Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd. conducts telework training for high school students with disabilities

Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.
Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd. conducts telework training for high school students with disabilities

Implemented jointly with D&I, which develops “Enkaku”, a telework-type employment service for people with disabilities
Accepted three second-year high school students from Osaka Prefectural Sakai Support School
Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Naoji Takahashi; hereinafter Yaruki Switch Group), a general education service business, is D&I Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Tetsuro Kobayashi, hereinafter , D&I) for 5 days from October 24th (Monday) to October 28th (Friday), 2022, Osaka Prefectural Sakai Support School (Location: Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Principal: Yuka Nishiura, hereinafter Sakai Support School ) conducted telework training for second-year high school students.
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In December 2021, the Yaruki Switch Group established a telecommuting team within the Human Resources Department. We have created an environment where employees with physical disabilities can fully demonstrate their individual abilities, and currently employees living all over the country from Hokkaido to Fukuoka are working remotely. This employment based on the premise of working from home has attracted attention, and a joint training was realized with D&I, which develops the telework-type employment service for people with disabilities “Enkaku”. At Sakai Support School, we have conducted telework training several times as a school program, but this is the first time that a company other than a special subsidiary company has conducted telework training. On the first day of the practical training, as an orientation, we confirmed the “promises during the practical training” including the “6 Promises” that we would like to cherish as employees of the Yaruki Switch Group, and explained the content of the work to be experienced and its significance. I moved on to practical experience. In the practical experience, I cut out part of the actual work related to hiring instructors, drafted emails, and researched other companies’ job offers. On the third day, a
round-table discussion was held with disabled employees of the Motivation Switch Group who work from home. I was able to get a feel for the real workplace, such as being told about the important things in telework, and the students actively asking questions.
[Points in this training]
(1) Goal setting and review at the start of work, before lunch break, and at the end of work
At the Motivation Switch Group, regardless of the presence or absence of a disability, we regularly provide opportunities for goal setting and reflection. Even during the training period, we set daily goals and reflected on them so that the students could work with an awareness of their goals. As the practical training progresses, the students’ perspectives will become higher, and we will support the students so that they can work on their own initiative, such as using the findings obtained during the practical training for improvement and ingenuity while turning the PDCA cycle on their own. Did. (2) To handle actual business
The work that the students handled during the practical training this time is part of the work that is actually being done by the
Motivational Switch Group. During the orientation, we explain what each job means so that each employee can take responsibility for their work. Some students said, “I was surprised that I was able to respond better than I expected,” and it was an opportunity to learn about the accumulation of successful experiences and their own potential, which is important to the Motivation Switch Group.
(3) Round-table discussion with people who work from home
At Yaruki Switch Group, 6 employees with disabilities are currently working remotely. By holding an online round-table discussion with students and employees who actually work from home, we learned about problems at work, how to switch to private life, important things to do at work, and the skills you need to acquire to work from home. It was a meaningful time with real voices about and students actively asking questions.
(4) Use the web conferencing tool “Zoom” and the telework management system for people with disabilities “Enkaku Cloud (*)”
We used “Zoom” for basic communication, and D&I’s “Enkaku Cloud” for task management and management of deliverables. By using different tools depending on the situation and purpose, we have realized smooth work instructions and grasp of progress.
(Voices of students who participated in practical training)
I was able to do my best while being conscious of my goals such as speed. ・I was conscious of reporting during the period. I was able to explain in detail if there was something I didn’t understand during the training.
・It was good to be able to practice with Yaruki Switch Group and D&I people. ・I would like to work on how to speak and write to convey to the other party. ・I want to be able to type quickly on the keyboard and use convenient functions of the PC.
・I wish I could practice again.
(Sakai support school teacher’s voice)
・The person in charge of the Motivation Switch Group gave me very detailed guidance and feedback, and I feel that the students and teachers were able to make new discoveries. I would like to guide them so that they can apply what they have learned in this training to their school life.
(Voice of the person in charge of the Yaruki Switch Group)
・It was not easy to pick up and follow up on manners and business stumbling blocks as a member of society online, but due to the high IT literacy that is unique to the age group, I was able to proceed smoothly on the last day. rice field.
・I learned that even high school students with no work experience can be entrusted with work depending on their ingenuity, and I was able to discover further possibilities for employment of people with disabilities.
In this practical training, we were able to have a more concrete image of teleworking at a company by having them experience the work that they actually do on a daily basis. Through the five-day practical training, each student who participated was able to realize their growth.
Last year, the Yaruki Switch Group set out a sustainability vision of “nurturing people who can realize a sustainable and prosperous society through education and contributing to the creation of a society where people can live happily”. One of the themes that we will focus on is to “utilize diverse human resources and circulate human resources between communities and society.” Going forward, we will continue to create an organization where all employees can work energetically, regardless of whether they have a disability, and we will continue to employ people with disabilities.
Yaruki Switch Group Co., Ltd.
The Motivational Switch Group provides individual tutoring school “School IE (R)”, intelligence development (intellectual education) and examination preparation infant class “Child Eyes (R)”, English and English conversation school for children “WinBe (R)”. ”, after-school childcare in English “Kids Duo (R)”, sports class for infants and elementary school students “Ninja Nine (R)”, bilingual kindergarten “Kids Duo International (KDI: Kids Duo International (R)) ” and “i Kids Star (R)” as a comprehensive educational service company that develops seven school brands. We support this. In 2020, we launched new learning services such as “Programming Education HALLO (R)”, “English Mirai Lab Nokendai” and “Thinking Lab”.
Yaruki Switch Group supports the dreams and lives of children around the world by discovering the “jewels” that each person possesses and drawing out their infinite potential. Official site URL:
Yaruki Switch Group is looking for franchise owners to support children’s learning with us. Franchise owner recruitment site URL: https://www.yarukiswitch.jp/fc/
D&I Co., Ltd. (https://d-and-i.jp)
Headquarters: 101-0054 3₋3 Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Takebashi 3₋3 Building 5F
Date of establishment: August 20, 2009
Capital: 10,000,000 yen
Representative: Representative Director Tetsuro Kobayashi
Business description: [HR solution business] Telework-type employment service for people with disabilities “Enkaku” / Satellite office-type employment service for people with disabilities “Enkaku Satellite” / Consulting for employment of people with disabilities / Paid employment placement “DI Agent” (13-Yu 306397) / Employment・Job change event “BAB Conference” / Recruitment site “BAB Navi” / Retention support service “Wakusapo” / Employment transition support project “Works”
[Education business] “Experience-based” after-school day service “Terakoya Kids” [Image 3d28894-502-238aa737c4452a5df865-1.png&s3=28894-502-f771c43154f89f72ad1ad9a517785768-358x145.png
*What is Enkaku Cloud?
Cloud system of D&I’s telework type employment service for people with disabilities “Enkaku”. A system equipped with functions necessary for telework employment of people with disabilities, such as attendance, physical condition management, business management, and communication tools.
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