A-Link Service Co., Ltd. Introducing the SaaS version of “3D painter”, an easy-to-install design simulator that can be used on the same day with no initial cost

A-Link Service Co., Ltd.
Introducing the SaaS version of “3D Painter”, an easy-to-install design simulator that can be used on the same day with no initial cost
“3D painter” provided by A-Link Service Co., Ltd. (head office: 16-52-1 Yoshitanicho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture), which develops presentation services using 3D data, creates designs when producing original goods, confirms finished images, It is a service that supports the submission of manuscripts.
“3D painter” is available in a SaaS version and a customized version. The SaaS version has no initial cost, and the monthly usage fee starts from 21,780 yen (tax included). It can be introduced on your own site, and it is possible to apply and use it on the cloud, so you can use it immediately and comfortably.
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About 3D Painter
Many companies that produce goods for companies and stores, as well as original goods such as T-shirts, tote bags, and mugs for individuals use the printing, patterning, and name of products. It is a design simulator that allows you to design a case on the web.
Even if you do not have design software such as Illustrator, you can enjoy watching the finished image reflected in real time by entering your favorite text and placing stamps on the web without installing a special application. you can create it.
Approximately 2,000 design materials such as fonts, stamps, and templates are installed as standard, and users can upload their own design files, making it easy for even beginners to design.
The saved data can be used immediately as draft data, allowing smooth creation of products with original designs.
SaaS version
・ No initial cost / Available from 21,780 yen (tax included) per month ・Customers can add, delete, and edit products
・With web management screen
・Real-time full 3D view function as standard
-Each SaaS version plan-
・Initial cost: Free / Monthly usage fee: Free
・Can be used on the same day after membership registration (no need to register payment information)
*Only 1 product is registered. (* Data will be deleted irregularly.) Paid
・ Initial cost: Free / Monthly usage fee: From 21,780 yen (tax included) *Prices vary depending on the number of items. (Example: 21,780 yen (tax included) for up to 10 products)
-Real-time full 3D view-
The SaaS version comes standard with a real-time full 3D view function. In addition to the horizontal direction, it is possible to
rotate/enlarge the entire circumference 360°, allowing the user to check the finish at the desired angle/distance in real time. [Image 2d65340-34-590986c2a58d6b022dcf-1.jpg&s3=65340-34-ba1c2e486885e9a59693877adc1a9ea2-1136x654.jpg
For customers who want to try the SaaS version that can be easily introduced but do not have 3D data, please use “3D modeler” to create 3D data at our company.
[Image 3d65340-34-348691ead2e1029cd11b-2.jpg&s3=65340-34-b53517e30de8f1179e32c3d602adc16b-1805x1444.jpg
It is also possible to use it simply by converting your 3D data into the glb data required for registration of the SaaS version.
Customized version
・Can be linked with database, cart system, and manufacturing system! ・UI and design can also be customized according to customer requests! ・Fonts, stamps and templates can be added!
For customers who want to link with their own cart system or want to change the UI design
We recommend the “customized version” which has more functions. Please contact our sales representative for a quotation for the “customized version”.
company description
Founded in 2009 as a manufacturer and seller of promotional items such as bags. By 2022, annual sales will expand to approximately 1.2 billion yen. It boasts the No. 1 market share in Japan for online sales of promotional bags.
In 2018, the mission was set to “realize mass customization.” Started development of a web design system (currently 3D painter) in order to realize the efficiency of customer communication, which was an issue. On the other hand, in order to realize high-mix low-volume production and short delivery times, we will work on microfactories.
In August 2020, MOGANA base (new office building) was opened as a base for realizing mass customization. On the 1st floor, we are developing a micro factory, and on the 2nd floor, we are developing a digital communication system. A multi-faceted company that does manufacturing, online sales, and system development at the same time.
▼ Digital business Click here for “MogaDigi” service site
▼ Click here for the company website https://www.a-linkservices.com/ ▼ Bag sales business Click here for the “Tote Bag Studio” sales site https://www.totebag.jp/
Company Profile
Company name: A-LINK Services Co., Ltd.
Capital: 10 million yen
Established: December 2009
Representative: Representative Director Yoshihisa Yamamoto
Address: Head office 16-52-1 Yoshitanicho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture 916-1105 TEL: 080-8698-9107 (direct)
: 0778-42-5008 (representative)
Fax: 0778-42-8263
Business content: Planning, manufacturing, importing, and selling of sales promotion, novelty goods, miscellaneous goods bags, and paper bags
Development and sales of CG and web design systems

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