xID The number of local governments applying for a free trial of the mail DX service “SmartPOST” using xID and My Number cards exceeded 200 local governments

The number of local governments applying for a free trial of the mail DX service “SmartPOST” using xID and My Number cards exceeded 200 local governments
Commenced compatibility with the general administrative network “LGWAN” and streamlined office operations in mail DX

“SmartPOST” of xID Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hikaru Kusaka, hereinafter referred to as xID), a Govtech company that provides “xID (Cross ID)”, a digital ID solution specializing in My Number cards, will be launched in 2022. As of December 22, we are pleased to inform you that the number of municipalities that have applied for a free trial has exceeded 200 municipalities.
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“SmartPOST” provided by xID accepts the first free trial (recruitment period: from April 1 to July 31, 2022, up to 100 municipalities), and as of July, more than 100 municipalities I received an application from Due to its popularity, we started accepting applications for the second free trial (recruitment period: August 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023*), and as of December 22, 2022, the first We received
applications from more than 200 municipalities in total.
*Related press release…The number of free trial municipalities for “SmartPOST”, a service that digitally completes resident notifications in cooperation with My Number cards, has exceeded 150
URL: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000057.000037505.html [Image 2d37505-75-52aac13e8989c46c04ed-1.png&s3=37505-75-66f953d9a4d5c59c4241cf7af6a365d5-1280x720.png
In addition, “SmartPOST” has started to support the local government’s network environment “General Administrative Network (LGWAN)” (*). Local government employees can use the service with high convenience in a highly secure internet environment. “SmartPOST” continues to expand various functions that support mail DX.
In developing “SmartPOST”, we have been working with local government officials to consider use cases such as inventory of mailing operations so that it can be used in local government operations. In the future, we will extract issues and improvement plans when “SmartPOST” is actually used, work to further improve quality and functionality, and realize mail DX through public-private co-creation. *LGWAN…General Government Network (LGWAN) is a network dedicated to administration that interconnects local governments. Reference: J-LIS Comprehensive Administrative Network
Local government case using SmartPOST
As the first initiative using “SmartPOST”, we are conducting a “digital support campaign” in Omaezaki City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where cashless points are given to citizens who apply electronically using their My Number card and smartphone. By using “SmartPOST”, we have realized a system that can be completed digitally not only from citizens’ applications but also from the city to the sending of lottery result notifications.
Achievements of “SmartPOST” in Omaezaki City
Residents will electronically apply to participate in this campaign using the digital ID “xID app” that can be linked with their My Number card. As for the result of the campaign, the city staff will use “SmartPOST” to send a message to the residents with the result notification and the gift number. Citizens can get cashless points by using gift numbers.
The application period for the campaign has ended, and 5,101 citizens (16% of the population of Omaezaki City (*1), 30% of the number of My Number cards issued (*2)) have applied.
*1…31,818 (as of January 2022)
*2…16,784 sheets (as of November 2022)
In January 2023, we plan to have city officials use “LGWAN” compatible “SmartPOST” and send messages to residents with result notifications and gift numbers.
Click here for details on the Omaezaki City Digital Support Campaign: https://omaezaki-digital.smartpost.jp/
Utilization of “SmartPOST” for childbirth and childcare support subsidies Currently, I think that local governments across the country are considering methods such as contacting expectant and nursing mothers, providing benefits, and conducting questionnaires regarding the “subsidy for childbirth and childcare support” project. By utilizing the point payment scheme that utilizes “SmartPOST” in Omaezaki City, we believe that it will be possible to digitize the interaction with residents in the project, reducing the administrative burden on staff and improving convenience for residents.
When combined with giftee’s digital gift, which is linked with xID, it is possible to quickly and digitally specify gifts related to childbirth and child-rearing, and pay with easy-to-use cashless points.
Click here for SmartPOST utilization materials specializing in “childbirth and childcare support grants”:
* Downloading materials is only for local government employees. Click here to download “SmartPOST” materials
In addition to the functions of “SmartPOST”, the document also includes an introduction to the examination process, which
notifications are effective at the moment, and usage scenarios. SmartPOST aims to digitize all notifications.
Detailed information on “SmartPOST” can be downloaded from the form below. Material download form: https://forms.gle/gSWvirwSehWs2E74A
* Downloading materials is only for local government employees. Click here for “SmartPOST” free trial application
xID continues to solicit local governments for free trial use. Contact form: https://xid.inc/contact-us
Contact: info@xid.inc
What is SmartPOST
“SmartPOST” is a mail DX service for local governments that is linked with the digital ID “xID app”. Local governments will be able to send paper and digital mail separately without making any major changes to their existing mailing workflow, which will also lead to a reduction in mailing costs. In addition, electronic administration services such as electronic applications and facility reservations can be reliably guided to residents using “SmartPOST”, and communication with residents can be digitized all at once. Residents can receive information from the local government on their smartphones, improving the convenience of viewing, storing, and managing. In addition, since it uses the xID app linked to the My Number Card, it is also possible to receive customized information that only you need.
For more information on SmartPOST, please visit the URL below. https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000065.000037505.html
About xID Inc.
With the mission of “realizing a digital society with low credit costs”, xID is a Govtech company that creates next-generation business models with partners, centering on the digital ID solution “xID” specializing in My Number cards. . As a neutral digital ID solution that is trusted by both the public and private sectors, it facilitates “reliable data utilization” that transcends barriers between companies and between the public and private sectors, which was previously impossible, and contributes to economic development and the resolution of social issues. We will realize Society 5.0, a human-centered society that balances
xID Corporate Site: https://xid.inc
xID Media “Digital Society for Everyone”: https://media.xid.inc/ About the xID app
“xID” is a digital ID application that allows you to more easily confirm your identity, authenticate your identity, and electronic signature by linking with your My Number card. At the time of initial registration, the electronic certificate for signature on the My Number card is read with NFC on the smartphone, and an ID is generated by verifying the identity. After that, by performing electronic authentication and electronic signature using “xID”, it is possible to complete identity verification and administrative procedures online when starting to use financial services.
Service site: https://x-id.me/
“xID” creation procedure introduction video: https://youtu.be/mYx8FQ6WLgY

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