Yamaguchi Sangyo, a general manufacturer of membrane structures Upcycle discarded membrane materials into bags. Towards the future we should aim for by building a sustainable membrane industry in the age of SDGs.

Upcycle discarded membrane materials into bags. Towards the future we should aim for by building a sustainable membrane industry in the age of SDGs.
We are promoting upcycling initiatives that bring new value to membrane scraps that were previously discarded by a membrane structure construction manufacturer and a stationery and miscellaneous goods manufacturer.

Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taku City, Saga Prefecture; Representative Director: Atsuki ), a general manufacturer of membrane structures such as tent warehouses and sports facilities, is a stationery and miscellaneous goods that develops highly designed products centered on notebooks. We are pleased to report that we have developed the “MEMBRANE REUSABLE BAG” jointly with the manufacturer Hightide Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Junsuke Takeno).
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At Sangyo, we combine the knowledge of different industries with the technology and experience we have cultivated over our 50-year history to solve various social issues facing Japan and the world, such as disasters, agriculture, and urban issues. We are working on a project “MEMBRANE LAB.”
[MEMBRANE LAB. Official page] https://membrane.jp/membrane-lab/ [MEMBRANE LAB. Press release]
One of the action guidelines derived from the purpose (social significance of existence) set in the project is “building a sustainable membrane industry”.
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As a first step, we aim to effectively utilize offcuts generated during the manufacturing and construction of industrial tent warehouses, etc., instead of disposing of them. Under the supervision of HIGHTIDE, a stationery and miscellaneous goods maker that delivers original products with a focus on quality, design, and materials, we have produced a large-capacity, highly durable tote bag that can be used outdoors.

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Uses a membrane material with high durability and water repellency [Image 5

Membrane offcuts storage
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tent warehouse
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Sewing work of membrane material

The concept of “MEMBRANE REUSABLE BAG” is “simple upcycle”.
As a result of repeated discussions regarding the development of this product, we set a policy of aiming to create a sustainable system by simply pursuing usability, size, materials, and production processes, rather than sticking to shapes and decorations.
◆Development member comments
[ Sangyo Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Department Sewing Section Manager Nozomi Ogushi]
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Sangyo Production Department Sewing Section Manager Nozomu Ogushi “The material used is the cut off material of the original membrane material [SIKI62] used in our main product tent warehouse, and the handle is composed of a nylon belt used to secure warehouse curtains. doing.
What I strongly felt during the development process was the high affinity with the outdoors. The film materials used in our products are intended for use in buildings, so they are highly durable and water repellent, so they can be used outdoors.
I have been making bags using remnants for a long time, but this time I made a new awareness of upcycling and SDGs. rice field. This time, we produced it in-house under the supervision of HIGH-TIDE, but in the future, we would like to collaborate with a company that makes use of our offcuts. ”
[High Tide Co., Ltd. Sales Planning Department / Store Business Department Director Yuu Nagata]
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“Our company has been selling tarp bags made of tarpaulin material that can be used outdoors for some time. I felt that it will be absolutely necessary in the future to give new added value to this discarded membrane material.
This time, from the point of view of a manufacturer that handles products, we exchanged opinions on usability, appropriate size, etc. I myself go camping, but what is required in the actual outdoor scene is that it can be used roughly in a good way.
Sangyo’s membrane materials are highly durable materials used in factories and distribution centers, so we thought that simply pursuing their strengths and usability would lead to higher product quality.
Another thing I was conscious of was to create a production process that would allow this effort to continue without difficulty. If manufacturing companies like Sangyo work on upcycling that can be continued without difficulty, and collaboration with other industries increases, I think that from the perspective of SDGs, it will be returned to the front lines of industries like ours. ” Selling bags at the outdoor field “CO_YARD KANATAKE” aiming for a recycling park “MEMBRANE REUSABLE BAG” is sold at “CO_YARD KANATAKE”, which was born as an upcycling base/outdoor field where you can enjoy camping sites and cafes where you can stay and experience farming in “Kanatake no Sato Park”, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. increase. At CO_YARD KANATAKE, which has the concept of “upcycling satoyama” that values ​​ties between people and communities, the “CYCLE CYCLE PROJECT” is being developed to create a new relationship between satoyama and the city.
[CO_YARD KANATAKE homepage] https://coyard.jp/
*The number of “MEMBRANE REUSABLE BAG” sold at “CO_YARD KANATAKE” is limited. [Image 10d100006-4-cbb4c78d61c3b784bca9-16.jpg&s3=100006-4-51835dc26318fab4f5dcce1b25ac5b37-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 11d100006-4-2d3b004a0b52c13088c9-15.jpg&s3=100006-4-4868d85039eefde5125f316f7f4f07f0-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 12d100006-4-ec782d183f26c2b29dbf-20.jpg&s3=100006-4-9ebb433efdc8b3130c50b643b3d7ccc2-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 13d100006-4-71132f2f8a6ae22542a2-21.jpg&s3=100006-4-a5140bb7fdc922b5f62b827a7b10ccdf-2592x1728.jpg
Cafe & Shop manuastand
Providing membrane scraps/Aiming to build a sustainable membrane industry We can provide membrane scraps on the premise of upcycling.
*For details, please contact the point of contact for this matter. Sangyo will continue to research and utilize reusable materials with the aim of building a sustainable membrane industry. 《《About Industry》》
Sangyo manufactures not only industrial tent warehouses, which boast top class in the industry, but also various membrane structures for large-scale public spaces and sports facilities. We are able to provide products with high quality and short delivery times by consistently carrying out design, manufacturing, and construction in-house, and by combining our accumulated technology and experience with knowledge from other industries, we can expand the potential of membrane structures in the future. We are also trying to solve social issues through the project “MEMBRANE LAB.”
Company name: Industry Co., Ltd.
Location: 3555-120 Takucho, Taku City, Saga Prefecture
Representative: Representative Director Atsuki
TEL: 0952-74-2525
URL: https://member.jp/

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