“y.u mobile” From January 16th, “Free campaign for all plans for up to 4 months” will be implemented by switching from other companies

Y.U-mobile Co., Ltd.
“y.u mobile” From January 16th, “Free campaign for all plans for up to 4 months” will be implemented by switching from other companies
Y.U-mobile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Rei Kasejima, hereinafter “our company”) will start the MVNO service “y.u mobile” provided by our company from September 1, 2022
(Thursday). We have expanded the conditions for applying the campaign for switching from designated carriers, and for customers who have switched from other companies (all mobile phone companies), “Monthly basic charge for all plans for up to 4 months Free campaign” will be newly implemented from January 16, 2023 (Monday).
■ “All plans up to 4 months free campaign”
The “All Plans Up to 4 Months Free Campaign”, which started on September 1, 2022, has been very well received and has received many comments. In response to feedback from our customers, from January 16th, we will change the applicable conditions to “no matter where you transfer from”, and the monthly basic charge for the four months including the opening month will be free. Up to 2 months free for new subscribers.
If you are thinking about reviewing your mobile phone charges, or are confused or anxious about switching, please take this opportunity to consider y.u mobile. At Yamada Denki stores, the staff will carefully explain face-to-face.
In addition, we have prepared a special campaign that is limited to over-the-counter applications, so if you are worried about applying online, please stop by your nearest Yamada Denki*.
* Please check here (https://www.yumobile.jp/store) for stores where you can apply at the store.
Official website (URL: https://yumobile.jp)
-Campaign overview-
Reception period: January 16, 2023 (Monday) 12:00-end date undecided ● Benefit 1.: Monthly basic charge for all plans (plan basic charge + SIM basic charge) is free for up to 2 months (opening month and next month)
Privilege 2.: When transferring from another company (MNP transfer), monthly basic fee (plan basic fee + SIM basic fee) is free for an additional 2 months (up to 4 months) in addition to campaign privilege 1.
Benefit 3.: If you apply for single U-NEXT or share U-NEXT, you will receive U-NEXT points (1,200 points) at the time of opening. ●Target:
・ Benefit 1.3.: Those who applied for y.u mobile from the official website during the campaign period
・Benefit 2: Those who switched to y.u mobile from other companies (all mobile phone companies) during the campaign period
The contents of this campaign are subject to change or end without notice at our discretion.
・For applications by the same contractor, the maximum number of usage contracts stipulated in the terms is the upper limit. If the upper limit is exceeded, the campaign application will be excluded. ・After the free period of the monthly basic charge ends, the monthly basic charge will be automatically charged unless the customer cancels the service.
・If you apply for “Single U-NEXT” or “Share U-NEXT” of this service with “U-NEXT ID” during the “U-NEXT Free Trial” period provided by U-NEXT Co., Ltd. , The “U-NEXT Free Trial” will end when this service opens.
・During the monthly basic charge free period due to campaign benefits, U-NEXT points that can be earned monthly with “Single U-NEXT” or “Share U-NEXT” will not be granted.
・Additional SIM contract for “Share U-NEXT” is not applicable. ・Cannot be combined with other campaigns.


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