ZOZO, Inc. A collaboration project between ZOZOVILLA and the select shop “GR8” has started. Limited items jointly produced by the two companies will be released on February 3rd.

ZOZO, Inc.
A collaboration project between ZOZOVILLA and the select shop “GR8” has started.Limited-edition items co-produced by the two companies will be released on February 3rd.

A collaboration project between ZOZOVILLA, a luxury and designer zone on ZOZOTOWN, and GR8, a select shop in Harajuku, will be launched on Friday, February 3rd. The first of this collaboration welcomes artist COIN PARKING DELIVERY as a guest collaborator, and all 6 types of items that incorporate his works into the body of the project “ECOCYCLE (R)” from Los Angeles will be available exclusively at ZOZOVILLA in February. Pre-orders will be available from the 3rd (Friday).
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In this collaboration, ZOZOVILLA and GR8 will continue to develop items while leveraging the strengths of “digital” and “physical” that they have refined, centering on the “feelings for art” common to both companies. ZOZOVILLA and GR8 will continue to jointly produce items with various guest collaborators each time.
For the first memorable event, the guest will be Mr. COIN PARKING DELIVERY, an up-and-coming artist who is acclaimed both domestically and internationally and who is friends with both companies. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants that incorporate his work into the body of ECOCYCLE (R) will be available in “ZOZOVILLA Produced Colors” and “GR8 Produced Colors,” respectively. sell. Also, during the period from February 3rd (Friday) to February 10th (Friday) (*1), you can see the items at the GR8 store in Harajuku (*2). The campaign visual that embodies this collaboration was shot by Motoyuki Daifu, a photographer active in Japan and overseas.
(*1) The store will be closed on February 7 (Tue) and 8 (Wed). (*2) GR8 will only be on display and cannot be purchased.
Sales period: February 3, 2023 (Friday) noon to February 19, 2023 (Sunday) 11:59 URL: https://zozo.jp/event/gr8/ * Product release from noon on Friday, February 3rd
Delivery time: Scheduled for late March
-About items-
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(From upper left)
GR8/ZOZOVILLA T-shirt [by CPD] for ZOZOVILLA: 9,350 yen (tax included) *Colors produced by ZOZOVILLA
GR8/ZOZOVILLA sweat top [by CPD] for ZOZOVILLA: 28,600 yen (tax included) *ZOZOVILLA produced color
GR8/ZOZOVILLA sweat pants [by CPD] for ZOZOVILLA: 30,800 yen (tax included) *ZOZOVILLA produced colors
GR8/ZOZOVILLA T-shirt [by CPD] for GR8: 9,350 yen (tax included) *GR8 produced colors
GR8/ZOZOVILLA sweat top [by CPD] for GR8: 28,600 yen (tax included) *GR8 produced colors
GR8/ZOZOVILLA sweat pants [by CPD] for GR8: 30,800 yen (tax included) *GR8 produced colors
-About GR8-
A select shop in Harajuku, Tokyo that handles popular brands and up-and-coming labels from all over the world, and has close ties with many creators and designers. You can experience a wide range of cultures with art, books, music, etc. in addition to fashion. The store itself continues to evolve, absorbing and transmitting all kinds of events.
A project from Los Angeles that is the only one in the world to produce original apparel products using 50% recycled, 50% organic cotton yarn developed by Verda Lorenz in Spain. The eco-friendly, long-lasting and comfortable body made in the United States has gained support from various industries, and is also used by world-famous brands for the bodies of their collections.
In 2018, he started his creation activities by drawing pictures with his fingers using a smartphone while traveling by train. With a smartphone in one hand, which is a must-have item for modern people, he creates works that incorporate the questions and ideals unique to this era, and has received high acclaim both in Japan and overseas, and has collaborated with many famous brands. . In recent years, in addition to data, he has been constructing his own unique world in various places such as molding, space, drawing, and outer walls of public spaces overseas.
-About Motoyuki Daifu-
Born in Tokyo in 1985. 2007 Selected for the photo “Hitotsubo Exhibition”. Selected as a finalist of the 2013 International Photo Awards “Prix Pictet”. In 2017, he was nominated for the Nissan Art Award. In 2018, he published the book “Large Supermarket November” in collaboration with French novelist Michel Welbeck. In 2022, he held a solo exhibition at the European Museum of Photography. In addition, he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas. With a sense of humor and sarcasm, he creates works themed around his surroundings.
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