Yakuodo Holdings Co., Ltd. Received the Jury Award at the Sustainable Cosmetics Awards 2022

Yakuodo Holdings Co., Ltd.
Received Jury Prize at Sustainable Cosmetics Awards 2022
and OHU Moisture Lotion IW ~Skincare born in the Tohoku region born from eco-friendly manufacturing~

Yakuodo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yakuodo), a subsidiary of our group that operates 381 drugstores in six prefectures in Tohoku, has a new vision of “designing global health from Tohoku”. We are pleased to announce that “and OHU Moisture Lotion IW”, which is jointly developed and sold with Fermen Station Co., Ltd., has won the “Judges Award Carbon Neutral Category” at the Sustainable Cosmetics Awards 2022.
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What is the Sustainable Cosmetics Award?
Gently use cosmetics with praise and support
This is an award that recognizes “cosmetics that are friendly to people and the earth” sponsored by the activist team MOTHER EARTH, who is also an ambassador of Mori Satokawa Kai of the Ministry of the Environment. Based on the evaluation criteria based on the SDGs perspective formulated with the cooperation of the Eco Mark
Secretariat of the Japan Environment Association, all processes such as raw material production, manufacturing, sales, distribution, consumption and disposal including ingredients We will promote the sustainability of cosmetics by evaluating, judging, and commending products throughout their life cycle, including
Message from Ms. Akiko Kishi, Head of the Jury
This award is a festival where like-minded friends cheer each other up. We hope that you will praise each other’s good points and make it a place for self-improvement. The judges and the secretariat are willing to seize various opportunities to support such efforts, which play a role in promoting a cyclical and symbiotic society, to as many people as possible.
Jury Prize (Carbon Neutral Category)
We commend the enthusiastic attitude toward global warming
countermeasures and activities toward the realization of a
decarbonized society in manufacturing sites, sales and distribution. ◆ “and OHU” skin care series results
It has been supported not only by customers in Tohoku, but also by people from all over the country through the use of EC sites, and the cumulative sales have exceeded 10,000 in just one year from the start of sales in December 2021. Currently, more than 3,500 customers are using it, and more than 900 of them are repeat purchases. *As of January 2023
About Yakuodo’s efforts
With the mission of turning social issues into business opportunities, we are taking on the challenge of achieving SDGs that only Yakuodo can do.
Now that SDGs have become commonplace nationwide, not only companies but also individual people’s awareness and daily efforts are required to change the way society is.
Because Yakuodo operates 381 drugstores, we believe that it can be a place to provide awareness of the SDGs that permeates people’s lives. Products and experiences with various contexts, such as skin care “and OHU” series using unused resources in Tohoku, sales of substitute meat, product development with welfare experiment unit of writers with intellectual disabilities, etc. We would like to contribute to solving social issues by providing information.
◆ Thoughts of “and OHU”
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“and OHU” is a collaboration between Yakuodo Holdings Group and Fermen Station Co., Ltd., a research and development startup that has a laboratory in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture and builds a society that recycles and circulates unused resources with its own fermentation technology. Jointly developed skin care that is gentle on the skin and the environment by up-cycling unused resources such as natural materials and by-products from Tohoku.
Using materials that can be seen by the creators of the Tohoku region, we extract raw materials rich in functionality with the kindness derived from fermentation. It was born from environmentally friendly manufacturing, such as efforts to use fermented lees from the production process without waste.
A local circle that connects the six prefectures of Tohoku with their passion for the environment. Through and OHU, Yakuodo would like to expand initiatives that support local communities and allow them to easily participate in the SDGs.
About the and OHU series
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■ Hand cream (NEW)
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Light and comfortable to wear, it locks in moisture for supple hands. The plant-derived gentleness and fragrance, and the comfort that blends in easily, can be used in a variety of everyday situations. Experience the rich moisturizing power of plant oils such as fermented extracts*1 made from organic rice, rapeseed*2, barnyard millet*3, and sunflower*4. Formulated with apple pomace ethanol*5 born from circulation.
Commitment to products: Contains 84% ​​plant-derived ingredients *1 (Aspergillus / Saccharomyces) / Fermented rice extract liquid (moisturizer) *2 Rapeseed oil (emollient)
*3 Hienuka oil (emollient) *4 Sunflower seed oil (emollient) *5 Ethanol (texture improver, astringent)
Volume: 50g / Price: 700 yen (770 yen including tax)
■ Body milk (NEW)
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Formulated with organic rice-derived fermented extract*1 and plant oils such as rapeseed*2, barnyard millet*3, and sunflower*4. It suppresses stickiness, spreads well, and quickly adapts to the whole body. It protects dry skin, which tends to dry out, and creates smooth, moist skin that you will want to touch forever. Enjoy the scent of kuromoji and citrus that comfortably wraps your whole body. Formulated with apple pomace ethanol*5 born from circulation. Commitment to products: Contains 95% plant-derived ingredients *1 (Aspergillus / Saccharomyces) / Fermented rice extract liquid (moisturizer) *2 Rapeseed oil (emollient)
*3 Hinuka oil (emollient) *4 Sunflower seed oil (emollient) *5 Ethanol (texture improver, astringent)
Capacity: 450mL / Price: 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax) ■ Body soap (NEW)
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The body soap, which is characterized by its smooth foam that envelops you, is full of botanical blessings such as fermented extract*1 derived from organic rice, rapeseed*2, barnyard millet*3, and sunflower*4. It washes gently and cleanly, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized.
Commitment to products: Contains 98% plant-derived ingredients *1 (Aspergillus / Saccharomyces) / Fermented rice extract liquid (moisturizer) *2 Rapeseed oil (emollient)
*3 Hienuka oil (emollient) *4 Sunflower seed oil (emollient) Capacity: 500mL / Price: 1,400 yen (1,540 yen including tax)

