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★ Daimaru Umeda Store Limited to February 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun), “Parent-Child Mini 4WD Craft Experience Cla ss” will be held for the first time!

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
★ [Daimaru Umeda Store] Limited to February 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun), “Parent-Child Mini 4WD Craft Experience Class” will be held for the first time!
■February 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun), 2023 ■Daimaru Umeda store 10th floor east special venue

Let’s make a mini 4WD with parents and children and enjoy the race at the end! ! Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three finishers.
Other gorgeous participation prizes will also be presented!
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(C) Tamiya
Around 2021, the “fourth boom” began to make noise, and now the “Mini 4WD” has become completely popular.
It is popular among people of all ages, from the generation that grew up with a passion for it as a child, to the current generation of children who started with manga.
At Daimaru Umeda, we will hold a “Mini 4WD work experience class” for such parents and children!
We want you to experience both nostalgia and newness while having fun together with your parent and child, so this time we will not only assemble the Mini 4WD but also race the completed machine.
Let’s make a mini 4WD with parents and children and enjoy the race at the end! ! [Image 2

Parents and children will make a mini 4WD and enjoy the race at the end. The top 3 finishers will receive gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition, we will present luxurious participation prizes without exception.
Date: February 11 (Sat) and 12 (Sun)
Time: Morning / 10:30-12:30 Afternoon / 13:30-15:30
Capacity: 6 people (creator & race participant) per copy
Participation fee: Workshop participation fee tax-included 3,300 yen (per group) + kit price tax-included 1,320 yen (per person)
Instructor: Tamiya certified mini 4WD instructor Hiroyuki Oki Target age: Elementary school students and above
Teaching Kit: Tamiya Mini 4WD Rhodonite, FDK (Fujitsu Dry Battery) with 2 AA Premium S Batteries
* Parents and children will participate. Children cannot participate alone. * The teaching material kit is Rhodonite. No other kit is available. * You cannot participate in the classroom with the kit you purchased on the spot.
*You cannot play with your Mini 4WD.
* Free running is not possible.
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↑ [Profile of Mr. Hiroyuki Oki]
In 1998, he started a plastic model specialty store “Hobby Shop Gannet” in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, and continues to this day.
In order to get more families, young people, and more people to become fans of plastic models, we held a parent-child Mini 4WD craft experience class immediately after opening. Currently, the number of classes held exceeds 70 times a year, and the total number of participants is 3,000. For this achievement, Tamiya Co., Ltd., a mini 4WD manufacturer, gave me the title of Tamiya Certified Mini 4WD Instructor.
The only certified teacher in Japan. In addition, he is working on various issues as a bridge between the model industry and other industries.
It is exactly a model concierge.

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