Yume no Hikari Co., Ltd. “Music Night S7” winner decided Let’s catch the song co-produced by Ayato Shinozaki & Ryosuke Tachibana

Yume no Hikari Co., Ltd.
“Music Night S7” Winner Decided Let’s grab the song co-produced by Ayato Shinozaki & Ryosuke Tachibana

At “Music Night S7” held from December 5, 2022 to December 20, 2022, the voice community app operated by Yume no Hikari Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Gu) The winner has been decided. Among the high-level singer rivers participating, the one who won the fierce battle was the popular river Emu-chan, who has been streaming for a year and a half. In addition, the top ranking players who were active in the main battle, up to a total of 9 rivers, can participate in the judge’s award match held in the official frame of “Music Night” to be held on January 7th. As a prize, the two winners and the judges’ prize will provide a collaboration song by Ayato Shinozaki and Ryosuke Tachibana.
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Lyricists, composers, and arrangers Ayato Shinozaki and Ryosuke Tachibana are music producers who have created many popular anime songs. Representative songs: “Onegai Muscle” (“R Dumbbell How Many Kilograms Can You Lift” OP theme), “Realize” (“Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Season 2” OP theme), “Ganbare! Kumoko-san’s Theme” ” (“It’s a spider, but what?” ED theme). For this “Music Night S7”, with the cooperation of Ayato Shinozaki, we will provide a collaboration song with Ayato Shinozaki and Ryosuke Tachibana to the winner and the judge’s award winner. It is also possible to arrange the songs according to the style of the river.
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“Music Night S7” was divided into three stages: qualifying, main competition, and judges’ awards. In the qualifying, the ranking of the river is determined by the number of plays, likes, and gifts. A total of 26 people participated in the main battle, including the top 20 rankings, 1 newcomer, and 5 drivers carefully selected by the judges. The driver with the highest number of gifts acquired during the main battle was the winner of S7. In addition, depending on the rankings and gifts earned in the main battle, a maximum of 9 rivers can participate in the judges award match held on January 7th in the official Music Night frame. Pikapika will provide a song in
collaboration with Ayato Shinozaki and Ryosuke Tachibana to the winner and the judge’s award winner.
Pika Pika is planning various events for those who dream of working with their voice. “Music Night” is one of them. This event for music lovers not only gives them the chance to collaborate with celebrities, but also win original songs from popular music producers. “Music Night” has been in operation for over a year, and so far has been a hot battle for 6 seasons. In the past season, with the cooperation of Kei Hayashi, a popular Vocaloid P, we provided original songs to the winners and judges’ prizes, and collaborated with Yui Kitayama, a popular creator with over 400,000 followers on Tiktok. Offered a chance to the winning driver. Among the events sponsored by Pika Pika, it is a very popular event that attracts the most attention to singers.
Pika Pika, which integrates live distribution, content, and community in the world of voice, actively provides opportunities for people who have dreams, such as those who want to enjoy voice and work with voice, to appear at various events. If you are interested, please join us. Also, Pika Pika is planning more fun events in the future, so please look forward to it.
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