Yamamori Co., Ltd. New release of special tropical flavors in collaboration with “Kanjukuoh” Yamamori “Kanjukuoh Banana Black Vinegar” and “Kanjukuoh Pineapple Black Vinegar”

Yamamori Co., Ltd.
Newly released special tropical flavors in collaboration with “Kanjukuoh” Yamamori “Kanjukuoh Banana Black Vinegar” and “Kanjukuoh Pineapple Black Vinegar”
Carbohydrate Control with Sugar-Free Drinking Vinegar New Release Nationwide from February 1st (Wednesday)

General food manufacturer Yamamori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture; President: Keisuke Mitsubayashi) has
collaborated with Sumifru Japan Co., Ltd. to produce a tropical-taste drinking vinegar called “Kanjukuoh Banana Black Vinegar.” King Pine Black Vinegar” will be released nationwide from February 1
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With the rise in health awareness, “drinking vinegar (vinegar drink)”, which is made by diluting vinegar with water or carbonated water or drinking it as it is, has become established in the market. In the past, our customers were mainly middle-aged and elderly women who wanted to consume vinegar, but especially in the last few years, many vinegar drinks with fruity flavors such as citrus and berries have been released, and their popularity has also increased among young women. is spreading.
Therefore, Yamamori, a general food manufacturer, has collaborated with Sumifru Japan’s “Kanjukuoh” to provide products that can enjoy the tropical taste that women like, and among them, a special flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. “Kanjukuoh Banana Black Vinegar” and “Kanjukuoh Pineapple Black Vinegar” will be released. “Kanjukuoh”, which has been loved as a pioneer of premium bananas, is a popular brand with a rich sweetness and rich aroma that boasts tremendous support from tropical fruit fans.
This product makes the most of the charm of “Kanjukuoh” to create a tropical flavor that everyone will love. You can enjoy it in a wide range of situations, such as diluting it with water or carbonated water to enjoy the refreshing sweetness and sourness, diluting it with milk as a rich dessert drink, or adding your favorite alcohol as a cocktail. .
In addition, it is a “sugar-friendly product” that does not use any sugar. You can drink it every day without
Through food, Yamamori will continue to contribute to an
“environmentally friendly, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle” and aim to create more smiles.
What is Kanjukuoh
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A premium brand sold by Sumifru Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Jun Ito), which imports and sells fresh fruits and vegetables. We are particular about carefully selected orchards, varieties, cultivation methods, aging processes, etc., and premium bananas that achieve the best taste and pineapples with an exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness are popular.
-Recommended way to drink-
“Kanjukuoh Banana Black Vinegar 500ml”
(C) Sumifru Kanjukuoh banana juice is used to create a sweet and rich flavor. It is also recommended to dilute with water, carbonated water, milk, soy milk, etc., or make syrup for ice cream or yogurt.
*4-fold dilution
☆ Dilute with water or carbonated water and enjoy the refreshing scent during break time ~
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☆ Mix it with milk for a rich banana milk-like sweets ~
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“Kanjukuoh Pineapple Black Vinegar 500ml”
(C) Sumifru’s Kanjukuoh pine juice is used to create a juicy flavor with a balance of sweetness and sourness.
You can enjoy it refreshingly with water or carbonated water, but if you mix it with coconut milk, you will instantly feel like you are in a tropical country.
*4-fold dilution
☆ Dilute with water or carbonated water and enjoy the refreshing juiciness ~ [Image 5

☆Add a tropical taste with coconut milk~
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-Product Summary-
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