Yahoo Japan Corporation Started pre-receipt service for sales proceeds for Yahoo! Shopping stores

Yahoo Japan Corporation
Started pre-receipt service for sales proceeds for Yahoo! Shopping stores ~ 2 steps of “input amount” and “application”, the procedure is completed in about 1 minute, and the shortest same day payment. Supporting store management by providing an easy financing method ~
Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereafter, Yahoo! JAPAN) will start today a service (hereafter, this service) that allows you to receive sales proceeds in advance for Yahoo! Shopping stores. Initially, we will start offering it from some stores (* 1), and aim to expand to all stores in the future.
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This service allows users to receive future sales from Yahoo! Shopping stores before sales occur (*2). Yahoo! JAPAN decided to offer this service based on certain requests for “cash flow” and “inventory expansion” in a survey conducted for Yahoo! Shopping stores in the past. When applying, there is no need to prepare or review documents, and the shortest same-day payment can be made in two steps (about 1 minute) from “inputting the amount to be received” to “applying”, so inventory procurement during sales promotions and settlement processing during busy periods. , can be used easily when funds are needed immediately.
*1: Selected based on the past sales of the store.
*2: A method called “future receivable factoring” that sells future receivables in advance and monetizes them.
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In the settlement method, a certain percentage is automatically deducted from the monthly sales, and the total amount of the received funds + fees is settled. In this way, unlike other financial products that repay a fixed amount each month, the method of settlement is to settle a certain percentage of the monthly sales. . In addition, even during the settlement period, you can apply for additional usage up to the set receiving limit.
Please note that Yahoo! JAPAN will set the receiving limit, commission rate, and settlement rate for each store based on data such as sales performance on Yahoo! Shopping.
Yahoo! JAPAN, whose mission is to “Make Japan more convenient with the power of information technology,” supports store operations to revitalize Yahoo! We will make the experience a reality.
■Terms and Conditions for “Pre-receipt of Sales Proceeds Service” ・ Eligibility: Stores that have received an invitation to use this service ・ Use of funds: Not specified
・Amount that can be received in advance: From 1,000 yen *The maximum amount that can be received is set by Yahoo! JAPAN for each store ・Required Documents: None
■ Flow from application to payment
1. Access the application page and enter the required amount 2. Confirm the terms and conditions and complete the application 3. Settlement of monthly sales on Yahoo! Shopping based on the percentage specified at the time of application
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