Yellow Co., Ltd. Reusable We have started offering gift packages for novelties and various goods!

Yellow Co., Ltd.
[Reusable] We have started offering gift packages for novelties and various goods!
Recommended as a gift package for Valentine’s Day, graduation, school entrance, and joining the company! Even after opening, it can be reused as an accessory case.

Yellow Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eiichiro Sakazaki, hereinafter “our company”), which handles OEM business of domestic and foreign brands such as planning, manufacturing and sales mainly of fashion and apparel miscellaneous goods, has opened We will start introducing packages for gift products that can be reused as small items.
[Image 1

■ Wholesale price
・Clear bottle: 320 yen each *from 100
・Clear PVC pouch with drawstring bag: (Drawstring bag) ¥390 each *100 pieces ~ (PVC pouch) ¥340 each *100 pieces ~
・Can case & clear box: (can case) 400 yen each *2,500 pieces ~ (clear box) 150 yen each *1,000 pieces ~
*Each set, excluding the clear bottle, can also be ordered
individually! Please contact us for more information.
Product Summary
[Clear bottle]
[Image 2

・Size: φ6.5 x 18 cm (including handle), etc.
・Material: Polyethylene, PP
・Printing: Silk 1C (printing on the bottle only), etc.
*There are multiple types available, including the product in the image. You can change the shape of the lid to the translucent color of the bottle, etc., according to your request!
[Clear PVC pouch with drawstring bag]
[Image 3

・Size: (Body) W150 x D60 x H150mm (Pouch) W100 x H130mm
・Material: (PVC pouch) PVC, nylon, alloy (drawstring bag) cotton, polyester ・Printing: (PVC pouch) full color (drawstring bag) silk 1C
* We also accept individual orders for drawstring bags and PVC pouches. [Can Case & Clear Box]
[Image 4d56550-553-5fefb32b5b14e6033077-2.jpg&s3=56550-553-5ff086e6e42619be287c8d6fedbb6ffc-514x554.jpg
・Size: (can case) W134×D134×H83mm, etc. (clear box) conforms to the size of the can case
・Material: (can case) tin plate (clear box) PP
・Printing: (can case) uneven processing ・Full color (clear box) full color *Consultation required for changing the size of the can case. Additional orders such as uneven processing + full color coloring are also possible.
We also accept individual orders for PP cases only and can cases only. About Yellow Corporation
[Image 5d56550-553-ceaf0bcb903f5e02990a-4.png&s3=56550-553-1e8700433d1203ab23a93e56d527b338-246x49.png
Yellow Co., Ltd. is a company based in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka that can handle everything from original goods planning, production, sales promotion, to consulting, mainly for small items and apparel. We will propose novel plans, valuable original goods, and sales promotions while staying close to your needs. In addition, we are able to plan, produce, and operate by combining various methods according to the client’s issues, making use of the know-how we have cultivated. [Image 6d56550-553-d62654b50dfdd03d51b3-5.jpg&s3=56550-553-7dce24d89a427da551a0500dea17cec5-1920x1005.jpg
Last year, we started the original capsule toy business, “Yellow Group”! We will take on the challenge of the capsule toy industry, which is currently boiling hot, by making use of the abundant planning capabilities we have acquired through various projects.
In addition to PR TIMES, we are actively disseminating information about new products on official SNS!
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Corporate site:
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■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Yellow Co., Ltd. Corporate Site Inquiry Form
you can apply through phone too
TEL: 03-4500-8636 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00, excluding public holidays) ■Company Profile
Company name: Yellow Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Shibuya Dogenzaka Tokyu Building 1F, 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Eiichiro Sakazaki, Representative Director

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