ZEON CORPORATION We have agreed to participate in a global project aiming to make the industrial area of ​ ​Kawasaki City carbon neutral.

Nippon Zeon Co., Ltd.
We agreed to participate in a global project aiming to make the industrial area of ​​Kawasaki City carbon-neutral.

ZEON CORPORATION (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kimiaki Tanaka; hereinafter referred to as ZEON) is pleased to announce that Kawasaki City, the municipality where our Kawasaki Plant (Kanagawa Prefecture) is located, has established an industrial We have agreed to participate in the Transitioning Industrial Clusters Towards Net Zero Initiative as the Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Industrial Complex. This is the first time for Kawasaki City to participate in this initiative in Japan.
This initiative was established and operated by the World Economic Forum, and industrial clusters that play an important role in achieving carbon neutrality, which is a global issue, share know-how and knowledge among international clusters. We aim to achieve net zero (carbon neutral) through collaboration. Since the launch of the initiative in November 2021, industrial clusters from around the world have participated, exchanged information through conferences, and shared information.
Kawasaki City, which is the main participant in this initiative, has called on member companies of the Kawasaki Carbon Neutral Complex Formation Promotion Council and Kawasaki Port Carbon Neutral Port Formation Promotion Council, including our company, to support and cooperate. We have expressed our support for this.
As part of our company-wide strategy in our medium-term management plan, we are aiming to achieve a 50% reduction*4 in CO2 emissions by 2030, under the slogan of “promoting a shift to ‘manufacturing’ that realizes carbon neutrality and a circular economy.” increase. Currently, we have converted to renewable energy at our five domestic sites, including the Kawasaki Plant, and are promoting energy conservation and process innovation company-wide. In addition, at production bases throughout Japan, we are actively participating in initiatives aimed at carbon neutrality at local governments and industrial complexes.
In the future, we will actively utilize this initiative together with Kawasaki City and other supporting companies, work on international information dissemination and cooperation with other industrial clusters, and contribute to the carbon neutralization of the Kawasaki coastal area and eventually the Tokyo metropolitan area. We will continue to.
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