Liga team will play each other in the semi-finals, with the winner advancing to the final. WOWOW will exclusively broadcast and live stream the three matches, the semi-finals and the final, which will be one-shot matches. Attention will be paid to the cup match for the first domestic title of 2023 between the four clubs representing Spain.
The first semi-final match was between Real Madrid and Valencia. Real are aiming for consecutive victories in this tournament, with a number of representative players from powerful countries such as Spain national team FW Asensio, Brazil national team FW Vinicius, and France national team midfielder Chuameni, who participated in the World Cup Qatar Tournament (hereafter referred to as the World Cup). Valencia, on the other hand, has appointed manager Gennaro Gattuso from this season. Aiming to advance to the finals centered on Uruguay
representative FW Cavani who joined in the middle of the league match. Betis and Barcelona clash in the other semi-final match. Betis has a powerful attacking team such as FW Iglesias, who scored eight goals in tie for second place in the league at the end of the 14th round of La Liga, which was suspended at the World Cup. On the other hand, Barcelona has eight players from the World Cup Spain national team, including midfielder Sergio Busquets, and La Liga is at the top of the table at the end of the 14th round. However, the UEFA Champions League has been eliminated in the group stage, and they are aiming for the crown in this tournament. Which team will grab the first title of the season and start 2023 in the best form? ?
-Broadcast schedule-
・Semifinal “Real Madrid vs Valencia” January 12 (Thursday) 3:45 a.m. [WOWOW Live]
・Semi-final “Betis vs Barcelona” January 13 (Friday) 3:45 a.m. [WOWOW Live] ・ Final January 16th (Monday) 3:15 am [WOWOW Prime]
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