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A limited-time event ““Warhol” tribute Presented by LOD” will be held from February 22, 2023 (Wednesday) ! Five NFT works of Andy Warhol drawn by Yukimasa Ida will be released for a limited time.

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A limited-time event ““Warhol” tribute Presented by LOD” will be held from February 22, 2023 (Wednesday)! Five NFT works of Andy Warhol drawn by Yukimasa Ida will be released for a limited time.

[Image 1:] February 22nd is the anniversary of the death of pop art master Andy Warhol. We at NEW FACTRY TOKYO pay tribute to Andy Warhol’s
achievements and hold a limited-time event “Warhol” tribute Presented by LOD. At this event, five specially selected digital works by Yukimasa Ida, a painter and contemporary artist, will be on sale for a limited time. All the digital works in “Level of Distance” presented by Mr. Ida at NFT are based on paintings by Mr. Ida. Among them, the 5 items that will be released for a limited time this time are a series based on the portraits of Andy Warhol, which Mr. Ida admired and painted in oil.
Andy Warhol expressed the mass society and consumer society of the 20th century as the theme.
Mr. Ida says, “The concept of mass production and mass consumption of NFTs is connected to what Warhol was doing at the time.”
Also, Andy Warhol’s art studio was named ‘The Factory’, which is a symbol of mass production.
Our company name “FACTORY” at NEW FACTORY TOKYO is also a tribute to this “The Factory”. By viewing the original drawings and the works presented at NFT side by side, you will be able to feel more deeply about Mr. Ida’s concept of “resolution.”
About the “Warhol” tribute presented by LOD event
A limited edition of 5 items carefully selected by Yukimasa Ida himself from the works ≪W001 to W100≫ of the NFT art project “Level of Distance” by Yukimasa Ida.
Sales acceptance period
・February 22 (Wednesday) to March 8 (Monday), 2023
Price of work for sale
・0.65 eth
Limited number of sales
・5 points
Sales method
・Lottery sales
Please answer the questions from the form below and send it.
Winners will be announced later on the “LOD” Twitter account and NEW FACTORY TOKYO Discord.
Yukimasa Ida / Masa Ida
[Image 2d40062-184-d4a287cf2afb82fbc20d-1.jpg&s3=40062-184-6e2ab7d9e137809b2d74aa3cf152c71d-3900x2786.jpg
Painter and contemporary artist. Born in Tottori Prefecture in 1990. 2019 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Oil Painting. In 2016, he won the Special Jury Prize at the “CAF Award” sponsored by the Contemporary Art Foundation. In 2017, he participated in the charity auction sponsored by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation as the youngest ever. In the same year, IDA Studio Co., Ltd. was established. Selected for “30 UNDER 30 JAPAN” sponsored by Forbes JAPAN in 2018. In 2021, he announced a collaboration with Dior and is active in various ways. In the same year, Yusaku Maezawa, who became the first Japanese privateer to travel to space on the ISS, installed the work “Atelier of a Painter” on the ISS. In addition to painting, he also works on sculptures and prints, and continues to present them both in Japan and overseas. Just announced the first traveling exhibition in Japan in 2023 ( Major solo exhibitions include “King of limbs” (Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Tokyo, 2020), “Here and Now” (Marian Ibrahim Gallery, Chicago, 2021), “YUKIMASA IDA visits PABLO PICASSO” (Picasso Birthplace Museum, Malaga, 2022). ), “Now is Gone” (Marian Ibrahim Gallery, Paris, 2022). NEW FACTORY TOKYO / New ▲ Factory ▲ Tokyo * ▲ Half-width space [Image 3d40062-184-ce2628e918c3b1b3c4f2-0.png&s3=40062-184-b3efcecd4c8974b3e3a0d7ee154e226f-1774x1204.png
With the desire to “permeate more NFT art into the lifestyle”, as an unprecedented NFT production company from Japan, we have teamed up with various artists who have agreed with NEW FACTORY TOKYO to produce high-quality NFT works. We will release them one by one. In addition, we will hold artist discovery projects and highly entertaining events aimed at further raising awareness of NFT in Japan and learning correct NFT knowledge, both online and offline, with various companies, brands, and artists. We will hold it through collaboration and raise the level of the Japanese NFT market, which is still developing.
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