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A must-see for fortune-tellers and home salon owners! What amazing products contributed to a 10% increase in sales! ? Cross-selling leads to sales, and expects to attract customers for the main service!

For small businesses looking to increase sales
Techno Holiness LLC
A must-see for fortune-tellers and home salon owners! What amazing products contributed to a 10% increase in sales! ? Cross-selling leads to sales, and expects to attract customers for the main service! From late March 2023, a sales agency system will be introduced!
Techno Holiness LLC, which operates a talisman specialty store for warding off plague and virus, will start wholesale sales of -Kaku Daishi Miyabi- to small fortune-telling halls and home salons. [Image 1

Achieved 10% increase in sales!
■ History
Mr. Takeda, who runs a home salon in Sapporo that specializes in tarot readings, said that he had trouble attracting customers after opening his salon. The service itself has been well received, and many of the clients who have received the service once are said to be repeat customers. However, it seems that there was a situation where not a single new customer came in a month.
In order to increase sales, we started thinking about upselling existing customers (a method of increasing the unit price per customer), but if the unit price increases, the burden on customers will increase, and the risk that they will go away is a cause of concern. It was.
At that time, I met our amulet – Kaku Daishi Miyabi – and was impressed by its surprising effects, and kindly introduced me to this amulet. It seems that Mr. Takeda paid for the shipping costs and even handed over the items he bought in bulk to the client without profit. ■ Turning point
There is no Tendai sect temple in Hokkaido that distributes Kaku Daishi’s talismans.
We ship products anywhere in Japan, but in fact, we have received many inquiries from the past, saying, “It’s difficult to order online, but is there a place in the Sapporo area where you can get amulets?” It was submitted.
At that time, I asked about Mr. Takeda’s circumstances, and after discussing whether there was anything we could do to cooperate, we decided to offer the amulet at a wholesale price. Then, with Mr. Takeda’s approval, we introduced the salon to those who contacted us. ■ Achievements
As a result, he was able to obtain the talisman, and furthermore, he received Mr. Takeda’s main service. Since then, I’ve become a fan of Mr. Takeda’s salon, and I’m happy to have a good match.
Mr. Takeda also gave us a happy report that sales at the salon increased by more than 10%.
[Image 2

[Table 5: ]

Advance introduction applicants!
When I introduced Mr. Takeda’s success to the salon owners who do business with our company, several people were interested and put their name forward to introduce the system.
[Table 6: ]
▽ Mr. Takaen has also appeared on the YouTube channel (CH name: Top Secret File of the Cabinet Research Office) of the Director of the Cabinet Information Research Office, who was involved in the development of the amulet, and talked about the amulet.
[Video 2:]

[Table 7: ]
As this is the first attempt for our company, we will carefully proceed with the maintenance of the rules and regulations of the system and respond flexibly each time.
Truly win-win! Compatibility preeminent industry
So far, we have introduced talismans at pop-up stores in various industries about 20 times, and we have found that they are compatible with the following industries.
[Table 8: ]
In addition, it has the potential to synergistically contribute to sales improvement, so why not introduce it at your salon?
Virtually no-risk start-up support
Minimum order quantity: 10 or more
Production of original envelope: Actual cost → Free for the first time Member store fee: 10,000 yen → Free (limited time)
[Cheapest] You can purchase from 5,500 yen / 10 pieces and start the agency business!
(Wholesale price and shipping cost will vary depending on the number of items purchased. Please feel free to contact us for details.) Contact:
*Please be sure to write “-Kadodaishi Miyabi-Distributor system inquiry” in the title.
Please note that we may not be able to reply if the subject is incorrect, as we have a lot of spam and junk mail.
*If, as a result of the examination, our product and the concept do not match, we may refuse the application. Please note.
Details about this release:

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