ZWEI ZWEI x BRANCHIC “Marriage-hunting women praised skin support project” 2nd event will be held! !

ZWEI x BRANCHIC “Marriage-hunting women praised skin support project” 2nd event will be held! !
A special collaboration event with POWWOW will be held as the second project!
ZWEI Co., Ltd. (President: Daisuke Nakano), which operates 50 marriage agencies nationwide, the largest number in the industry, is a prestige brand of Neof Co., Ltd., a group company of FANCL Co., Ltd. “BRANCHIC” and ” We are pleased to inform you that the second event of the Marriage Hunting Women Praised Skin Support Project has been decided. [Image 1

Marriage women What is the praised skin support project?
Zwei x Brancic provides full support, such as the secret of “praised skin” by skin care and the secret of successful marriage, so that you can face marriage with positive confidence. Project” was launched in 2022!
ZWEI x BRANCHIC “Marriage-hunting women praised skin support project” started! !
This time, as the second event of the project, we will hold a special collaboration event with the women’s healthcare salon “POWWOW” operated by “SMILE CREATE GROUP Co., Ltd.”!
*”POWWOW” is a manipulative salon for women that approaches customers’ worries from both treatments and products to solve women’s
The second installment will be a collaboration live on Instagram of ZWEI x BRANCHIC x POWWOW!
[Theme] “Teaching the secrets of beautiful skin with a small face” In order to meet the ideal person, the first impression is important, not just the inside! This time, we welcomed Mr. Yamazaki, the general manager of Powwow, who develops a women’s health salon for
marriage-hunting women, and used a combination of small face massage and high-performance massage gel to leave a good impression on the other party. We will introduce the points to produce “more cute” in maintenance.
[Image 2

Manami Yamazaki
Joined SMILE CREATE GROUP in 2010, studied women’s manipulative treatment, and devised Sakurum Balance Technique based on his own theory. Having experienced breast cancer and uterine fibroids as a mother, and becoming a mother of two children, she has become more conscious of health and is focusing on awareness-raising activities for pre-symptomatic care for women.
On the day of the Live (distribution date: Wednesday, January 18, 20:00), it will be distributed simultaneously from the official Instagram accounts of POWWOW, Brancic, and Zwei.
delivery account
■ Zwei
“Present plan” for Live viewers!
After watching the live broadcast, if you visit a Zwei store nationwide, you will receive a “special courtesy ticket/Branchic discount postcard that can be used for the 60-minute Brancic facial care course”! * Distribution starts from January 19 (Thursday). Ends when the planned number of distributions is reached (limited quantity) ■ Marriage Agency Zwei (
At Zwei, a major marriage agency with a nationwide network of 50 stores, which is the largest in the industry, reliable marriage consultants not only introduce partners, but also carefully support matchmaking, dating, and marriage. Through data matching, we are particular about introducing partners who have mutual desires every month, and have nurtured a total of 162,000 marriages. As a
group-directly managed brand of IBJ (, a leading company in the matchmaking industry, we will continue to nurture happiness for as many couples as possible throughout the country.
【 Company Profile 】
Company name: ZWEI Co., Ltd.
Representative: Daisuke Nakano, President and CEO
Address: 4th floor, Cross Ginza, 5-9-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Business description: Marriage partner introduction service
[Inquiries regarding coverage]
ZWEI Inc. Public Relations Manager
Phone: 03-6858-6528 Email address:

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