Yamachi Corporation First arrival in 2023 DIY painting wall material Nouveau has arrived in Japan. Recommended colors that match the trend colors announced by Pantone are airlifted from the Nordic Republic of Latvia

Yamachi United
[First arrival in 2023] DIY painting wall material Nouveau has arrived in Japan. Recommended colors that match the trend colors announced by Pantone are airlifted from the Nordic Republic of Latvia
The long-awaited first arrival of construction materials imported directly from Europe this year. A lineup that is easy to match with trend colors as standard colors has arrived in Japan.

Yamachi United | MYKE, a building material brand developed by Yamachi Corporation Construction Materials Division (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Representative Director Akio Yamaji)
https://www.yyy-yamachi.com/myke/ is a DIY In early 2023, we will be importing the popular interior materials that can be painted over from overseas. The DIY market is showing increasing demand due to the corona vortex, and we judge that it will be the main axis of sales this year.
Yamachi Corporation, which handles domestic and foreign imported materials based in Hokkaido, has been handling imported materials in Japan for about 30 years. MYKE brand materials, which started in 2020, mainly include exterior wall materials made in the United States and overseas materials such as the Nordic Republic of Latvia, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. In addition to the corona crisis, due to difficulties in transportation due to the global situation and the depreciation of the yen, sales fell significantly short of the plan and performance did not improve. In particular, interior material silk plaster, which used to be a BtoB material, has secured a standing position in material distribution in the DIY market, contrary to expectations.
The 2023 first import goods were selected with the 2023 trend color “Viva Magenta” in mind.
[Image 1

The 2023 version of the popular color “Color of the Year” announced every year by Pantone in the United States is “crimson”.
“Viva Magenta” is a vibrant, deep red color. Pantone believes that using this color in your interiors will add excitement, drama and dynamic vitality to your space.
Yamachi Corporation is conscious of this trend color and chooses colors that are easy to coordinate.
We recommend white interiors this year, such as pale gray tones and pastels. *The color in the photo is Versailles Series #V105 Queen’s Tiara What silk plaster to match with “Viva Magenta”?
[Image 2

1 | As an accent, to incorporate and show a modern impression Silk plaster art design #238 Rainy gray
2 | Create a shading interior with a similar color that goes well with vivid magenta.
Silk plaster art design series #295 bitter pink
Liquid Wall Paper | What is Silk Plaster?
This liquid wall paper is directly imported from Latvia by Yamachi Corporation. We are developing two series, the “Art Design Series” and the “Versailles Series”, which can create a different space with a unique texture and texture. It is an easy DIY product that you just need to mix tap water with a fluffy material that looks like loosened felt and paint it on the wall.
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The wallpaper and interior material “Silk Plaster” to be painted was originally sold to construction companies and professionals, but due to the expansion of the DIY market due to the increase in time spent at home due to the corona crisis, there was a flood of offers from general customers. With the corona vortex, parents and children have a lot of time at home, and we are establishing a market for
“communication DIY”.
Mall EC shop currently on sale [Rakuten Market]
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZya6zb-ko4]

Company Profile
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[Company] Yamachi Corporation
[Location] Kita 1-jo Sanchi Building, 1-17 Kita 1-jo Nishi 10-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
[Sales office] YOU Building 8F, 1-5-7 Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo [Phone number] 011-261-9911 (Public Relations Mishina/Watanabe) [Representative] Representative Director Akio Yamaji
[Official website] https://www.yyy-yamachi.com/myke
[Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/myke.kenzai/
[Instagram] https://www.instagram.com/i_am_myke/
[Business description] Wholesale and manufacturing of building materials

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