Zenrin Co., Ltd. -Zenrin, V.Varen Nagasaki, Nagasaki Verka, Juhachi Shinwa Bank- Aiming to revitalize sightseeing tours in Nagasaki prefecture Concluded a “Collaboration Agreement to Disseminate the Attractiveness of Nagasaki”

Zenrin Co., Ltd.
– Zenrin, V. Faren Nagasaki, Nagasaki Verka, Juhachi Shinwa Bank – Aiming to revitalize sightseeing tours in Nagasaki Prefecture Concluded a “Collaboration Agreement to Disseminate the Attractiveness of Nagasaki”

Zenrin Co., Ltd. (head office: Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Zenji Takayama, hereinafter referred to as Zenrin), which operates the tourist information website and smartphone app “STLOCAL”, and V-Varen Nagasaki Co., Ltd. (location: Nagasaki) Isahaya City, Prefecture, Chairman and President: Asahito Takada, hereinafter V-Varen Nagasaki), Nagasaki Verca Co., Ltd. (Location: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, President and GM: Takuma Ito, hereinafter Nagasaki Verca), Co., Ltd. Eighteen Shinwa Bank (Head Office: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, President: Nobuhiko Yamakawa, hereinafter referred to as Eighteen Shinwa Bank) will sign the “Nagasaki Town Charm Dissemination Partnership Agreement” in 2023 toward the establishment of a private sector-led regional revitalization model. It was concluded on January 18 (Wednesday).
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Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony
■Outline of Agreement
The four companies will utilize the content and know-how owned by each company to collaborate and cooperate on the following items in order to revitalize the region by communicating the charm of the city in Nagasaki Prefecture. In addition, through these activities, we will carry out promotional activities aimed at disseminating the appeal of Nagasaki.
・”Planning sightseeing excursion contents for tourism in Nagasaki Prefecture” Content planning for sightseeing excursion programs for tourists that makes use of the content and know-how owned by each company, and provision to tourists through the tourist information website and smartphone app “STLOCAL”.
・”Support for expanding tourism consumption in Nagasaki Prefecture”  Planning a program to expand tourism consumption in cooperation with restaurants and retail stores in tourist spots in Nagasaki Prefecture, and planning services to revitalize tours to sightseeing and sports-related facilities in the prefecture.
・”Product development of original goods for making memories of sightseeing in Nagasaki Prefecture”
 Using the content owned by each company, product planning and development of original goods aimed at creating memories of
■ Roles of each company
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■ Future prospects
Through this agreement, the four companies aim to contribute to the regional revitalization of Nagasaki Prefecture by communicating the appeal of Nagasaki Prefecture and building a system to promote sightseeing excursions.
■ Comment from Kensuke Maekawa, Manager of Nagasaki Prefectural Culture, Tourism and International Department
V-Varen Nagasaki and Nagasaki Verka, whose hometown is Nagasaki Prefecture, Eighteen Shinwa Bank, which is engaged in various activities for the revitalization and development of the Nagasaki economy, and the “Odekake App STLOCAL” in Nagasaki Prefecture. I am very pleased and reassured that Zenrin, which develops the
In September of last year, the Nishikyushu Shinkansen opened in this prefecture, greatly expanding the base of economic activities such as the expansion of the non-resident population and the promotion of industry. We are entering a period of great change. It is hoped that the efforts made by today’s partnership agreement will serve as a driving force for urban development in this prefecture, and that it will lead to further development. We will do our best in a wide range of fields, including the promotion of local products and products, with the thoughts of everyone involved as one. I hope that today’s partnership agreement will be fruitful for the development of the four companies and the prefecture.
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■ Tourist Information Website & Smartphone App “STLOCAL”
ZENRIN aims to contribute to the revitalization of all regions by solving various problems faced by “micro-areas,” which are small areas throughout Japan, by utilizing “movement information” and “map information.” We are working to provide a micro MaaS solution. As the first step of this initiative, we have started a demonstration experiment of tourism-type micro MaaS in Nagasaki City from December 22, 2021.
“STLOCAL” is a tourist information website and smartphone app service provided in Zenrin’s tourism MaaS demonstration experiment. Based on the concept of “Proposing a special way to spend time in the city for travelers”, the website provides sightseeing information such as back alleys that you will want to revisit from the classic sightseeing route. You can also use the smartphone app to plan your trip and purchase electronic tickets for public transportation, tourist facilities, and hands-on activities. Currently, it is deployed in Nagasaki City and the Sasebo/West Kyushu area.
[Related link] Tourism information site “STLOCAL”: https://stlocal.net/

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