ZEROUM Co., Ltd. ZEROUM Co., Ltd. announces the conclusion of a corporate partner agreement with Tokyo Verdy esports

ZEROUM Co., Ltd.
ZEROUM Co., Ltd. Announces Conclusion of Corporate Partner Agreement with Tokyo Verdy eSports
From Shibuya to Japan, Asia and the world.

ZEROUM Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yuji Wachi) is pleased to announce that it has signed a corporate partner agreement with Tokyo Verdy esports. In addition, under this agreement, the ZEROUM logo will be displayed on the clavicle part (right) of the official uniform of “Tokyo Verdy e-Sports Shibuya (Verdy Shibuya)”, which will participate in the YouTube soccer league ReelZ LEAGUE, which will start in January 2023. We will let you know as soon as it has been decided.
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What is Tokyo Verdy esports?
Established in September 2016 as the first J-League club and the first Japanese professional sports team to enter esports.
Since its establishment, it has focused on game titles that have a high affinity with soccer.
Starting with the national esports league “Japan eSports League (JeSL) 2017 Summer Champion”, he boasts competitive achievements such as “eJ.LEAGUE Winning Eleven 2019 Season Best 4” and “JAPAN eSPORTS GRAND PRIX Runner-up”.
In recent years, he has represented Japan in the Asian League “E-LEAGUE 2021” and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics official e-sports event “Intel World Open Rocket League Tournament”, continuing to compete on the international stage and “eFootball (TM) Championship Open”. 2022 World Finals Winner” and became the long-awaited world champion. In September 2022, we will start operating the e-sports media “e Tsuku” in collaboration with the professional sports team Nagoya OJA. In November, the Puyo Puyo Department was established. In December, it was announced that it will participate in the YouTube soccer league ReelZ LEAGUE, which gathers influencers starting in January 2023, as “Tokyo Verdy e-Sports Shibuya (abbreviation: Verdy Shibuya)”. With the pioneering spirit of Tokyo Verdy, he continues to take on the challenge of unprecedented activities to further popularize and strengthen esports.
■ Tokyo Verdy esports official site
eTsuku | Creating the Future of eSports (Management: Tokyo Verdy eSports/Nagoya OJA)
■ Tokyo Verdy brand site
Tokyo Verdy eSports GM: Masahiro Kagiri Comment
Generations who do not know that “Verdy” are increasing.
From that sense of crisis, Tokyo Verdy has been working on esports earlier and seriously than any professional sports team, and has produced world champions and Asian champions in multiple titles. This time, we will enter the real soccer league where soccer influencers who are very popular with young people gather, bearing the name of “Shibuya”, which has the home stadium of the e-sports team. It is very reassuring to receive strong support from ZEROUM Co., Ltd., which is also the Shibuya headquarters and has strengths in internet technology, and to be able to take on challenges together.
Please look forward to our challenge!
Verdy Shibuya GM and Player: Mr. Hyuga Comment
Thank you very much for signing the corporate partner and uniform partner contract.
I am very happy that you have sympathized with Verdy Shibuya’s thoughts and have expectations for future growth. Verdis Shibuya has a lot of parts that started from my own thoughts, so I feel happy and more motivated.
We will wear the name and emblem of Japan’s oldest professional soccer club “Verdy” and challenge the new era soccer league. So it’s only natural to want to win.
However, that alone is meaningless for us at Tokyo Verdy eSports. Outside of the pitch, we will increase our presence on YouTube and SNS, etc., and strive to further increase the value of ZEROUM. Let’s leap forward together.
Thank you very much.
About ZEROUM Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d44241-27-f9f10c9616569847a3f5-3.png&s3=44241-27-b350234e35e7d3f0ef5cb37d7aa03268-1280x720.png
ZEROUM Co., Ltd. is a technology company from Asia.
With the philosophy of “maximizing the potential of people around the world with the power of technology,” we are developing business in the creator economy area.
■ Business contents of ZEROUM
・ Operation of live distribution extension tool “Doneru”: ・Management of link profile service “VIRAL”: ・ Operation of “Live Trend”, an information media for creators:
・ Comprehensive WEB consulting, DX support business:
■ About “Doneru”
[Image 3d44241-27-a7c56518f55fb2b267d9-2.png&s3=44241-27-b2afc831acf6b568d4ae69516e490379-2880x1567.png
Doneru is a live distribution extension platform for distributors and creators. By using Doneru, it is possible to display various effects and notifications on the streaming screen of YouTube Live, Twitch, and other live streaming platforms, enabling interactive interaction between streamers and viewers. In addition, it is equipped with a unique tipping function “Donne”, and by setting up a link, creators can receive tips at a high return rate.
The service is currently used by more than 140,000 users in Japan, and is planned to be offered in Asia as well.
Official page:
■ About “VIRAL”
[Image 4d44241-27-f4192c0fd86ca1a90d9f-1.png&s3=44241-27-73b722812ddaf7ec408233d36b08a864-2842x1574.png
VIRAL is a branding page creation service for creators.
You can combine scattered SNS links, blogs, shop links, etc. with this one service.
In addition, only one digital fan card in the world can be issued to support the ongoing activities of creators.
Official page:
ZEROUM Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Yuji Wachi Comment ZEROUM Co., Ltd. has signed a contract as a corporate partner of the Tokyo Verdy esports team.
Since our founding, we have developed and operated creator support products such as Doneru ( and VIRAL
( in order to contribute to the development of the creator economy. I have come.
We have been working closely with the esports industry since the early days of the product, and have grown significantly while interacting with many esports players and game creators.
In order to contribute to the further development of the industry, we will support the challenges of Tokyo Verdy, who shares the same aspirations, although we are small.
We appreciate your continued patronage.
Comment from Katsutaka Sakuragi, COO/CMO of ZEROUM Co., Ltd. It is a great honor to be able to work with the historic Tokyo Verdy esports team.
We hope that we can grow together as we expand globally, starting with Asia. We will do our utmost to support the development of Tokyo Verdy and the esports industry as a whole through this corporate partnership agreement.
■ ZEROUM Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: ZEROUM Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuji Wachi, President and Representative Director Head office: 601 Asani Building Shibuya, 37-10 Udagawa-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Overseas: 3F, 3, Chilgokjungang-daero 52-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea Established: April 10, 2018
Company official website:
Company Profile:
Business description: Live distribution expansion platform Doneru operation:, link profile service VIRAL operation:, comprehensive WEB consulting / DX support business: https://www.zeroum., WEB media business, live trend:, LIVEZERO:, Money Graph: https://doneru .jp/media/, Healthy Water Life:, Art Makeup for Everyone: etc.
Details about this release:


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