Young government officials from member countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will promote exchanges in anticipation of the “Japan-Caribbean Friendship Year 2024”.

Japan International Cooperation Center
Young government officials from member countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will promote exchanges in anticipation of the “Japan-Caribbean Friendship Year 2024”.

13 people from 12 CARICOM member countries came to Japan to learn about Japan’s diplomatic stance, development cooperation, and ocean conservation efforts as part of the Juntos!! , to promote exchanges between the two regions.
The participants will stay in Tokyo and Kagoshima Prefecture for a total of eight days, deepening their understanding of Japan through lectures and cultural experiences related to Japan’s development cooperation, marine conservation activities, and school exchanges. In particular, in Kagoshima and Yoron Island, participants learned about the government’s garbage disposal business, and by experiencing garbage pick-up activities with local volunteer groups, deepened exchanges while coming into contact with the awareness and way of thinking of local residents to protect their immediate environment. increase.
Name: Juntos!! Exchange Program for Promoting Understanding of Latin America and Japan (CARICOM Group)
Theme: Strengthening exchanges in anticipation of 2024 Japan-Caribbean Exchange Year
Date: January 24 (Tue) to February 1 (Wed), 2023
Schedule (tentative):
January 24 (Tue) Arrive in Japan
Wednesday, January 25 [Orientation]
[Observation] Asakusa
[Lecture] Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Thursday, January 26 [Courtesy Call] Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Theme understanding lecture] JICA Latin America Department
[Reception] Ministry of Foreign Affairs
January 27 (Friday) [Observation] Kagoshima City
January 28 (Sat) [Interaction and exchange of opinions] Yoron Island municipality
January 29 (Sun) [Exchange/Observation] Garbage pick-up activity with the volunteer group “Haijami”, visit to Yoron Island garbage disposal facility
[Cultural experience] Dyeing with vegetable dyes, shamisen
January 30 (Mon) [Exchange] Volunteer group “Haijami” and garbage picking activities, visit to Chahana Elementary School
January 31 (Tue) [Workshop]
[Debriefing session] Reports on achievements during the visit to Japan and activity plans after returning to Japan
[Japanese culture experience] Chazen
February 1 (Wednesday) Return to Japan
Target: 13 young government officials from CARICOM member countries Areas visited: Tokyo, Kagoshima Prefecture
Language: English, Japanese
Implementation method: Face-to-face invitation
Implementing Organization: Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) [Image

[Overview of Juntos!! Program for Promoting Understanding of Japan] The “Interchange Program for Promoting Understanding of Japan” is an international exchange project promoted by the Japanese government. This is a business that invites, dispatches, or conducts online exchanges. Of these, the exchange program targeting the Latin American region is the Juntos!! Through people-to-people exchanges, we aim to promote understanding of Japan in terms of politics, economy, society, culture, history, foreign policy, etc. At the same time, we discover pro-Japanese groups and people who are well-informed about Japan. The aim is to strengthen Japan’s diplomatic base by strengthening its external communication by having it send out.
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