Yahoo Japan Corporation Yahoo! News App Launches “Highlight Feature” for Marking Points of Interest in Articles

Yahoo Japan Corporation
Yahoo! News app launches “highlight function” that allows you to mark points of interest in articles
-Aiming to provide an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the news by displaying “Featured Highlights” that show the points highlighted by the most people in the article- Japan’s largest Internet news distribution service “Yahoo! News” application (iOS version) operated by Yahoo! (*)
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On Yahoo! News, users can use Yahoo! We are making various efforts to convey news in an easy-to-understand manner and promote understanding. We also aim to provide users with a chance to deepen their
understanding of news with the “highlight function” that we have just launched.
The “highlight function” is a function that allows you to mark points of interest in a newspaper article or book with a marker, even in the text of the article on “Yahoo! News”. The target of highlighting is each paragraph, and you can highlight multiple paragraphs for one article. In addition, ON / OFF of the function can be set freely. Also, if multiple users highlight the same point, the number of people who have highlighted it will be displayed. The point with the most highlights in the article is displayed as “Featured Highlights”, and it is also a feature that you can grasp the points that other users paid attention to at a glance.
-screen image-
[Image 2d98822-183-900910e224eccff43d7e-1.png&s3=98822-183-70a62a3b5f2eb868c18fbcd4ef75dbb6-1300x540.png
[Image 3d98822-183-c817afc5b2d1d4ae8017-2.png&s3=98822-183-73b2105b7de9ef028e8778f8d73103b7-1300x540.png
[Image 4d98822-183-5e17cdbdea154eadcdc3-3.png&s3=98822-183-de42963defef51e767aebc1b7a21f5d2-1300x518.png
Yahoo! JAPAN, whose mission is to make Japan more convenient with the power of information technology, will continue to deliver
easy-to-understand news to users through Yahoo! We will provide functions and content that cannot be done.
* “Highlight function” can be used by updating to the latest version of the app. In addition, some articles are not covered by the function, and if the sentences in the article are corrected or deleted, the highlights may be deleted.

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