Yamagishi Takezai Co., Ltd. 5% off the regular price! Nekopos free shipping regular purchase “Toratake no Sato Bamboo Charcoal Supplement” is now available!

Yamagishi Takezai Co., Ltd.
5% OFF from regular price! Nekopos free shipping regular purchase “Toratake no Sato Bamboo Charcoal Supplement” is now available!
At the tiger spotted bamboo specialty store Taketora head office, regular purchases of bamboo charcoal washing water, bamboo vinegar liquid, and bamboo charcoal soap, which are 5% off the regular price and delivered with free shipping by Nekopos, are regularly offered. Joined as a purchase.
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Bamboo charcoal supplement 1 tablet 285mg x 60 tablets
Our bamboo charcoal supplement is a popular product in capsule form to make our popular bamboo charcoal powder even easier to drink. Contains 15 micron top-grade bamboo charcoal powder made from domestic moso bamboo baked in a high-temperature clay kiln and fine bamboo powder (indigestible dietary fiber) cut with a patented bamboo powder manufacturing device. There are 60 tablets, so 2 tablets a day will last for 1 month.
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Bamboo charcoal has many invisible pores. The surface area of ​​1 gram of bamboo charcoal is 3 to 5 times that of Bincho charcoal! It reaches about 700 square meters. In the pores of bamboo charcoal, natural minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and iron that bamboo sucks up from the ground are abundantly balanced and easily soluble in water, so you can easily replenish natural minerals. increase. [Image 4

bamboo charcoal powder
Bamboo charcoal has an adsorption effect. Eating charcoal has long been considered a folk remedy. Therefore, it is said that bamboo charcoal can be expected to improve the intestinal environment, improve constipation, and detoxify.
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Bamboo fine powder (indigestible dietary fiber)
The fine bamboo powder used to further enhance the effect of the bamboo charcoal powder is made from light bamboo. It is cut with a patented bamboo powder manufacturing device, and has a fineness of about 60 microns and a smooth texture, and more than 90% is
indigestible dietary fiber (80 times that of lettuce). In addition, since it is processed at room temperature, it contains well-balanced vitamins and amino acids that are sensitive to heat without being destroyed, and lactic acid bacteria derived from bamboo live in the honeycomb structure.
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The high-quality domestic moso bamboo used as a raw material does not use any chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc. from bamboo shoots to parent bamboo growth to logging. In order to deliver safe and secure bamboo charcoal to everyone, we are particular about domestic, made in Japan, and pesticide-free bamboo.
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Supplements made with discerning bamboo charcoal are 5% cheaper than the regular price and will be delivered with free Nekoposu shipping, so why not try incorporating them into your daily diet?
-Sales start from Monday, January 16, 2023-
[Regular purchase] 5% off regular price
I send it by cat POS free shipping
Tiger Bamboo Village Bamboo Charcoal Supplement
At the normal purchase price of 2,484 yen (tax included)
Regular purchase special price 2,359 yen (tax included)
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Free shipping [Delivered by cat POS]
60 tablets for 30 days
Up to 3 pieces per order
Moso bamboo from Shikoku is baked in a high-temperature clay kiln. For the finest bamboo charcoal powder
Further power up with patented bamboo powder
Portable and easy to use every day
Tiger Bamboo Village Bamboo Charcoal Supplement
Sales price 2,484 yen (tax included)
■ Taketora Yamagishi Takezai Co., Ltd. Overview
Company name: Taketora Yamagishi Takezai Co., Ltd.
Location: 913-1 Awa, Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture (head office/main store) Representative Director: Yoshihiro Yamagishi
Founded: 1894 (Meiji 27)
Capital: 10 million yen
Description of business: Various bamboo crafts, including the special product Torafutake
Manufacture, wholesale, and sale of bamboo products, bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar, etc.
URL: https://www.taketora.co.jp/
* Kochi Family Health Management Award 2021
*FY2020 Furusato-zukuri Grand Prize, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award
*The 7th Ministry of the Environment Good Life Award Environmental Regional Branding Award
*The 33rd Kochi Prefecture Local Industry Grand Prize Kochi Prefecture Local Industry Incentive Award
■ Inquiries regarding this press release
Taketora Yamagishi Bamboo Store Co., Ltd. Taketora 4th Generation (Yoshihiro Yamagishi)
E-mail: info@taketora.co.jp
– Head Office – Taketora Co., Ltd. Yamagishi Bamboo Store
913-1 Awa, Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture 785-0024
TEL 0889-42-3201 FAX 0889-42-3283 (business hours 9:00-17:30) Details about this release:



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