WUUZY Co., Ltd. 1/25 (Wednesday) 13:00 Free webinar “The secret to growing your own EC site! ~ Customer At traction x CVR Improvement x CRM Measures” held

WUUZY Co., Ltd.
[1/25 (Wednesday) 13:00] Free webinar “Growth Secrets of Your Own EC Site! ~ Customer Attraction x CVR Improvement x CRM Measures” held -For EC business owners aiming for annual sales of 1 billion yen or more-
WUUZY Co., Ltd. (Uzi, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Seiya Takenaka, hereinafter WUUZY), which operates “EC Pro”, is a free webinar “The secret to growing your own EC site! ~ Attracting customers x CVR improvement x We would like to inform you that the CRM measure will be held on January 25th (Wednesday) at 13:00.
This webinar will be co-sponsored by Ingliwood Co., Ltd., which prides itself on being the “strongest group that sells products,” and will discuss “customer attraction, CVR improvement, and CRM measures” that are essential for the growth of your own EC site. Based on actual success and failure cases, it is recommended not only for know-how that can be immediately put into practice as field knowledge, but also for those who want to input the latest EC industry trends and service trends. Even if it is difficult to watch on the day, you can also watch the archive by applying from this page before the event. You can watch it completely free of charge, so if you are a business owner who wants to increase sales on your own EC site, please feel free to apply.
Application URL: https://share.hsforms.com/1ZDmQ3iS9TMKPS8qSNOQMLQ4zrjy [Image 1

speaker profile
[Part 1 13:00~13:30]
Ingliwood Co., Ltd. Executive Officer Ryuji Umebara
[Image 2

Executive Officer, Ingliwood Co., Ltd. (current position)
Engaged in SEO attracting customers on websites that collect billions of PV such as CyberAgent and DeNA.
From 2021, he will be an executive officer of Ingliwood Co., Ltd. Below is a list of career achievements to date.
●CyberAgent, Inc.
Responsible for many websites such as human resource service sites and real estate media
● DeNA Co., Ltd.
Leading a media group with a total of over 100 million PV, centered on attracting SEO customers
●Medical Note Co., Ltd.
In the company’s media, attracting customers mainly through SEO. 2019 All Japan Domain Services
It has grown into a specialized media with the largest increase in the number of users.
[Publication theme/title]
We will tell you all at once about attracting customers, improving CVR, and CRM measures for the growth of your own EC site.
[Outline of the contents of the presentation]
I will share my know-how based on my experience and the latest trends. While the CPA of advertising is rising day by day, it is indispensable for the future EC business, such as measures necessary to build a solid foundation for attracting new customers with SEO measures and points to be careful to improve CVR of the EC site. I will share my know-how with examples.
[Part 2 13:30~14:00]
EC Pro (WUUZY Co., Ltd.) Representative Director and CEO Seiya Takenaka [Image 3

Serial Entrepreneur / Representative Director of aedi works Co., Ltd. / (Former) Employee of Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, University of Tokyo
Established aedi works Co., Ltd. when he was a student. In 2019, he became a staff member at the University of Tokyo Graduate School AI Laboratory. In order to efficiently circulate the knowledge possessed by professional human resources, he founded WUUZY Co., Ltd. and entered the HR industry. WUUZY operates a multi-business matching service “EC Professional” that registers more than 1,000 people with EC experience alone.
[Publication theme/title]
[For managers] Prioritization for EC growth-If you aim to increase sales, you should strengthen this department! ~
Publicize success stories!
[Outline of the contents of the presentation]
First of all, sort out what kind of sections are divided in EC, and what kind of roles and KPIs will be departments that have a large impact on sales. Which department should be strengthened? I will touch on these points. We will classify characters into characters that can be recruited and characters that are difficult to adopt, and tell you how to think about how to form an organization efficiently.
Seminar overview
Date: 2023/1/25 (Wednesday) 13:00-14:15
Title: Growth secret of our own EC site! -A free webinar where you can learn from customer attraction x CVR improvement x CRM measures- Viewing method: Online distribution via Zoom (We will inform you of the viewing URL separately by the day before the event.)
Cost: Completely free
-Recommended for people like this-
・E-commerce business owners who are considering the next move for growth because the sales of their own e-commerce site have plateaued. ・E-commerce business owners who want to know the success/failure cases of other companies and prepare for the success of their own e-commerce ・People who want to create an advertising strategy that is calculated backwards from LTV because the cost-effectiveness of attracting customers has deteriorated
・ Those who want to learn from the perspective of total optimization of customer attraction, CVR, and CRM as an EC manager / brand manager ・Those who want to learn how to strengthen organizational strength and utilize multi-skilled human resources for the growth of the EC business
Application URL: https://share.hsforms.com/1ZDmQ3iS9TMKPS8qSNOQMLQ4zrjy What is an EC professional?
More than 1,500 EC professional registrants are subdivided into more than 85 types of skill tags, and their achievements and strengths are visualized. This is a service that allows you to select and accompany EC specialists, who cannot be found in the recruitment market, for each business phase and for each product handled.
[Image 4d75004-15-bd0489f8962c36f2a297-3.png&s3=75004-15-c3f7d6b9896e443536990b2234031a69-1200x630.png
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