■ Cleansing oil
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Contains more than 10 carefully selected plant oils such as barnyard millet, sunflower, and rapeseed.
Gently removes dirt while preserving moisture.
Capacity: 120ml
Price: 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)

■ Face wash
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The rich foam will make your daily face wash comfortable.
Fermented ingredients derived from rice and plant extracts gently wash your skin while caring for it.
*Contains 95% plant-derived ingredients
Capacity: 100g
Price: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax)
■Moisture lotion
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Based on Kurikoma natural water, plenty of fermented extracts derived from pearl barley, cherry blossom leaves, and rice are blended. It feels good on the skin and has excellent moisturizing power. *Contains 95% plant-derived ingredients
Capacity: 120ml
Price: 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax)
■Moisture milk
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Take care of yourself in one step. It’s fresh and light to wear, and it leads to a smooth bare skin in no time. Fermented extract derived from rice and vegetable oil are tightly condensed.
*Contains 95% plant-derived ingredients
Capacity: 50g
Price: 1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax)
■ Lip
[Image 12d90658-46-d36d84c1c489536f5e1b-3.png&s3=90658-46-51f5a77a9487b12ef7205e850da60b91-1200x2200.png
A highly moisturizing lip product packed with organic rice, millet, sunflower, rapeseed, and other extracts and oils. It is smooth to use and protects from dryness.
*Contains 97% plant-derived ingredients
*Fragrance free
Capacity: 4g
Price: 600 yen (660 yen including tax)
◆and OHU About sales handling
■Available stores: All Yakuodo stores
■Available stores: Mother’s House Daasuko (on the premises of JA Iwate Hanamaki Main Store)
■ EC site URL: https://andohu.com/
           ※For EC sales, a separate shipping fee of 500 yen is required in addition to the product price.
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EC site QR code
◆ About Fermen Station
Fermenstation is a research and development startup that builds a society that recycles and circulates unused resources with the purpose of “Fermenting a Renewable Society”. We have a research and
development base and our own factory (Oshu Lab) in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, where we develop and manufacture food loss/waste and other unused biomass-derived ethanol and sustainable cosmetic raw materials using our unique fermentation and distillation technology. In addition to the raw material business that manufactures and sells these upcycled raw materials as raw materials for cosmetics and daily necessities and as intermediate raw materials for other industrial materials such as bioplastics, we also carry out organic cosmetics business under our own brand, cosmetics that we undertake consistently from raw material proposals to product development.・We are engaged in ODM/OEM business such as lifestyle products. In addition, by utilizing and upcycling various unused resources such as by-products and food residue generated in the manufacturing process of food and beverage factories, we will co-create business development with large companies to create new high value-added products. We are working through The fermented lees produced in the ethanol manufacturing process are used as raw materials for cosmetics and feed for local chickens and cows, while poultry manure is used as fertilizer for paddy fields and fields. We are also working to create a recycling-oriented society. We have also acquired the B Corp certification, an international system that certifies companies that practice business activities that generate multifaceted and comprehensive benefits for local
communities, the environment, customers, and employees.
Company name: Fermen Station Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Rina Sakai
Location: 2-20-2 Higashikomagata, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0005
Established: July 7, 2009
Business description: Ethanol and waste derived from food loss/waste and other unused biomass
               Business co-creation utilizing unused resources, in-house organic brand business
Company website: https://fermenstation.co.jp/
Online shop: http://www.fermenstation.jp/
Introduction of jointly developed products:

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