3/4 (Sat.) “FM Yokohama meets My Route Day in Minatomirai” will be held!

At Yokohama Co., Ltd.
3/4 (Sat.) “FM Yokohama meets My Route Day in Minatomirai” will be held! “My Route Day” will be held this spring as well! In collaboration with FM Yokohama, there are plenty of contents such as public events, live broadcasts, and talk shows!

At Yokohama Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 7-1 Sakaecho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama / Representative Directors: Takehiko Ueno, Kanji Miyahara) will hold “FM Yokohama meets My Route Day” at Queen’s Circle on the 1st floor of Queen’s Square Yokohama on Saturday, March 4. in Minato Mirai” will be held.
It is an event that will send you a lot of contents such as public events of regular programs, live broadcasts, talk live by guests, etc. Please see below for an overview.
FM Yokohama meets My Route Day in Minatomirai
Date: Saturday, March 4, 2023
Venue: Queen’s Square Yokohama 1F Queen’s Circle
Organizer: At Yokohama Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer: Yokohama FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Queen’s Square Yokohama Event Executive Committee
Cooperation: Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau
March 4 (Sat) MC: Haruhisa Kurihara, Mizuki Kawauchi
My route girls-only gathering ~Take me with an outing app~
Part 1 guests: Riona Maru, Shiyo Takahashi, Akane Iriuchijima, Lilia, Mizuki Kawauchi
Part2 guests: Luna Asami, Mao Matsushita, Riko Takase, Mayu Sugieda ◆13:00~13:45
AlphaTheta Yokohama DJ Lab Presents Kids DJ Presentation
Cast: Riona Maru, Yuki Sumioka (AlphaTheta Yokohama DJ Lab), DJ RISE, DJ JUNSEI ◆14:00~16:30
PRIME TIME LIVE public event
Starring: Haruhisa Kurihara, manatie, Mizuo Murayama, DJ Emperor 〇14:30-15:00 Yokohama B-Corsairs special talk show
Cast: Mizuo Murayama, Mayu Sugieda
〇15:00-15:40 Manatie presents Kids Dance Paradise
 Guests: 6 kids’ dance teams
Cast: Manatie, others
〇15:40-16:10 Mikado presents folk song and Tsugaru shamisen spring tone Cast: Mitsuna Koyama (song), Kinto Mikado II (taiko), Masaho Mikado (shamisen) ◆ 16:40-17:00 Yokohama Tourism Supporters Corner
Starring: Haruhisa Kurihara, Mizuki Kawauchi, members of the Yokohama tourism cheering party
◆ 17:30-19:00 Hama Lipo Broadcast Club LIVE
Starring: Mizuki Kawauchi, Riona Maru, Shiyo Takahashi, Akane Iriuchijima, Lilia 〇17:40-18:00 Master of Yokohama
Cast: Mizuki Kawauchi, Riona Maru
〇18:00-18:20 Yokohama research team
Cast: Shiyo Takahashi, Akane Irunaijima, Lilia
〇18:30~19:00 AlphaTheta Yokohama DJ Lab & The Spinner’s Radio Presents Riona Maru DJ Challenge
Cast: Riona Maru, DJ RINA, DJ SHUN
*For details, please see the At Yokohama website.
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*What is my route?
A multimodal mobility service for smartphones operated by Toyota Financial Services Corporation. By providing “search for all means of transportation” and “reservation and payment for transportation” services in one app, seamless and safe transportation without “crowding” will be realized.
In addition, @Yokohama Co., Ltd., in collaboration with the my route app, has opened Yokohama’s own portal site “@YOKOHAMA”, which proposes information on local events and other spots. We are sending charm in the app.
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Website: https://www.at-yokohama.net/
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