Yum Technology Japan Co., Ltd. Efforts for learning and training as the foundation of society! “UMU Premium Thanksgiving 2022” held

Umu Technology Japan Co., Ltd.
Make learning and development efforts the foundation of society! “UMU Premium Thanksgiving 2022” held
~ 10 companies won the “UMU Award”! MCC Management Shares UMU Use Cases ~
UMU Technology Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shuhei Matsuda, https://www.umujapan.co.jp, hereinafter referred to as UMU), which develops the online learning platform “UMU”. We are pleased to announce that we have held “UMU Premium Thanksgiving 2022” to thank the companies that have introduced UMU.
A total of 130 people participated in the event, and it was a casual place to learn from each other, including introductions of UMU use cases and content vendors, and lively question-and-answer sessions. (Photo by Ryo Fujii)
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-At the venue-
Opening remarks (video message) | UMU founder Dongshuo Li
Continuing from last year, UMU founder Dongshuo Li delivered a video message at the beginning of the event, summarizing and appreciating 2022, and stating his outlook for 2023.
UMU’s Learning Platform Wins 1st Place in ITReview’s Best Software Awards. Receiving this award is truly an honor and a great feeling. We continue to face many challenges, including post-pandemic changes, economic ups and downs, and more. In such a rapidly changing external environment, it is more urgent and important than ever to learn and respond to change, and to develop human resources through adequate training.
UMU has made great strides in integrating AI and the science of learning into its products to drive learning effectiveness, efficiency and experience. Your involvement and commitment means a lot to the L&D industry. Thank you again for your strong commitment to continuous innovation in the learning industry. (partially omitted)
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-Opening remarks|UMU founder Dongshuo Li-
UMU Award

During the event, an award will be held to recognize 10 companies that have made excellent efforts out of 20,000 UMU users. Mr. Matsuda, the representative of the company, gave a greeting and presented the winning company with a commemorative crystal.
-Awarded companies-
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-Award-winning companies-
Innovation Award | Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
Course Design Award | Tsumura Co., Ltd.
Field Education Award | Terumo Corporation
Platform Award | Matsuki Yoko Coco Kara & Company Group Company (MCC Management Co., Ltd.)
Development Award | Triumph International Japan Co., Ltd.
Capability Award|Okamoto Co., Ltd.
Motivation Award | Miki House HC Support Co., Ltd.
Agency Award | Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
* Introduce some companies
Case study|Ms. Taeko Hatsushika, Group company of Matsuki Yoko Coco Kara & Co., Ltd. (MCC Management Co., Ltd.)
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– Ms. Taeko Hatsushika, MCC Management Co., Ltd. –
 Matsumotokiyoshi Holdings Co., Ltd. and Cocokara Fine Co., Ltd. merged in October 2021 to form Matsuki Yoko Cocokara & Company. With the integration of the two companies, it was necessary to implement philosophy penetration training for all of the more than 40,000 employees. Eight months after the introduction of UMU, he shared a case study of UMU being promoted based on the human resource development policy.
-Background of introduction of UMU-
Considering the introduction of a new learning management system on the occasion of the integration. The points of consideration were as follows.
The system must be easy to understand and easy to use, and can be used by all employees in various forms of employment, exceeding 40,000. Easy centralized management of learning, including OJT and OFF-JT Experience the group slogan “Find your “!”
In addition to the above points, the decisive factor for the introduction of UMU was that it was highly compatible with human resource education policies in terms of “not only being given, but also stimulating each other and leading to the creation of a culture of self-learning.”
On April 1, when 42,000 employees were given IDs and started using UMU, the number of active accounts reached 3,600 on the first day. -Case Study-
1.Utilization of UMU at entrance ceremony
In 2022, we will welcome 600 new employees, and due to the influence of Corona, we will hold a joining ceremony and joining experience event online at two venues in Tokyo and Osaka, and will be held three times. Using the limited 2 hours that I could stay at the venue, I used UMU to create bonds with my classmates.
Search for the same group members from the name tags distributed at the venue, and create an introduction board for each group. Post a commemorative photo with the board to UMU and go to fieldwork. Identify the shops and tourist spots to visit based on the photos and hints, clear the mission, and aim for the goal point. By uploading photos taken at tourist spots to UMU, administrators can see how far G has progressed, and new employees say, “Even if you can’t actually meet, there are many sync I could feel it,” was heard.
2. Point program for philosophy penetration
Utilize a point program to have all employees, including part-time workers, understand the “Matsuki Yoko Kokara WAY” (philosophy) in a fun and playful way. By linking the continuous penetration training with the WAY quiz distributed every day, the number of active accounts exceeds 4,000 every day during the training period.
3. Participatory Program Recipe Contest
Until now, judges have only sampled and scored the recipe contests at the venue. Established a special employee award determined by employee votes.
Despite being a voluntary participant, more than 2,000 votes were received, with comments such as “This idea is amazing” and “It looks delicious. I want to try it.”
Content vendor presentation
 UMU launched its marketplace service in August 2022. This allows customers to purchase high-quality learning content from content vendors and incorporate it into their internal learning. At this event, on behalf of our partner companies, we received introductions of learning content and services provided by two content vendors. ShareWis
With the mission of “enhancing the value of knowledge”, we provide services of “WisdomBase” and “ShareWis”.
BtoC learning service for adults. At the moment, we offer over 1500 rich contents in 15 categories such as programming and business skills. There is an online learning platform where you can learn with a snack course that you can learn quickly with a short 90-second video, and a professional course for those who want to improve their skills in earnest. In the corona wreck, content such as “how to maintain motivation and motivation in the corona wreck” was popular. Entrepreneur Factory (Enfac)
Entrepreneur Factory (Enfac), which plans, produces, and operates video learning content for corporate education and entrepreneurship education. We also offer programs to universities. It features micro-learning content that covers short points of about 5 to 10 minutes each, such as “work road” for new employees incorporating animation and “enfac compliance” with expert commentary. In addition, it is possible to consult about contracting and training related to “video x education” such as video production, shooting distribution, editing work.
About the online learning platform “UMU”
UMU is a learning platform that provides learning by combining the latest technologies such as AI with the science of learning. The name of UMU is an initial of “U (you), Me (me), Us (us)”. We aim to create a world where everyone can become a teacher and learn from each other. With functions such as micro-learning, video conferencing, live distribution, and AI coaching, we have a system that enables the design of interactive online learning programs.
More than 1 million companies in 203 countries and regions around the world, and more than 20,000 companies in Japan, including Nippon Life, Panasonic, Astellas Pharma, and Wacoal. In addition, in the “ITreview Best Software in Japan 2022”, which announces the top 50 IT products that have truly gained support from business people in terms of satisfaction and recognition, in a ranking format, out of over 5000 products / services, No. 1 was elected.
Service site: https://umujapan.co.jp/about/
Introduction video of next-generation learning platform “UMU”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yxj3zU7t0qY&t=7s
Company Profile
Name: Umu Technology Japan Co., Ltd.
Head office: Link Square Shinjuku 16F, 5-27-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
Representative: Representative Director Shuhei Matsuda
Established: February 9, 2018
Business description: Sales of UMU, a learning platform that uses Internet technology
URL: https://umujapan.co.jp/

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