73% of companies are aware of MOps (Marketing Operations), and 9% of companies have MOps systems and organizations

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73% of companies are aware of MOps (Marketing Operations), and 9% of companies have MOps systems and organizations

Power Interactive Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Mitsutomo Okamoto, https://www.powerweb.co.jp/) has hired 300 marketing managers who work for companies with annual sales of over 5 billion yen. We conducted a survey on the actual situation regarding MOps (Marketing Operations) in Japan.
MOps refers to organizations that have cross-sectional jurisdiction over people, processes, technology, data, etc., and whose role is to improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness. In the United States, it is said that 60 to 70% of companies, mainly major companies, have dedicated MOps teams. MOps is responsible for properly managing today’s complex and diverse marketing operations and increasing the productivity of the entire marketing department.
■You can download the main document (white paper) of the survey results from here.
https://www.powerweb.co.jp/download/report-report-mops2023.html?utm_source=pr230208&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=pr Survey outline
1. Survey target: Marketing managers working for companies with annual sales of 5 billion yen or more
2. Survey method: Internet quantitative survey
3. Survey area: All over Japan
4. Number of valid respondents: 300
5. Survey period: November 16, 2022 to November 18, 2022
6. Research Subject: Power Interactive Co., Ltd.
7. Release date: February 8, 2023
Summary of survey results
■ 23% of companies have established a process to improve profitability by grasping the contribution of marketing activities to profits. In this survey, we asked respondents to understand the “profit contribution” of marketing activities by dividing them into four levels. was 23%. The most common answer was Level 3, “Marketing’s contribution to earnings is largely understood,” accounting for 46%. [Image 1

■ 16% of companies have reached a level where the reproducibility of marketing operations is ensured
In this survey, marketing operations were divided into 5 levels, and 16% answered level 5, which is the highest level, “Improving and optimizing the process of measures systematically.”
The most common answer was Level 3, “Standard business processes are systematically established,” accounting for 31%.
[Image 2

Awareness of MOps is 73%, and companies with MOps systems and organizations are 9%
At present, how much awareness is there about MOps in Japan? When asked about their awareness of MOps in this survey, 73% said they had heard of MOps, but 9% said they had a system or organization in charge of their work.
[Image 3

Consideration of this survey
As a result of this survey, we found that awareness of “MOps”, which is still unfamiliar in Japan, is increasing among marketing managers. On the other hand, less than 10% of companies have MOps as an internal system or organization, which is a big delay compared to the US. In recent years, the expansion of the marketing field and
collaboration with other departments have become indispensable, so it is thought that the importance of MOps will increase in Japan as well. On the other hand, in order for MOps to function effectively, it is necessary to understand sophisticated marketing tools, data literacy to analyze large amounts of data, discover problems and present solutions, and implement measures, plans, and processes. There are a wide range of skills required, such as operational management, cooperation with other related departments, and appropriate management of measures and resources.
In this survey, the more companies were able to systematically improve and optimize the process of measures, the more MOps were organized within the company. In the future, MOps can be expected to play a role in supporting corporate growth over the medium to long term. Therefore, “organizational creation”, such as how to create an MOps organization in-house and how to make it function effectively, will have a major impact on further improving corporate value and promoting DX.
Comment from Mr. Tatsuro Marui, CEO of Zero-One Growth Co., Ltd. Until now, MOps has not been talked about much in Japan, but now that marketing technology is increasing exponentially and the amount of data to be handled is increasing, the need for MOps is beginning to be recognized. Known as a “bridge between marketing and IT,” it has become a refocused investment area globally as it plays an important role in building a marketing environment that makes effective use of data by developing marketing technologies and processes across an organization. I’m here.
This survey also revealed that the level of marketing work is proportional to the understanding of revenue contribution in marketing activities, demonstrating the benefits brought about by systematic marketing operations. On the other hand, there are still major human resource issues, such as lack of marketing personnel and necessary skills and abilities.
In the world of digital marketing, where new concepts and tools are born every day, investment in human resources, including external brains, is essential. There is also an urgent need to utilize human resources with IT knowledge in the business field. In modern marketing, which makes full use of technology and data, organizational transformation through the construction of an operation model using MOps will greatly influence the future growth of marketing.
Table of contents
·Research objectives
・Survey overview
·executive summary
・Understanding level of profit contribution in marketing activities ・Marketing work level
・Relationship between “understanding profit contribution” and “level of marketing operations”
・ Degree of recognition of “MOps” (Marketing Operations)
・Relationship between “level of marketing work” and “recognition of MOps” What are your challenges in marketing?
・Relationship between “level of marketing work” and “marketing issues” ・Consideration of this survey
・Comment from Mr. Tatsuro Marui, CEO of Zero One Growth Co., Ltd. Full download
Download the research report here:
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