Yayoi Co., Ltd. Started providing welfare services free of charge to paid subscribers of “Yayoi Online”

Yayoi Co., Ltd.
Started providing welfare services free of charge to paid subscribers of “Yayoi Online”
Small businesses can use the same welfare benefits as large companies, such as leisure facilities and life support.

Yayoi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichiro Okamoto) has started offering “Club Off for Yayoi Online” free of charge to users who are contracting for a paid plan of “Yayoi Online” provided by the company. We will let you know.

https://www.yayoi-kk.co.jp/users/cloud/cluboff/index.html *Login with a Yayoi ID is required (a Yayoi ID is also required when using by an employee)
*Employees must be invited to the business group for use. For details, please check how to use.
* Customers who have subscribed to the desktop app “Anshin Maintenance Support” can access “Yayoi Welfare Service Club Off” from here (https://www.club-off.com/yayoi/apps/top/fftop_main.cfm) “please use. ■ Conditions for using “Club Off for Yayoi Online”
Customers with paid plans for Yayoi Online (cloud app)
Target plan
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/15865/table/173_1_a3454d839b20a6c3e863a6f6d98fdcea.jpg ]
* Free trial plan, free plan, and free plan contracts are not eligible. * It can also be used by employees of companies that have signed up for a paid plan for “Yayoi Online (cloud app)”.
[About Yayoi Co., Ltd.]
Yayoi’s mission is to actively contribute to the development of Japan as a social foundation (infrastructure) that supports the businesses of small and medium-sized enterprises, sole proprietors, and entrepreneurs. To that end, we develop, provide, and support the “Yayoi Series” and “business support services” with the aim of becoming a “business concierge” that responds to all the needs that arise in the process of starting and developing a customer’s business. .
The Yayoi series, which is a representative service, has achieved the No. 1*a share of cloud accounting software usage for 7 consecutive years*a, and has achieved No. 1*b in sales for 24 consecutive years with desktop apps, and has 2.8 million registered users. exceeded. “Business support services” provide services that go beyond the scope of business software, such as start-up/opening navigation*c, financing navigation*d, tax accountant referral navigation*e, and business succession navigation*f. Since 2020, as an external activity, we have been working to realize overwhelming operational efficiency of businesses, such as leading the launch of an organization*g that is working to promote DX throughout society.
For more information on Yayoi, please visit https://www.yayoi-kk.co.jp. *a Press release dated May 31, 2022: Yayoi has won the No. 1 cloud accounting software share for sole proprietors for 7 consecutive years (https://bit.ly/3CpaL88)
*b January 17, 2023 press release: At “BCN AWARD 2023”, Yayoi’s desktop app achieved No.1 annual sales volume for 24 consecutive years (https://bit.ly/3CWE567)
*c Press release dated March 31, 2021: Start of “Startup/Opening Navi” service (https://bit.ly/3igD01Y)
*d October 29, 2021 press release: “Financing Navi” service started (https://bit.ly/3ZoWRgj)
*e Press release dated December 13, 2021: “Tax accountant introduction navigation” service started (https://bit.ly/3VQYLTI)
*f June 29, 2022 press release: “Business succession navigation” service started (https://bit.ly/3GHeVe2)
*g Two organizations that have been established. June 2020 “Social System Digitalization Study Group” (https://bit.ly/3Coaoe4), July 2020 “Digital Invoice Promotion Council” (https://bit.ly/3G9XktC)

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