Zenrin Datacom’s telematics service and Genext’s “AI-Contact” traffic violation detection function have started system collaboration!

Genext Co., Ltd.
Zenrin Datacom’s telematics service and Genext’s “AI-Contact” traffic violation detection function have started system collaboration! Supporting the prevention of traffic accidents in the logistics and transportation industries

ZENRIN Datacom Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tatsuhiko Shimizu; hereafter referred to as ZENRIN Datacom) telematics services; , Genext)’s traffic violation detection service “AI-Contact” has started system cooperation.
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“AI-Contact” is an operation management application for companies that visualizes traffic violations by comparing driving data acquired by smartphones with nationwide road sign information databases. The service started in 2018, and it has been effective in reducing the number of accidents from 40 or more in a typical year to 0 after the introduction, and reducing automobile insurance premiums by more than 100 million yen. raising.
This time, the traffic violation detection function of “AI-Contact” can be used by system cooperation with Zenrin Datacom’s telematics service, which has mainly supported operation management in the logistics and transportation industries for more than five years. rice field.
Service overview
[Corresponding violation detection items] Speeding, no temporary stop, no stop at railroad crossing, no entry, no right or left turn [Price] Please contact us.
[Zenrin Datacom Telematics Service]
ZENRIN Datacom Co., Ltd. IOT Business Division 1 General Manager Masato Kiyo’s comment
For more than five years, our company has been developing services such as vehicle operation management, work efficiency improvement, and safe driving management as a department specializing in telematics services.
Genext’s AI-Contact Road Traffic Law Violation Detection API can detect various violations such as suspension violations and speed violations on general roads and highways. I thought that it would be possible to provide a general-purpose service that can be easily linked with other people and that can be deployed to a wide range of people.
In addition, since this service uses Zenrin’s road network data, I feel that it has a high affinity with our group.
We have also made proposals that lead to the reduction of accidents for customers through the communication-type drive recorder business, but by linking with Genext’s road traffic law violation detection API, we can contribute to a society with fewer traffic accidents. I would like to strive for
Comment from Hajime Kasahara, Representative Director of Genext Co., Ltd. I met Mr. Kiyo for the first time at the exhibition of “Japan IT Week” in 2017, and we hit it off right away.
Our AI-Contact road traffic law violation detection API will be used by many customers through Zenrin Datacom’s telematics service, and we will work together to realize a society without traffic accidents. A briefing session for this release will be held at a special booth at Automotive World 2023.
Genext will have a special booth at Automotive World 2023, an advanced automotive technology exhibition to be held at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from January 25th to January 27th, 2023.
We will also hold a briefing session on this project, so please come and visit us.
[Automotive World 2023 URL]
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About Genext Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “Towards an accident-free society”, we provide the operation management application “AI-Contact”. We have a patented technology for traffic accident appraisal, and we have a track record of hundreds of traffic accident appraisals.
In addition, Genext is working to achieve Goal 3 of the SDGs, “Halving the number of casualties from road traffic accidents worldwide,” and was certified as a “Kanagawa SDGs Partner” in October 2020.
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Company Profile
[Company name] Genext Co., Ltd.
[Head Office] Attend on Tower 7F, 2-8-12 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Established] July 2009
[Representative Director] Hajime Kasahara
[Capital] 391.45 million yen (including capital reserve)
[Company URL] https://geneext.co.jp/
[Operation management application “AI-Contact”] https://ai-contact.jp/ [Alcohol check agency service] https://ai-contact.jp/alcohol-check [Business description]
・Operation of operation management application “AI-Contact”
・Driving recorder image analysis/traffic accident appraisal
・Alcohol check agent service
[Company name] Zenrin Datacom Co., Ltd.
[Headquarters] 3-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower N 22F
[Established] April 13, 2000
[Representative] Tatsuhiko Shimizu, President and Representative Director [Capital] 2,283,010,000 yen (as of April 1, 2022)
[Company URL] https://www.zenrin-datacom.net/
[Business description]
□ ITS business Telematics business utilizing high-precision map data □ Internet service business Value-added information service for corporations based on maps
□Consumer business Map/navigation services such as “Itsumo NAVI” and “GODOOR” □ Future Advanced Business High-precision maps and 3D maps using real-time sensing technology
[Number of employees] 391 (as of April 1, 2022)
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