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Yellow Co., Ltd. Capsule toy released in April Symbol of cuteness ♪ “Betty Boop (TM) rubber mascot” orders now open!

Yellow Co., Ltd.
[Capsule toy released in April] A symbol of cuteness ♪ “Betty Boop (TM) rubber mascot” orders now open!
Betty Boop(TM) & Yellow group first product project!

Yellow Co., Ltd. (Tokyo head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eiichiro Sakazaki), which conducts OEM business for domestic and foreign brands and companies such as planning, manufacturing and selling mainly fashion and apparel miscellaneous goods,
“Betty Boop (TM) Rubber Mascot” will be released as a capsule toy product. Born in 1930! Betty, who is a girl’s eternal admiration, has become a rubber mascot!
[Image 1d56550-558-5bb960d92909f3b9fd29-0.jpg&s3=56550-558-a0cf734446aa5e442cdc49557b2c2e4a-1920x1005.jpg
Betty has been loved for a long time, but now her popularity is reviving, especially among young women.
Great attention as a symbol of cuteness at the cutting edge of fashion! The lineup this time includes Betty, her pet dog Puzzy (TM), and her friend Bimbo (TM)!
The cute Betty mascot dressed in various fashions will lift your spirits just by wearing it.
It is a popular character that has developed many collaborations in a wide range of fields such as apparel and accessories.
[Image 2d56550-558-5b067dec136042377af2-1.jpg&s3=56550-558-9f6e6f3a9c938edd03c9421c905af7f7-1920x1005.jpg
Product Name: Betty Boop (TM) Rubber Mascot
Release date: Late April 2023
Price: 300 yen
■ Inquiries about capsule toys
Yellow Co., Ltd.
Capsule Toy Division “Yellow Group”
TEL: 03-4500-8253
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