A new color appears in the popular series! “TRIM ION CURE” “Premium White” Limited Quantity Release

Nippon Trim Co., Ltd.
A new color appears in the popular series! “TRIM ION CURE” “Premium White” Limited Quantity Release
-On sale from March 1st (Wednesday) only on the web-

Nihon Trim Co., Ltd. (head office: Osaka City, President: Chikao Tahara, hereinafter “Nippon Trim”), which manufactures and sells water purifiers, is an electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier *1 From “TRIM ION CURE”, a new The color model “Premium White” will be released as a limited quantity from March 1, 2023 (Wednesday).
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“TRIM ION CURE” is a product developed for direct sales on Japan Trim’s official shopping site “Trim Shopping”. This product, which targets users who use a water purifier for the first time, has been very well received since its launch in December 2020 due to its compact size and colorful design that can be placed neatly on the side of the sink. .
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The new color “Premium White” is a premium color that realizes the voice of customers who want a simple and more luxurious design that blends into their lives.
The material used for the main unit has a matte texture, creating a warmth that makes spending time in the kitchen overflowing with happiness. In addition, the color of the buttons and the “TRIM ION CURE” logo printed on the surface of the device have all been unified to silver, and the font size and typeface have also been changed to a more stylish one.
*1 Electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier:
It is a managed medical device recognized as effective in improving gastrointestinal symptoms under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (former Pharmaceutical Affairs Law). The purpose and effect of its use is to generate drinking alkaline electrolyzed water for improving
gastrointestinal symptoms. By drinking “electrolyzed hydrogen water (alkaline ionized water),” which is alkaline water that contains hydrogen generated by electrolyzing purified water, you can relieve stomach discomfort and stomach discomfort, and help your
gastrointestinal function. Good communication.
Product Summary
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□ Product name:
 Electrolyzed hydrogen water conditioner TRIM ION CURE
□ Medical device manufacturing and sales certification number: 226AGBZX00022000 □ Effect: Improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms
* Relieves heavy stomach and stomach discomfort
*Helps gastrointestinal function and improves bowel movements □Body standard price: 168,300 yen (tax included) *Excluding installation cost □Color: Premium White (Limited quantity)
*Sales will end as soon as the stock runs out.
□ Body weight: about 2.8kg
□Body dimensions: 234 (W) x 239 (H) x 112.5 (D) mm
□ New color release date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
campaign information
To commemorate the release of the new color, the “Premium White Release Commemorative Campaign” will be held from March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to March 21, 2023 (Tuesday / holiday). If you use the coupon code distributed during the period from the Japan Trim official shopping site “Trim Shopping”, you can get a 34% discount from the regular price of 168,300 yen (tax included) to a special price of 110,000 yen (tax included). Available for purchase.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/23574/table/93_1_649f8356e7574917effdf9f1dbf17e30.jpg ]

“TRIM ION CURE” can easily use three types of water, “electrolyzed hydrogen water”, “purified water” and “acidic water”, at the touch of a button. “Electrolyzed hydrogen water” has been recognized to improve gastrointestinal symptoms, and in addition to drinking, it can also be used for cooking, such as washing vegetables and polishing and cooking rice. “Purified water” is used for making milk for babies and taking medicine, and “acidic water” is weakly acidic, close to the skin, so you can gently wash your skin such as washing your face and washing your hands every day.
In addition, the “TRIM ION CURE” has a compact square design that can be placed neatly on the side of the sink, and is the first Nihon Trim electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier to have a colorful design. In addition to the initial color “Pearl Pink”, “Platinum Green” and “Champagne Gold” will be added in 2021, allowing you to enjoy changing your kitchen to your liking.
[Image 4d23574-93-b2b55ff6d7458afd52bd-3.png&s3=23574-93-d9dc9b87449284ac4f4bb99d902f2900-965x412.png
“TRIM ION CURE” Existing colors: Pearl pink, platinum green, champagne gold from left
About Nippon Trim’s electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier
Nippon Trim’s electrolyzed hydrogen water purifier is a controlled medical device that has been shown to be effective in improving gastrointestinal symptoms by relieving heavy stomach and stomach discomfort. It can produce three types of water: “electrolyzed hydrogen water”, “acidic water”, and “purified water”, and can be used for various purposes. Nippon Trim’s water purifiers are equipped with micro-carbon cartridges that can remove 22 substances such as PFOS and PFOA (a type of organic fluorine compound), which have been considered dangerous in recent years.
Furthermore, by adopting a unique technology called “Double Auto Change Cross Line System”, by periodically switching the polarity of the electrode and the water channel, it prevents the deterioration of the electrolysis capacity due to the adhesion of minerals to the electrode plate. increase. In addition, the electrode plate is made of platinum, which is resistant to oxidation and has excellent
What is Nippon Trim?
Nihon Trim Co., Ltd. is developing business centered on the
manufacture and sale of electrolyzed hydrogen water purifiers, which are medical devices. We are the first in the world to focus on the functions of water, and pursue the functions and usefulness of electrolyzed hydrogen water that contributes to health through over 25 years of joint industry-government-academia research. At present, the use of electrolyzed hydrogen water is not limited to drinking, but is being applied and developed in various fields such as next-generation new treatment methods in hemodialysis and cultivation of agricultural products. In addition, Nihon Trim Group aims to become a global medical company, such as developing the largest private cord blood bank in Japan (Stem Cell Research Institute, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market: 7096) as a group company.
Company name/Nippon Trim Co., Ltd. (TSE prime market: 6788)
□ Date of establishment: June 12, 1982 (Showa 57)
□ Representative Director and President: Norio Tahara
□ Capital: 992,597,306 yen
□ Number of employees: 608 (including affiliated companies, etc.) □ Company website: https://www.nihon-trim.co.jp/

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